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Royal Cricket Padova 76/10 (8.5 ov)
Venezia 80/2 (6.2 ov)
Venezia won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Miah Alamin
That's that from this game as Venezia lift the ECS Italy title here in Venice. Catch all the cricketing action happening around right here in Sportskeeda, until next time this has been me, Pradeep Somashekar and my partner Karthik Raj, take care, stay safe!
Venezia win the ECS Italy 2021 and win the match by 8 wickets!

Venezia what a group players they possess, bowling, the batting and the fielding has been top notch, they were the team to beat throughout and they showed why in this all important finals. 

The bowling was brilliant as they restricted RCP for a modest total and then to come back and chase this down with over 3 overs to spare was just sensational. Lot of players contribute to this title victory for Venezia. 

The captain to start with, Nazmul Haque who has been a revelation throughout, he was ominous for the bowlers right from the get-go and he just provided the start that they were looking in almost every single game.

Hosan Ahmed was an able opening partner in the other end who was calm and cool to give the strike back to the dangerous Nazmul. The plan worked like a charm for them in the tournament. 

Sharif Ahmmed showed glimpses of how dangerous he could be and he was the man to take the game away from Lonigo in the 1st semi-finals to take their team to the Finals in a canter. I

In the bowling department they had Miah Alamin who has been brilliant, picking up wickets in a heap in every game and Shagar and Ezajul gave good company to peg back the opposition during the powerplays.

In this chase, it was only Kumarasinghe who looked like troubling the Venezia openers, although it was imminent that the inevitable was about to happen as Dinesh Silva was taken for cleaners where he conceded 32 runs of his single over and that was when the game completely drifted away from them and Venezia were in no time chased the total down for the lost of two wickets.

Venezia came out victorious and how well they did in the end and they have the right set of people to take their team home in every single game.
TEN IN TEN for Venezia as they win the ECS Italy 2021 as they complete the annihilation here in this game and remain unbeaten throughout the tournament. Completely outplayed RCP in this game!
6.2 Sumith Perera to Hosan Ahmed, it is all over!! Hosan wins the match in style as he smashes this full delivery straight down the ground for a maximum. They seal this match and the title by eight wickets and 22 balls to spare. Venezia have won 10 matches in a row to win this tournament!
6.1 Sumith Perera to Miah Alamin, full on the stumps, Miah turns it to short fine-leg for a single.
Sharif perishes just when he looked like he'll finish the game with a maximum and the next over will be just a formality as these two will score the remaining four runs needed!
Over: 6 | Summary: 4 0 0 W 1 0 Bowler: Indika Fernando Score: 73/2
5.6 Indika Fernando to Hosan Ahmed, length delivery on the pads but Hosan misses the flick shot. Four runs required for Venezia to lift the title!
5.5 Indika Fernando to Miah Alamin, slow and full on the pads, Miah turns it to square-leg for a single.
Sharif looking to finish things off is holed out at deep square leg as Venezia are one shot away from lifting the coveted trophy!

Miah Alamin is the new man in, right-hand-bat!
5.4 Indika Fernando to Sharif Ahmmed, Sharif goes for the glory shot but he was to walk back! He looked to smash this length delivery but could only end up holing out to the deep mid-wicket fielder!
5.3 Indika Fernando to Sharif Ahmmed, Indika goes full but it is slow once again! Sharif swings and misses it!!
5.2 Indika Fernando to Sharif Ahmmed, slower ball on a short length, Sharif pulls and misses it!
5.1 Indika Fernando to Sharif Ahmmed, short on the leg-side and Sharif pulls it to fine-leg for a boundary!! Poor stuff from Indika
Indika Fernando into the attack now.
What could've been a good over from Sumith, concedes a couple of boundaries later on to spoil that. Sumith picks up the big wicket of Nazmul to slow down the run chase. Venezia need just 9 runs in 30 balls!
Over: 5 | Summary: W 1 1w 1w 0 6 4 0 Bowler: Sumith Perera Score: 68/1
4.6 Sumith Perera to Hosan Ahmed, slower delivery and Hosan misses the cut shot once again!!
4.5 Sumith Perera to Hosan Ahmed, Sumith over-compensates by going too short and Hosan pulls it to deep mid-wicket for a boundary!
4.4 Sumith Perera to Hosan Ahmed, too full outside-off and Hosan smashes it straight down the ground for a maximum!
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