127/9 (20)
130/4 (17)
STR won by 6 wickets
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Fawad Ahmed, Man of the Match: Very pleased. We didn't start well in this game either. I have been playing with a fractured rib, so it has been tough for me. I fractured my rib while playing for Melbourne University in a T20 game. It's hard for me while bowling googlies as I can't bend too much. 
Peter Siddle (Adelaide Strikers Captain): All games are big for us at the moment. We decided to bowl first today and it paid off for us. We are (building some momentum). When you do have to win games late in the season, if you start to get on a roll it helps. We play the Stars tomorrow and hopefully we get the job done there. (On Henry Thornton) To see him get in the other night and bowl well was great. He's got good pace and good knowledge of the game which helps a lot.
Fantastic way to finish the game as Adelaide Strikers produce a flurry of boundaries. Strikers seal a six-wicket victory with three overs to spare. The Strikers' bowling attack set up the win as they restricted Perth Scorchers to just 127-9! In pursuit of an important victory, Matt Short and Henry Hunt started impressively in the Powerplay. The opening duo added 52 runs before Matt Short was undone by Peter Hatzoglou in the 8th over.

The other opener, Hunt stitched another mini partnership with Ian Cockbain before he got a leading edge off Aaron Hardie which was pouched by Andrew Tye. Hardie struck once again in the 13th over as Jonathan Wells dragged on a back of a length delivery. The all-rounder went onto add a third scalp when Jake Weatherald flicked a full delivery straight to Ashton Turner at short mid-wicket. This stutter didn't perturb Strikers as the pair of Cockbain and Thomas Kelly finished the game in a comfortable fashion!
130 /4 score
cricket bat icon Ian Cockbain *
35 (24)
cricket bat icon Thomas Kelly
14 (9)
cricket ball icon Aaron Hardie
3 /31
16.6 Aaron Hardie to Ian Cockbain, FOUR! SEALED IN STYLE! Full length delivery outside off, Cockbain gets forward and creams it over the covers even as he fails to middle it perfectly. It'll still do well though as the ball rolls past the fielder's chase to the boundary ropes. A crucial win this for Adelaide Strikers - they beat Perth Scorchers by 6 wickets with 3 overs to spare!
16.5 Aaron Hardie to Thomas Kelly, JUST SHORT! Fuller and shaping into the stumps, Kelly chips it just short of Behrendorff at mid-on as he shapes for a flick. He crosses over to the other end.
16.4 Aaron Hardie to Thomas Kelly, FOUR! He's finishing it off quickly alright! Back of a length delivery on the off-stump, Kelly stands his ground and heaves it over the leg-side in front of square as he picks the gap and sends it scurrying to the boundary.
16.3 Aaron Hardie to Thomas Kelly, good length delivery shaping into the off-stump, Kelly stands behind the line of it and jabs it towards cover.
16.2 Aaron Hardie to Thomas Kelly, SIX! CLOBBERED! This lad packs a punch alright! Short in length on the off-stump, Kelly picks the bones out of it with a thunderous pull over the short boundary along mid-wicket and clears it to good effect.
16.1 Aaron Hardie to Ian Cockbain, back of a length delivery angled into the off-stump, Cockbain stands his ground and pummels it flat towards deep square leg for a single.
Great work from Andrew Tye to chase down the ball but the Adelaide Strikers got three runs. Six runs off the over!
114 /4 score
cricket bat icon Ian Cockbain *
30 (22)
cricket bat icon Thomas Kelly
3 (5)
cricket ball icon Lance Morris
0 /21
15.6 Lance Morris to Ian Cockbain, full in length and shaping into the off-stump, Cockbain makes a hint of room as he keeps it out with a drive past short extra cover's dive before the mid-off hares towards it and manages to just about slide it inside the ropes. It is referred upstairs and Tye does very well to save a run for his team.
15.5 Lance Morris to Thomas Kelly, slower delivery on a good length outside off, Kelly camps back and runs it very late off the edge down to third man as he has a prod at it. Single taken!
15.4 Lance Morris to Ian Cockbain, short of a length delivery outside off, Cockbain stands tall and mows a pull flat towards mid-wicket as he crosses over.
15.3 Lance Morris to Thomas Kelly, EDGED! Full and shaping into the off-stump, Kelly shapes for a flick through mid-wicket but closes the bat face too early as he squirts it down to third man for a single.
15.2 Lance Morris to Thomas Kelly, overpitched and slanting into the leg-stump, Kelly gets forward but works his flick straight to mid-on. Back-to-back dots!
Seven runs and a wicket off it.. Adelaide Strikers are still in a comfortable position inspite of these wickets
15.1 Lance Morris to Thomas Kelly, half-volley outside off, Kelly gets forward with an open bat face to guide it straight to backward point.