MTV Stallions 110/5 (10 ov)
VFB Fallersleben 104/4 (10 ov)
MTV Stallions won by 6 runs.
The MTV Stallions(MTS) grab the win in a nail-biting contest by 6 runs and place themselves 3rd in the points table!!
In T10 we can surely say that a single over can change the momentum of the game.

What a magnificent game it turned out to be as the VFB played well and seemed almost close to winning their 1st game and getting the 2 points but were denied as they lose their way in the 2nd last over of the innings. The top scorers for VFB were Janardhan Siddaiaha and Sandeep Vasisth who scored 50 and an unbeaten 33 runs respectively as their side reach closer to the target but couldn't finish it off in the end.

Player of the match: Basit Orya

That's it for the game everyone!! We hope that you all enjoyed this amazing encounter between MTV Stallions and VFB Fallersleben. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for more of the live cricketing action, this is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Kartik Iyer signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
9.6 I Yakoob-Ali to S Vasisth, excellent yorker and only a single results. MTS wins by 6 runs.
9.5 I Yakoob-Ali to S Vasisth, beaten outside off and that seals it unless there is an extra delivery.
9.4 I Yakoob-Ali to S Vasisth, lofted to long-on and dropped and they take a couple. 8 runs needed of the last 2 balls now!!!
9.3 I Yakoob-Ali to S Vasisth, smashed straight down the ground for a boundary. VFB needs 10 of 3 balls !!!
VFB needs 14 of 4 balls !!! Definitely in need of a couple of boundaries.
9.2 I Yakoob-Ali to A Tomar, pulled to long-on for a single.
9.1 I Yakoob-Ali to S Vasisth, driven to extra cover for a single. VFB needs 15 of 5 balls !!!
A great penultimate over by U Gadiraju as he gives only a six in the over and the equation now stands at 16 runs of last 6 balls!! Can the VFB manage to get their 1st win or continue on the losing streak?
8.6 U Gadiraju to A Tomar, beaten outside off, that was a well-disguised slower ball.
8.5 U Gadiraju to Y Sajikumar Pai, clean bowled going for a wild slog.
8.4 U Gadiraju to Y Sajikumar Pai, almost run out again trying to look for a single.
8.3 U Gadiraju to Y Sajikumar Pai, beaten outside off. The VFB needs 16 of 9 balls now.
8.2 U Gadiraju to S Kumar Muthyala, struck on the pads and run out trying to steal a leg bye.
8.1 U Gadiraju to S Kumar Muthyala, pitched up and smashed over long-on for a massive six.
J Siddaiaha was on fire as he managed to score 16 runs in the over before losing his wicket. At the end of the 8th over VFB is 89 for 2. The equation now stands at 22 runs in 12 balls at 11 RPO.
7.6 S Islam to S Vasisth, beaten outside off.
7.5 S Islam to S Kumar Muthyala, leg bye trying to swing the ball on the leg side.
7.4 S Islam to J Siddaiaha, full toss and trapped in front trying to swing it away.
7.3 S Islam to J Siddaiaha, brings up his half-century with another six.
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