126/6 (10)
93/10 (9.5)
TCB won by 33 runs.
Player of the match: Carlos Brathwaite
That will be all from your host Abhishek alongside Pradeep. Bye bye for now but do join us tomorrow as we have the Vijay Hazare Trophy quarter finals and the WBBL 2022 final to entertain the cricket lovers. There is ECS cricket as usual in the middle and to cap off the night, we will have another triple header from the Abu Dhabi T10 League. 
Sikandar Raza (The Chennai Braves captain): I was pretty satisfied by the way we started. The cameo from Dawid was great. Pepper started with two boundaries from three balls. These little things make a lot in T10 cricket and then there was the finish from Brathwaite. Pepper and Dooley haven't played much franchise cricket but they did great. The players were good in all bat, bowl, and field. Try to get out of the over with as little as possible and try to hit as much sixes as possible with the bat. Maybe take catches in the air as well. That's what I would say about the shortest format of cricket. 
Carlos Brathwaite has been adjudged the Player of the Match for his all round performance! 44(19) & 4-3! Here's what he has to say: Feels good, unbelievable to be honest, very pleasing to have put up a performance like that. Always feels good when the work behind the scenes comes together like this, will have to be consistent over the course of the tournament. We had a good practice session, all the boys turned up, we had good vibes, hopefully we can keep the momentum going and continue.
Benny Howell: Not winning is the start, not too sure, we were in good position yesterday, we didn't finish off at the backend well. We just didn't get going with the bat today, we have a day off tomorrow, chill out and then come back, get back on a winning note. Hit more sixes, that'd be nice and restrict them for hitting more sixes, T10 format is pretty simple. 
The Chennai Braves win by 33 runs. It is the Carlos Brathwaite show as he bagged four wickets while staying unbeaten at 44 with the bat.

Sikandar Raza kept things tight in the first over by taking the wicket of Zazai. Evin Lewis fell to Olly Stone as the Bangla Tigers had a horror start to the chase. Iftikhar Ahmed smacked some maximums to keep them in the hunt. However, Brathwaite's fifth over in the second innings that saw him take the wicket of Colin Munro and Ben Cutting dimmed the Tigers' hopes. 

Shakib's mistimed shot cost Iftikhar his wicket as Raza got a finger running out the latter in the non-striker's end. Stone and Brathwaite didn't lose their guard in the death overs to restrict The Bangla Tigers to a total of less than 100. 
Looks like Matheesha Pathirana has injured himself and will not be batting. He got smacked on the shin earlier in the game while fielding and hence bowled only one over. 
9.5 Carlos Brathwaite to Rohan Mustafa, OUT! DRAGGED IT BACK ON! It's been a procession for the Tigers. Reaches for the length delivery which was wide, Mustafa gets the inside edge that comes back to rattle the stumps. Pathirana cannot bat and that's it, Braves thump Tigers as they notch up their first win of the tournament!

Rohan Mustafa b Carlos Brathwaite 0 (1b 0x4 0x6)
9.4 Carlos Brathwaite to Mrittunjoy Chowdhury, length delivery on the middle and leg, Chowdhury whipped it down to long-on for one.
9.3 Carlos Brathwaite to Mrittunjoy Chowdhury, full on the fourth stump, Chowdhury drilled it straight back to the bowler for another dot.
9.2 Carlos Brathwaite to Yasir Kaleem, OUT! STUNNER BY ROSSINGTON! Wickets continue to tumble for Tigers. Full on the outside of leg-stump, Kaleem backing looks to hoick but he gets a feather, Rossington was wrong footed, moving to his left but had to switch quickly and dives to his right to and pulls off a one handed stunner.

Yasir Kaleem c Adam Rossington b Carlos Brathwaite 1 (3b 0x4 0x6)
Rohan Mustafa is the new man in. 35 needed off 5 balls now. 
9.1 Carlos Brathwaite to Yasir Kaleem, OH! Excellent from Brathwaite, spots the batter backing away, follows with a yorker and Kaleem had no clue with that, thuds on the pad.
Shakib's misery finally comes to an end. The Bangla Tigers need 35 to win from the last over. 
92 /7 score
cricket bat icon Shakib Al Hasan *
15 (14)
cricket bat icon Yasir Kaleem
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Olly Stone
2 /23
8.6 Olly Stone to Shakib Al Hasan, OUT! UP IN THE AIR AND TAKEN! Wheels are coming off now for the Tigers, Shakib has been put out of misery here. Length delivery on the stumps, Shakib looks to turn it into the on-side but has skied it and Brathwaite running backwards takes a brilliant catch.

Shakib Al Hasan c Carlos Brathwaite b Olly Stone 15 (14b, 1x4s, 1x6s)
8.5 Olly Stone to Shakib Al Hasan, FOUR! Too little too late this from Shakib, he knows it too. Short on the middle and leg, Shakib has pulled that one flat and lands inches inside the ropes for a boundary.
8.4 Olly Stone to Shakib Al Hasan, back of a length on the fourth stump, takes the pace off and Shakib has another ugly heave across the line and misses.
8.3 Olly Stone to Shakib Al Hasan, short on the fourth stump, Shakib stood tall and cuts it over the backward point, Malan parries it back near the ropes as they come back for a brace.
8.2 Olly Stone to Shakib Al Hasan, this is poor from Shakib, he's going for mindless slogs which aren't there. Length delivery on the wide of off-stump, Shakib reaches and mistimes it back to the bowler.
8.2 Olly Stone to Shakib Al Hasan, WIDE! Bit harsh from the umpire, Shakib walks across off-stump to play the ramp shot and goes whiskers past the leg-stump, called a wide.