228/6 (20)
166/10 (17)
ST won by 62 runs.
Player of the match: Oliver Davies
So that is that as far as this contest is concerned. There is still some cricket to be played though for 2022 and the action shifts to the Adelaide Oval where the Strikers take on the Melbourne Stars. This is where you need to head to follow our coverage of the same. It's been a pleasure bringing our coverage of this contest to you and we thank you wholeheartedly for joining us. Have a fabulous New Year's Eve and here's wishing you a happy and prosperous 2023 from Pratyush, Soorya and the entire team here at Sportskeeda. Stay safe and see you around soon. Buh-bye for now!
Match Summary: Sydney Thunder win by 62 runs.

Alex Hales 77 (45) | Brendan Doggett 4/35 (4)
Matthew Wade 67 (30) | Nathan Ellis 4/37 (4)

The Thunder were given a scare with the Hurricanes throwing down the gauntlet at them in pursuit of a mammoth 229. It was always a question of a couple of wickets though for the hosts with a humongous total to play with after Alex Hales and Oliver Davies powered them along with the bat.

D'Arcy Short's wicket proved to be a blessing in disguise for Hobart as skipper Matthew Wade unleashed a plethora of ramp shots en route to three sixes off his first five deliveries. He issued a statement of some kind and took down every bowler in sight, even as Caleb Jewell barely motored along at the other end. Wade's 19-ball half-century kept the contest firmly in the balance and a promotion for Tim David was a clear indication that the Hurricanes were going to go all out in attack.

David wasn't quite at his best, although for his power and these short straight boundaries, he simply had to swing hard. He got off to a start but a moment of confusion ensued when Wade sliced one to backward point. The TV umpire deemed it a clean hit and not a bump ball even as he looked at various angles and that proved to be the turning point in the contest. James Neesham swung hard for a very short cameo but once he departed and David was run out thanks to a terrific throw from substitute fielder Joel Davies, the writing was on the wall.

One after another, wickets fell like ninepins as the Domino Effect was in full swing. Brendan Doggett returned with four wickets and Ben Cutting, who got his first game of the tournament, responded with two of his own including the big one of Wade off just his second delivery. It came to a sorry end though for the Hurricanes as they slipped from 141/4 to 166 all out. They've got to quickly put this behind them and turn in a collective display as the new year beckons. For the Thunder, that 15 all out mishap seems a long time ago now - they're on a hot streak of three wins and will want to keep it going in 2023.
And that is that! The Thunder would have wanted to win big and they sure have alright. What a performance on New Year's Eve and they can party now. Sydney Thunder beat Hobart Hurricanes by 62 runs!
166 /10 score
cricket bat icon Paddy Dooley
10 (6)
cricket bat icon Riley Meredith *
0 (2)
cricket ball icon Chris Green
1 /34
16.6 Chris Green to Riley Meredith, CLEANS HIM UP! The Thunder seal the deal! Fired in full and straight. You miss, I hit. Meredith has an aimless swing of the bat and only connects with fresh air. The timber is rattled behind him and that gives the Thunder their third win in a row. Sydney Thunder win by 62 runs!
Riley Meredith b Chris Green 0 (2b, 0x4, 0x6)
Stays around the wicket.
16.5 Chris Green to Patrick Dooley, on the good length around off-stump. Dooley works it towards long-on for a single
16.4 Chris Green to Patrick Dooley, at the good length outside the off-stump. Dooley chops a thick under edge to short third man, no run
With nobody manning the square boundary, I'm not sure why Green is going full and wide here. He'll be better off attacking the stumps.
16.3 Chris Green to Patrick Dooley, FOUR! Pushed through full and wide outside the off-stump. Dooley gets underneath it to carve it over backward point to pick up another boundary
16.2 Chris Green to Patrick Dooley, darted in full and outside the off-stump. Dooley shuffled across for the attempted ramp but hit it into the body, no run
16.1 Chris Green to Patrick Dooley, FOUR! STREAKY! Full and wide outside the off-stump. Dooley reaches out to carve it out towards short third man but the fielder there is wrong footed. The ball sneaks past him and trickles away 
Chris Green [3.0-0-25-0] is back into the attack. Around the wicket he comes.
13 runs for 3 wickets in the Power Surge. Truth be told, it looked a lost cause prior to it with the Hurricanes losing their well-established batters. Only the formalities remain now in Albury and the skipper wants to have the final say in it.
157 /9 score
cricket bat icon Paddy Dooley
1 (1)
cricket bat icon Riley Meredith *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Brendan Doggett
4 /35
15.6 Brendan Doggett to Riley Meredith, on the fuller side outside the off-stump. Meredith drives it to cover, no run
Riley Meredith, RHB, is the last man out in the middle
Too easy for Chris Green running backwards. He's not going to drop those and it's coming to a quick end now in Albury. Doggett has a shot at a rare feat in T20 cricket - a five-fer!
15.5 Brendan Doggett to Joel Paris, HOLES OUT AT LONG-ON! Doggett has four! Pitched up on the middle stump line. Paris holds his shape to hit this through the line but he's got more height on it than distance. Some catching practice for Green at long-on and the captain makes no mistake. It's all falling apart rather quickly for the Hurricanes.
Joel Paris c Chris Green b Brendan Doggett 4 (7b, 0x4, 0x6)
15.4 Brendan Doggett to Patrick Dooley, full length delivery outside the off-stump. Dooley carves out a drive to deep point for one