RR won by 29 runs.
Player of the match: Riyan Parag
That will be all from this game - the 15th edition of the IPL continues to throw up many a thrilling contest and we expect something similar tomorrow when Gujarat Titans lock horns with the Sunrisers Hyderabad at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. Do join us for our coverage of the same here on Sportskeeda, while keeping yourselves up to date with all the other cricketing news and action from around the world on this very platform. Thank you so much for tuning in and do return tomorrow as well - for now though, on behalf of my partner Pratyush Rohra, this is Raghav Tikmany signing off!
Riyan Parag, Player of the Match: I feel satisfied. The Royals kept faith in me over the years and I think this was my way of paying back. I love pressure and love to show case my abilities in the tough situations. During the time-out, Sanga told me 140 would be a good total and my aim was to go off in the final over which worked out. I planned to go after Hasarnaga but the wickets kept falling so I had to wait.
Sanju Samson, RR skipper: It was a pleasing win, especially after the start we were off to. The entire team and the support staff has always backed Riyan Parag and today he showed why. I think we were 10-15 runs short on this surface. I think we were waiting for a match where the lower order would step up and we are happy that almost everyone has had a good time in the middle throughout the tournament. The chat we had before the second innings, we told ourselves that the early wickets would help us as the batters would struggle to pace the innings from there. It is very important to give clarity to the players if they are missing out and we are glad we have that transperancy.
Kuldeep Sen: After my first game, I had a side strain in the nets after taking a fall. That's why I missed the two games. Now, it feels good to be back. In the first innings, the ball was holding up in the surface when Siraj and Hazlewood were bowling at a back of a length. So, the plan was to not try to do too much because the target was less. Sanju bhai told me to hit my marks and keep it simple with the variations. That was only the plan. Just wanted to hit the right length and do well for the team. In the timeout, we discussed about hitting the right lengths. All bowlers had the same message. It was tough for batters to hit on this wicket. That was it. 
Faf du Plessis: (The pitch) It was pretty similar to the previous game we played. In the first few overs, there was a bit of inconsistent bounce. Towards the end of the innings, it was 20 runs too many. That dropped catch cost us 25 runs in the end. 130 was the par score tonight. (On the top order misfiring) That's obviously something we need to fix. The principles and the basis of the game of cricket haven't changed. We need someone in the top 4 to bat through the innings and we haven't done that on a consistent basis. We tried to change the batting lineup today to try and see if that helps. We've got to try and find those one or two percentages to make the guys feel like they can play positively. After a loss like today, we can't go into our shells. That will only keep you playing pensive cricket. (On Virat opening) We discussed it after the previous match, thinking of ways to get the best of Virat. Obviously, all of us have been through what he's going through. It probably won't be the last time as well. Great players go through things like this and great characters find the way out of it. We wanted to get him in the game straightaway so that he doesn't sit on the side and think about the game. He's a fantastic cricket. We'll still back him and turn it around. It's just the case of getting a good start, hitting one or two from the middle of the bat. It's a game of confidence. So, hopefully, that will be around the corner for us too.
Rajasthan Royals - 144 for 8 in 20 overs (Riyan Parag 56 off 31 not out. Josh Hazlewood 2/19 in 4 overs) beat RCB - 115 all out in 19.3 overs ( Faf du Plessis 23 off 21. Kuldeep Sen 4/20 in 3.3 overs.) by 29 runs.

What a win, what a win for the Royals! After being put to bat first, they got themselves to a subpar total but still managed to win this tie pretty comprehensively. They have outplayed RCB in all three departments of the game and this one is going to taste sweeter than the other victories.

Defending 145 was not going to be an easy task but RR started off well with the early wicket of Kohli. However, the game changing over was Kuldeep Sen's opener where he dismissed both du Plessis and Maxwell in consecutive deliveries. RCB could never recover from there.

The spin twins came into play and Bangalore kept losing wickets at quick intervals. Ashwin was phenomenal and executed his variations well. RCB were never in this run chase and it took a brilliant all round bowling performance from the RR bowlers to pull off this victory.
GONE! Fourth wicket for Kuldeep Sen and it is also the fourth catch for Riyan Parag as the double R's register a comprehensive 29 runs victory!
19.3 Kuldeep Sen to Harshal Patel, HARSHAL HOLES OUT! Kuldeep ends with four, and fittingly, Parag takes the final catch. Banged in short around off-stump, Harshal looks to heave this over long-on but it's off the toe-end, only finding Parag there, who gleefully accepts this one. Rajasthan Royals defend the lowest total this year and win by 29 runs.
A loud cheer from the RR fans! They know that the target is mathematically out of reach now.
19.2 Kuldeep Sen to Harshal Patel, back of a length angled into the right-hander, Harshal backs away to tap it to point, no run
Dot ball! 30 off 5 needed. 5 sixes would do.
19.1 Kuldeep Sen to Harshal Patel, banged in at a back of a length outside the off-stump, Harshal swings and misses
Kuldeep Sen [3.0-0-20-3] is back into the attack
Harshal Patel survives and takes it to the final over. RCB need 30 runs and we shall see if Harshal Patel can take them close to the total.
115 /9 score
cricket bat icon Harshal Patel *
8 (8)
cricket bat icon Josh Hazlewood
0 (2)
cricket ball icon Yuzvendra Chahal
0 /23
18.6 Yuzvendra Chahal to Harshal Patel, flighted full on leg-stump, Harshal whips it to deep mid-wicket to take the single and keep strike 
18.5 Yuzvendra Chahal to Harshal Patel, loopy full delivery on middle stump, Harshal looks to shovel this one out but skews another thick inside edge onto the pads, no run
18.4 Yuzvendra Chahal to Harshal Patel, dropped short outside the off-stump, Harshal looks to pull but he's dragged it to long-on. They don't take the single.
18.3 Yuzvendra Chahal to Harshal Patel, tossed up full on the yorker length at middle and leg, Harshal skews a thick inside edge onto the boot, no run