AS-W won by 26 runs.
Player of the match: Megan Schutt
That's all from us then! We hope you enjoyed our coverage of this WBBL game between Adelaide Striker's and Sydney Thunder. This is Soumarya Dutta, signing off on behalf of my partner Bidipto Datta. See you soon!
Player of the Match, Megan Schutt: This is Rachael's day, she has been an amazing cricketer, and her influence on my career and life has been massive. It is great to get six wickets at this stage of my career, so yes, feeling good. We were focused on the game at hand, we knew we needed a win, and that was all that we were after. It's now hopefully a good rest day tomorrow, and we should be ready to take things forward back in Adelaide. 
Sydney Thunder Women 118 all out in 19.3 overs
Tammy Beaumont 37(23) | Chloe Tryon 22(23)
Megan Schutt 6/19 | Deandra Dottin 2/20

What an emphatic win for the Striker's! They came here with a mission to qualify for a home semi-final's and they achieved it in some style! Megan Schutt was the star with the ball as she picked up the best ever figures for a bowler in WBBL history. She finished with 6/19 in just 4 over's. Deandra Dottin gave her great support as she picked up 2/20.

For the Thunder, it was a familiar story as they capitulated yet again under pressure. They started off really well as they raced off to a flyer courtesy Tammy Beaumont. However they kept loosing wickets at regular interval's and the chase never got going. The great Rachel Haynes didn't really have a fairy tale ending as she was dismissed for 6 and failed to take her team over the line. In the end the Thunder lost 3 wicket's in the 17th over of Megan Schutt and once that happened, they were never really going to get there.

Overall, a great win for the Striker's as they move into the semi-finals with momentum in their stride. There were a few emotional moment's in the end as Australian Cricket bid farewell to the Legend Rachel Haynes, but she can be incredibly proud of what she has achieved in a remarkable career spanning 13 year's.
Rachael Haynes: I'll be disappointed that we lost again, but that's cricket! Well this has been an emotional couple of days. I've had the privilege to play with and against some terrific cricketers, but I think the right decision has been made. Good to have my family here, unfortunately my mom and sister could not be here, but it's been a great outing to have so many people here. I think to have the amount of success that we in the Australian team have had is extremely pleasing, and to be able to be a part of it, is indeed special. Women's cricket is evolving at a really brisk pace and that is is exciting to see. As far as missing the part of the game, I'll say that there is plenty to master, so we're never really get bigger than the game as an individual, so it's all about cherishing the career that there is. 
19.3 Megan Schutt to Samantha Bates, OUT! THAT WILL BE THAT! ADELAIDE STRIKERS WOMEN WIN AND THE FINALS OFFICIALLY MOVE TO ADELAIDE NOW! Full on middle-and-off, chipped off the front foot to the left of mid-on, and gets well CAUGHT this time to end the innings! 

Samantha Bates c Madeline Penna b Megan Schutt 0(1b 0x4 0x6)
19.2 Megan Schutt to Lauren Smith, BOWLED HER! FIVE WICKETS FOR MEGAN SCHUTT! Full and straight, slower ball on off, Smith goes for a wild heave across the line, misses and sees her off-stump gets knokced over! 

Lauren Smith bowled Megan Schutt 9(12b 1x4 0x6)
19.1 Megan Schutt to Lauren Smith, over the wicket, short and slow on off, pulled around to mid-on off the back foot, for no run. 
Megan Schutt, right arm medium, comes back into the attack.

Right, just one over to go here and the Striker's are looking to close things out here. Megan Schutt will be looking to finish with a five wicket haul as she comes back for her final over.
118 /8 score
cricket bat icon Lauren Smith *
10 (11)
cricket bat icon Belinda Vakarewa
13 (9)
cricket ball icon Jemma Barsby
1 /21
18.6 Jemma Barsby to Lauren Smith, full on off, lofted hard and high over mid-off from the front foot, but only for one down to long-off. 
18.5 Jemma Barsby to Lauren Smith, good length ball on middle, turning further in, and Smith backs away to hit to cover, for no run. 
18.4 Jemma Barsby to Belinda Vakarewa, good length ball outside off, stroked away to deep point for a single. 
18.3 Jemma Barsby to Belinda Vakarewa, FOUR RUNS! Full on off, Vakarewa backs away and lofts over cover off the front foot, for a boundary in the gap! 
18.2 Jemma Barsby to Lauren Smith, THREE BYES! Fuller down leg, Smith misses the big hit by stepping out, the keeper misses too and they get three runs in the process of an overthrow as well! 
18.1 Jemma Barsby to Lauren Smith, over the wicket, short on middle, cut from the stumps against the turn off the back foot, for no run. 
Jemma Barsby, right arm off break, comes into the attack.

It's only a formality now for the Striker's! 37 runs needed of the last two over's and the Thunder are looking really far off from getting this total. 
109 /8 score
cricket bat icon Lauren Smith *
9 (7)
cricket bat icon Belinda Vakarewa
8 (7)
cricket ball icon Amanda-Jade Wellington
1 /18
17.6 Amanda Wellington to Lauren Smith, good length ball on leg, swept away to deep mid-wicket from the crease, for a single. 
17.5 Amanda Wellington to Belinda Vakarewa, JUST SHORT! Fuller on middle, hit over the top from the crease, high in the air, but just short of long-on for a single. 
17.4 Amanda Wellington to Lauren Smith, short on off, cut to deep point off the back foot, for a single, with the turn.