170/8 (20)
169/7 (20)
ST won by 1 runs.
Player of the match: Cameron Boyce
Gurinder Sandhu, the HERO!! AH!! this game can be cruel.. After all that he did with the ball today, he surely did not want to be in this situation. He can not do it all for you, Renegades, CMON!

An excellent game though. Pure T20 entertainment. The ebbs and flow of this format were on complete display here today at the 'G'. Melbourne Renegades would feel they have messed up another chase in 2 days straight. They were cruising at the end of the 18th over. Needing just 12 off 13, with Aaron Finch in his elements. A brilliant 19th over by Daniel Sams and then a 3 wicket over for Gurinder Sandhu sealed the game for the Thunder.

The men in green would be ecstatic as they would take this momentum into the playoffs finishing 3rd on the table. The Melbourne Renegades though would be disappointed with their season as they now finish with the wooden spoon, for a third straight year. Plenty to ponder for the Renegades management before the next season, surely.

For now, that is that from this game. But, you would not want to go anywhere. There is plenty of cricket to be played throughout the day. As India takes on South Africa in the first ODI, Hobart Hurricanes vs Melbourne Stars up next at the BBL and the U-19 World Cup continues later in the day. So sit back, relax and allow us to bring it to you all, right here at Sportskeeda. 

As always, it's been a pleasure. Stay Safe and please Mask Up. Take Care, all you folks. CIAO!
169 /7 score
cricket bat icon Will Sutherland
7 (2)
cricket bat icon Cameron Boyce *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Gurinder Sandhu
3 /33
19.6 Gurinder Sandhu to Cameron Boyce, OUT! SANDHU SEALS THE DEAL! Cameron Boyce cannot believe it. He's down on his haunches. What a rollercoaster of emotions for him this game has been. Full delivery outside off-stump, Boyce looked to slice it past short third man but he's ended up chipping it to the man there. Jason Sangha holds on for dear life and the Thunder have clinched a thriller! Or shall we say, the Renegades have thrown away another? Unbelievable scenes. Sydney Thunder clinch a thriller by 1 run.

Cameron Boyce c Jason Sangha b Gurinder Sandhu 0(1)
2 off 1!! 
19.5 Gurinder Sandhu to Will Sutherland, full delivery outside off-stump, Sutherland drives it straight to cover and takes off for a single. All up to one man then. Cameron Boyce, what have you got?
19.4 Gurinder Sandhu to Will Sutherland, SIX! SUTHERLAND NAILS ONE! Back of a length slower delivery around off, Sutherland makes some room, sits back and absolutely clobbers this over long-on to deposit it 10 rows back over long-on!
Cameron Boyce, right-handed bat, comes to the crease
19.3 Gurinder Sandhu to Aaron Finch, FINCH DEPARTS AS WELL! SAMS, YOU BEAUTY! Good length delivery around the off-stump, Finch looks to stay deep in his crease and heave this over mid-wicket but he's not got the timing right at all. Sams rushes in from the ropes and manages to pluck a sharp low catch as he dives forward. Surely not?

Aaron Finch c Daniel Sams b Gurinder Sandhu 82 (64b 4's-4 6's-2)
9 off 4 now

Will Sutherland, right-handed bat, comes to the crease
19.2 Gurinder Sandhu to Sam Harper, RUNOUT! JASON SANGHA, SUPERB WORK! Full delivery on the off-stump line, Harper thumps this towards mid-wicket and Jason Sangha flings himself to the left to get the stop in. He's calm under pressure, throwing the ball to Sandu, who can whip the bails off. Superb fielding! Are Renegades going to throw away another one?

Sam Harper run out (Jason Sangha/Gurinder Sandhu 1(4)
19.1 Gurinder Sandhu to Sam Harper, RAPID! Good length delivery to follow Harper as he tried to give himself some room. That one zipped through to beat him for pace, dot ball
Gurinder Sandhu [3.0-0-26-1] comes back into the attack

9 off 6..  Game on here at the G!!! Renegades game? Aaron Finch would love the strike here..
162 /4 score
cricket bat icon Aaron Finch
82 (63)
cricket bat icon Sam Harper *
1 (2)
cricket ball icon Daniel Sams
1 /22
18.6 Daniel Sams to Sam Harper, full slower delivery around the off-stump line, Harper drills a drive down to long-on and he'll only get a single 
18.5 Daniel Sams to Sam Harper, full slower delivery around the off-stump line, Harper drives it back to the bowler, dot ball
Sam Harper, right-handed bat, comes to the crease
18.4 Daniel Sams to Jonathan Merlo, BOWLED! Merlo throws it away! Good length slower delivery around off-stump, Merlo shuffles across to look for the paddle-scoop but he's missed out on it. The ball rattles the top of off-stump and that will be the end of his entertaining but brief stay at the crease.

Jonathan Merlo b Daniel Sams 15 (9b 4's-2)
18.3 Daniel Sams to Aaron Finch, BYES! Back of a length slower delivery around off. Some tennis ball bounce to not only deceive Finch but also the keeper, allowing a single to be sneaked
18.2 Daniel Sams to Jonathan Merlo, full slower delivery around the off-stump, Merlo leans into a drive towards cover but Hales can't quite get a stop in, single taken