137/8 (20)
138/5 (17.4)
Namibia won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Craig Williams
Namibia beat Scotland by 5 wickets!

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They got a couple more wickets in quick succession and slowed down the scoring rate for Namibia. Baard the set man lost his wicket as well in the 16th over as he tried to go for a big shot. It looked like there would be a slight twist in the tale however Smit and Jan batted sensibly and got Namibia across the line.
However, the boundaries just continued to leak from the other end for Scotland and Namibia were total control of that run-chase. Craig lost his wicket just after reaching his half-century. Doors opened for Scotland right after that.
By the end of the powerplay overs, Namibia had blazed past 50 and both Baard and Craig were just showing no signs of slowing down. Scotland introduce the spinners into the attack, only Mark was effective against the two batters as he did not leak the boundaries.
Coming in to chase 138 runs, Namibia did not have the best of starts as they lost their opener Green quite early into the chase. Namibia promoted Craig Williams up the order and he did well alongside Baard found the boundaries and took Namibia off to a flier.
GAME SET MATCH!! Namibia almost made a meal out of that run-chase but just manage to cross the line towards the end. Scotland did well to pull things back and drag the game till the 18th over given the fact that Namibia had gotten past the 100 run mark around the 12th over.
17.4 Joshua Davey to JJ Smit , SIX TO CLINCH THE GAME! Short of a full length delivery, just outside the off stump. Smit stands tall, gets under it, and dispatches this long over the fielder at long off. He's timed it really well, and has wrapped up the game, without any further hiccups. Namibia win by 5 wickets. 
17.3 Joshua Davey to JJ Smit , FOUR! A low full toss with enough width on offer. A very poor delivery seeing everyone on the offside is inside the circle. Smit picks his spot and drills it between cover and mid-off for a boundary. Namibia is just one maximum away from a win here!
17.2 Joshua Davey to JJ Smit , slower short ball again. Smit yet again is early to pull, as the ball skids past the past, and deflects off the shirt, towards the keeper. 
17.1 Joshua Davey to JJ Smit , slower ball to start with. Shortish ball angled into the leg side. Smit goes for the pull shot, but is too early. Ball stays low and hits him on the pads. No runs. 
Joshua Davey comes back on!
Still, 10 runs needed from 18 balls! Some smart bit of batting by Smit and Jan as the duo manage to nudge the ball around and steal the ones and twos to keep the score pushing along. Scotland would feel, they need to keep picking wickets away as the ground is big enough which allows the batters to take twos here.
128 /6 score
cricket bat icon Jonathan Smit *
10 (13)
cricket bat icon Jan Frylinck
3 (2)
cricket ball icon Safyaan Sharif
0 /18
16.6 Safyaan Sharif to JJ Smit , slower one again. Full and outside off stump. Smit drills it down to long on for a single. 
16.5 Safyaan Sharif to JJ Smit , full and slow again, straight on the off stump. Smit swings his bat wildly, but ends up with an inside edge onto his pads. No runs. 
16.4 Safyaan Sharif to JJ Smit , slower one, full and straight on the middle stump. Smit nips it away towards short mid wicket for nothing. 
16.3 Safyaan Sharif to JJ Smit , short of a full length delivery, outside off stump. Smit is deep in his crease, as he paddles this one through mid wicket region for two more. 
16.2 Safyaan Sharif to Jan Frylinck , full on the off stump now. Jan plays it with a straight bat, and the ball barely clears the pitch, but the Namibian batters want the single, and the sprint for it. Down to 13 runs needed for Namibia now!
16.1 Safyaan Sharif to Jan Frylinck , good length delivery, angled into the pads. Jan prods it down to backward square leg region for two easy runs. 
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