Aaron Donald's Contract

Aaron Donald is a defensive tackle who currently plays in the National Football League (NFL) for the Los Angeles Rams. He won the 2021 NFL Super Bowl with the Rams. He was drafted by the L.A. Rams in 2014 and signed a rookie contract of four-years' worth $10.13 million, with a guarantee of $5.69 million. In 2018 Donald had become the highest paid NFL player by signing a six-year contract deal with the Rams worth $135 million. The contract also included a guaranteed amount of $87 million. Since then, the Rams and Donald reworked his deal in 2022 which now sees him pocket a handsome $31 million annual salary.

Aaron Donald Contract Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of Aaron Donald’s restructured three year contract with the Los Angeles Rams:

ContractSigning BonusAverage SalaryGTD at SignTotal GTD
3 yr(s) / $95,000,000$15,000,000$31,666,667$46,500,000$95,000,000

YearBase SalarySigning BonusRoster BonusOptionRestructureCap Hit Dead CapYearly Cash
2022$1,500,000$16,000,000$5,000,000-$4,500,000$27,000,000$73,000,000$31,500,000 ($31,500,000)
2023$13,500,000$8,000,000--$4,500,000$26,000,000$59,500,000$28,500,000 ($60,000,000)
POTENTIAL OUT: 2024,2 YR, $60,000,000; $33,500,000 DEAD CAP
2024$10,000,000$8,000,000$5,000,000$6,666,666$4,500,000$34,166,666$33,500,000$35,000,000 ($95,000,000)

How much is Aaron Donald getting paid?

Donald is set to earn $95 million by the end of his contract in 2024. His base salary for the 2023 season is $13.5 million and he will also receive additional bonuses in the form of a restructure bonus and signing bonus. In 2023 Donald can earn $26 million as per his contract.

How much money does Aaron Donald make in a minute?

Aaron Donald has one of the largest and most paying contracts in the NFL. He is one of the highest paid defensive players in the league. He is earning approximately $60 per minute since signing his contract restructure in 2022.

How much of Aaron Donald’s Contract is guaranteed?

NFL Contract guarantees are a set amount of money that a player is sure to receive whether the contract is fully completed or not. A contract may become void due to a trade, or salaries may reduce due to injuries or loss of playing time due to being replaced. A contract guarantee is paid regardless of such factors as per the terms of the individual player’s contract. Aaron Donald’s contract with the Rams guarantees him $46.5 million.

What are the terms of Aaron Donald’s Contract?

  1. $46.5M guaranteed at signing (2022 salary + 2022 roster bonus + 2023 roster bonus + signing bonus)
  2. 2023 Roster Bonus: $15M (guaranteed, pays 3/16/2023)
  3. $13.5M 2023 salary fully guarantees 3/17/2023
  4. 2024 Roster Bonus: $5M (fully guarantees 3/17/2023, injury guaranteed at signing, no forfeiture language)
  5. 2024 Base + Option Bonus: $10M + $20M (fully guarantee the 5th league day of 2024)
  6. No offset language available
  7. 2025-2026 years automatically void the last league day of 2024
  8. No Trade Clause

Aaron Donald’s contract is three years long and worth $95 million. The contract had an option for a potential out in 2024 but Donald is still tied to the contract even though he might look to weigh his options as the Rams may not be a Super Bowl contender in the near future. He received a signing bonus of $25 million and a $46.5 million guarantee at the time of signing. In 2022 he earned a roster bonus of $5,000,000 as he was on the roster by the stipulated date in the contract. He has very high cap hits setting the Rams back by $26 million in 2023 and a colossal $34.6 million in 2024 which is his last year of the contract.

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Q. What is the duration of Aaron Donald's new deal with the Rams?

A. Aaron Donald has restructed his contract with the Rams and he signed a three year $95 million deal in 2022.

Q. What is Aaron Donald's new contract deal worth?

A. Aarond Donald and the Rams put pen to paper on a three year deal worth $95 million in 2022. His average annual salary will be $31,666,667 and he has received $25,000,000 as a signing bonus.

Q. Is Aaron Donald still with the Rams?

A. Yes, as of September 2023, Aaron Donald is still with the Rams who drafted him in 2014.

Q. Which position does Aaron Donald play?

A. Aaron Donald plays as a defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Rams franchise. 

Q. How many years has Aaron Donald played in the NFL?

A. Aaron Donald was drafted by the Rams in 2014 and is now entering his tenth season in the league.