165/6 (20)
SL-L won by 11 runs.
Player of the match: Jeevan Mendis
So that will be all from the Holkar Cricket Stadium for now, as the commentary pair of Pragadeesh and Bidipto say good bye to you, but there is plenty of cricket going around, you can switch tabs to follow the India Women vs England Women game going on and, in a few minutes, we also have the Legends League Cricket game happening, so you can join us for that too! Keep following Sportskeeda as more action comes your way from the Road Safety World Series as well! 
Player of the Match, Jeevan Mendis: I think in the second half it got even more difficult to bat on this pitch, but still, the South African batters played really well and took the game long. Yes it was an important wicket there of Alviro, he was looking good, but to get him out at that stage really did work well for us. I'm always happy to contribute with the bat, especially in winning causes. 
Tillakaratne Dilshan, Sri Lanka Legends captain: I think it was a great game, both sides played some wonderful cricket but our bowlers, especially Chaturanga, Isuru, Kulasekara and finally, Ishan, got the job done by putting the squeeze on. We have a five-day break now, so it will give our players the chance to recover from the wear and tear. Thanks Indore for your warmth! 
Jonty Rhodes (South Africa Legends Captain): Yeah the guys played superbly. We know the Sri Lankans are so skilful but I am so happy with the way we fought. Van Wyk played superbly and took the game deep and gave us an opportunity in the end. Again, the Sri Lankans were so skilful on the field and they bowled superbly at the death. I am so proud of the boys. The Sri Lankans have a great run throughout the tournament but the fight that we put in is unbelievable
Sri Lanka Legends - 165/6, beat South Africa Legends - 154/6, by 11 runs. 

Morne van Wyk 76 (56) | Garnett Kruger - 2/43
Jeevan Mendis 43* (27) | Nuwan Kulasekara - 2/33

South Africa Legends had the run chase under their control for a long time, but towards the end, they made life uncomfortable for themselves and kept losing crucial wickets to let go of the advantage, and allowed Sri Lanka Legends to seize the game! But the bowling side were always at the batting team with economical overs and superb pieces of fielding to always stay in the hunt. Finally, they executed their plans really well to finish the work. 

But this was a tight and competitive innings, with the match swinging from one side to another. Morne van Wyk played a fine knock to almost take his team home, Alviro Petersen gave him good company but apart from them, the batting did not quite click the way they would have liked.

From the bowling point of view, Isuru Udana, Chaturanga de Silva and Nuwan Kulasekara were outstanding, bowling frugal overs and taking some key wickets at important times. The control with the changes of pace was fantastic. 

So Sri Lanka Legends win three games out of three now, and head to their next game after a well deserved five-day break. South Africa Legends have won only one game so far and one match got washed out. They will be hoping to get their next win real soon to stay alive in the competition. 

154 /6 score
cricket bat icon Zander de Bruyn
5 (11)
cricket bat icon Johan Botha *
7 (5)
cricket ball icon Ishan Jayaratne
0 /16
19.6 Ishan Jayaratne to Johan Botha, FOUR! Fuller delivery outside off, Botha slices it over backward point and gets a boundary. Sri Lanka Legends get their third win in the tournament as they beat South Africa Legends by 11 runs
19.5 Ishan Jayaratne to Johan Botha, yorker length delivery around off, Botha tries to carve this on the off-side but didn't make any contact
Free hit coming up! 
19.5 Ishan Jayaratne to Zander de Bruyn, slow delivery into the pitch, de Bruyn waits for the ball to reach him and pulls it down to deep mid-wicket. Single taken but the umpire signals it as a front-foot no ball
19.4 Ishan Jayaratne to Zander de Bruyn, yorker length delivery around off, de Bruyn tries to squeeze this but the ball scoots underneath his horizontal bat
19.3 Ishan Jayaratne to Johan Botha, pitched up delivery outside off, Botha drives it uppishly towards long-off and takes a single
19.2 Ishan Jayaratne to Zander de Bruyn, slow back of a hand delivery outside off, de Bruyn pulls it towards deep mid-wicket and takes a single
19.1 Ishan Jayaratne to Johan Botha, pitched up delivery outside off, Both drives it down to extra cover and takes a single
Ishan Jayaratne [1.0-0-7-0] is back into the attack.

The equation is simple - South Africa Legends need boundaries. They have to find three boundaries for sure, or a couple of sixes at least. Otherwise, that will be that! Advantage Sri Lanka legends heading into the last over.
145 /6 score
cricket bat icon Zander de Bruyn *
3 (8)
cricket bat icon Johan Botha
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Nuwan Kulasekara
2 /33
18.6 Nuwan Kulasekara to Zander de Bruyn, nails the inch-perfect yorker outside off, de Bruyn moves across and gets hit on his toe
18.5 Nuwan Kulasekara to Johan Botha, slow delivery outside off, sliced away uppishly towards deep point for a single
Johan Botha, RHB, is at the crease. 
18.4 Nuwan Kulasekara to Vernon Philander, OUT! Straight to the fielder. Clever bowling from Kulasekara as he bowls this wide of off making Philander to reach for it. Philander, however, didn't connect well to clear the fielder stationed at sweeper cover