Tony Bellew's former trainer claims Jake Paul "don't wanna fight Tony"

Tony Bellew (left), Dave Coldwell (middle), Jake Paul (right)
Tony Bellew (left), Dave Coldwell (middle), Jake Paul (right)

Tony Bellew's former coach, Dave Coldwell, has had his say on the recent rumors surrounding Bellew coming out of retirement to fight American YouTube sensation Jake Paul.

The American was previously asked about the former world champion but claimed to not know who he was. Since then, fans have jumped on the comments to try and build up a potential fight.

Dave Coldwell was speaking with iFL TV and shut down the return of the Liverpudlian:

"No, no, no, I don't think so, I don't think so! Listen, he's in good shape, he's in good shape but that's for his health and as a man. He's in good shape and fair play to him."

Coldwell then went on to speak about Jake Paul:

"Listen, Jake Paul... I get it. He's got millions of followers, he's massively famous, he earns loads of money... I would like to see him fight some real fighters before he starts talking about beating Canelo and beating this man and that man. Some actual boxers I mean, not UFC fighters... He don't wanna fight Tony [Bellew], trust me. But we'll see."

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The speculation surfaced when Paul was helping to promote the Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano fight with Eddie Hearn.

Someone in the media asked Hearn about a potential fight between Bellew and Paul, to which Hearn replied, "That's a massive fight!"

The American went on to say that he was unaware of who Bellew was, even though the Brit was a former world champion. This caused boxing fans to exaggerate the comments from Paul in hopes of seeing a potential matchup.

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Tony Bellew has since responded to the speculation and rumors. The Brit explained that he understood the context as to why Paul was speaking about him but also suggested that the American shouldn't think about calling him out because "for every action, there's a reaction."

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Would Tony Bellew come out of retirement to fight Jake Paul?

Anything is possible in boxing when the money is right. If it involves Jake Paul, the money will always be tempting. However, Bellew retired from boxing in 2018 and is now thirty-nine years old.

Paul, 25, is only at the beginning of his career and is still eyeing potential fights against Tommy Fury and former or current UFC fighters.

However, everybody knows that Tony Bellew loves to fight and isn't so welcoming when people disrespect him. If Paul continues to build on the speculation and chooses to talk about Bellew, there's a possibility that 'The Bomber' may consider a return.

Despite all the rumors and speculation, Jake Paul doesn't seem to have a personal problem with Bellew and hasn't even called him out. The fight still seems farfetched, but stranger things have happened in boxing.

Just in case you needed to know what I look like @jakepaul this is me! The other is how ya coach got to know me! Creed was Pretty Ricky Conlan! What this is Tony BELLEW! Do not wake the fucking animal up that’s been dead for years.. πŸ‘

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