Punjab Kings 106/8 (20 ov)
Chennai Super Kings 107/4 (15.4 ov)
Chennai Super Kings won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Deepak Chahar
A comprehensive victory for the Chennai Super Kings to register their first win in this year's edition. They've rocketed up to second place as a result. Not the high scoring thriller most expected at the Wankhede and not the easy victory for Punjab Kings either. Deepak Chahar was the star of the show with his spell of 13-4, running riot in the powerplay overs to run through the PBKS top order.

A questionable performance with the bat from most Punjab Kings batsmen. After their mesmerizing performance in the first game, they've fallen well short of their own standards. Perhaps the more worrying factor in this game was their vulnerability in the middle order, with not a single all-rounder in their side. They were left stranded at five down, but the rare beacon of shining light was Shahrukh Khan, as he dragged his side over the three figure mark.

The Chennai Super Kings were superior in all three departments and deserved that win, even though they got there after a bit of a stutter. Faf du Plesses seemed to find some form, while Moeen Ali's batting position will be another big plus. The worry will be for Ruturaj Gaikwad, who seems to be struggling to find some form, which might cost him his place in the side.

"Stop the count" is the chant roaring in Bangalore, as RCB remain the only unbeaten side in the tournament. One wouldn't bet against that changing in their next game. That's just the nature of this ruthless tournament. Teams will be punished if they let their standards drop, as we saw tonight. A lot of time for all the teams to find the right balance to their side and put a good run together in the early stages of the tournament.

That brings us to the end of this contest though! This is Pratyush Rohra, signing off on behalf of my co-commentator, Shahwat Kumar. We hope you enjoyed our coverage as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. Goodnight and take care. Adios! 
Deepak Chahar, Player of the Match : I think I enjoyed Mayank's wicket the most. It was a dream ball for a bowler to pitch it on middle stump, to swing and hit top of off stump. You want to pitch it close to middle and then move to hit top of off, that's what all the coaches say. When the catch went to Ruturaj, it was a quick one so I wanted Jadeja to be there because he's the one fielder who can take the difficult ones. He's one of the best in the world so I want eleven Jadeja's on the field. Hopefully I can deliver in some more matches. As a bowler my plan is to bowl dots if I don't take wickets. I set the momentum for the side and it's something I've been doing for four years now. The bowlers from the other end will also be able to take wickets if I do my job properly and create pressure on the batsmen.
MSD : Playing 200 matches makes me feel very old(laughs). It's been a long journey, since 2008. Looking at the span, it feels like we've played all over the world and we never thought Mumbai will be our home ground. The last time we were happy with the Chennai wicket was back in 2011, but we've never been very happy with it, even the ground staff have tried their best. There was more spin there but also a bit for the fats bowlers with both getting some bounce. Now that they've relayed the wicket it doesn't come on the bat nicely. Here we have a very good pitch a very good wicket but it depends on the conditions on the day. Movement off the seam is there after six or seven deliveries, bounce and runs. Chahar is somebody who has developed at a death overs bowler also. As a bowling unit we have more resources. I was looking to attack and there was something on offer for him, so bowled his four overs and it helps him in becoming fit because to bowl 4 successive overs you need to be fit. We feel that Moeen needs to bat high because we wanted to make the best use of resources we have. If he's batting at seven and eight, we can't do that. He times the ball well and it's good to have somebody like him. We have to analyze what resources are the best for our team. I thought the LBW shout (against SRK) was high. That's a call the bowler has to take since I'm behind the stumps, so I can't see everything. The point of impact is not visible from behind so it's upto the bowler as well. So told him no we are not reviewing. I have always felt DRS is there to take the howlers away from the game, and not just to take a chance to take a gamble on a 50-50 call.
Moeen Ali : The focus was to just get the win and two points. We fell short in the last game but it was great to get the win today. The staff tells me to enjoy my game. MS told me to look to just time it rather than try and hit too hard. I've put in a lot of work with the coaching staff. I'm really enjoying the atmosphere and environment and looking to play good cricket. I really enjoy batting in the top three, it's a chance to make an impact,, rather than playing at seven. In the England set up we're blessed with batsmen so I play at seven but it's not like I'm dying to go up the order. At the moment I'm just enjoying my batting and trying to play like a batsman I guess. I was just trying to keep my shape and get the timing right and hit the ball in the gaps. I'm not a big hitter, I just try to time it. It was a great bowling performance from the boys which puts us in the driving seat in the game from the start and I was happy to get a wicket as well.
KL Rahul : Not much to say. There's not much a side can do if any team loses 5 wickets in the first 5-6 overs, it's always hard to catch up. They bowled really well and we played some bat shots. That's how the game goes. The pitch did play a bit different. It was a bit more sticky and tacky than it looked like, but credit to CSK bowlers. Deepak was brilliant with his knuckle balls and my run out didn't get the team either. It was a 150-160 type of wicket so 110 was never enough. It's a good learning curve for us. We have pace in our attack and we obviously look to use it. The first game didn't go to well for the Aussie pacers and they were nervous. Their plans were clear and they tried to execute it well and they did, but it's difficult to play in these conditions. Very glad with how they came back stronger this game and they gave us crucial breakthroughs, which is pleasing. We'd like to review ourselves with the key points in the game. We're allowed to have a few bad games, that's how it goes in the IPL. We have to see how we can do better and we're playing here in a couple of days time, so it's important to learn from this game. We want to play fearless cricket and more often than not we will score big runs but there will be a few games like this. It's important that we it on the chin and move forward to the next game. 
Sam Curran finishes it off with a boundary! Not quite the cruising run chase as it seemed to be at one stage, but they've sealed the deal in the 15th over. CSK get their first points on the board and will hope to carry this form throughout the tournament.

Chennai Super Kings won by 6 wickets.
15.4 Riley Meredith to Sam Curran, FOUR! THAT WILL BE THAT! Back of a length delivery on middle and leg stump. Curran gets inside the line of the ball and carts that one past deep backward square leg for a boundary to finish things off in style!
15.3 Riley Meredith to Sam Curran, back of a length delivery on middle and off stump. Curran gets into line well and defends the ball quite late into the off side towards backward point
15.2 Riley Meredith to Sam Curran, back of a length delivery outside off stump. Curran gets onto the back foot and meets the ball right under his eyes with very soft hands. Dot ball!
15.1 Riley Meredith to Faf du Plessis, back of a length delivery on middle and leg stump. Faf gets onto the back foot and tucks the ball off his pads towards deep square leg for one
The short ball plan finally does the trick for Punjab Kings, but it's come a bit too late for them. Shami finishes a cracking over but it means neigh in the context of the game. CSK should have had this one sealed two overs ago, but some bizarre batting means they'll have to limp over the line.

Chennai Super Kings need 5 runs in 30 balls.
102 /4 score
cricket ball icon Mohd Shami
14.6 Mohammed Shami to Faf du Plessis, very full delivery slanted into the batsman on leg stump. Faf gets onto the front foot and flicks the ball down the ground towards long on for one
14.5 Mohammed Shami to Sam Curran, back of a length delivery outside off stump. Curran gets onto the back foot and punches the ball towards deep point for a single to get off the mark
14.4 Mohammed Shami to Faf du Plessis, very full delivery on middle and off stump. Faf comes onto the front foot and drives the ball down the ground towards long on for a single
Sam Curran, left-hand batter, comes to the crease.
14.3 Mohammed Shami to Ambati Rayudu, TWO IN TWO! OH DEAR! Banged into the track again outside off stump. Rayudu comes down the track and looks to flay that one over the off side. However, the ball gets big on him and he only scoops that one up in the air towards backward point, who completes the catch easily! The umpires then again check for the height of the bouncer! Pretty ordinary shot and a more ordinary piece of umpiring!
Ambati Rayudu, right-hand batter, comes to the crease.
14.2 Mohammed Shami to Suresh Raina, OUT! GONE THIS TIME! Banged into the track at the batsman just outside off stump. Raina moves into the line of the ball this time and looks for the pull. But, he is awfully late on the shot and only manages to glove it through to the keeper. That seemed a long time coming, to be honest!
14.1 Mohammed Shami to Suresh Raina, back of a length delivery that follows the batsman outside leg stump. Raina gets into a tangle and shanks that one over mid wicket for a couple
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