9th Match, Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi
NYS won by 8 wickets
So that will be all for this match from the Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi but stay with us, as the second game of the day is coming up in just a few minutes. This is the pair of Srivathsa and Bidipto, saying goodbye, keep following Sportskeeda!
Kieron Pollard, New York Strikers captain: Suresh Raina I though played a good game in that situation for the Gladiators. But we bowled really well on the whole to keep the runs pretty much in check on this batting beauty. We will take a day off, and come back fresh the following day. Hopefully, this performance will give us the confidence necessary to keep going in this tournament. 
Player of the Match, Eoin Morgan: It was a good wicket to bat on, ball came on to the bat really nicely. It is about staying in good positions and wining the game and we did that well enough today. I haven't really prepared much for this tournament, but I love this format, it is like a celebration of cricket. 
Paul Stirling: Noticed that in the last few days, it's a bit of a fluke and nice to tick that off [on chasing teams not winning till this game]. Not quite sure I have held on to that and hopefully stop a momentum. Hopefully we can continue on this run. 
New York Strikers - 110/2, beat Deccan Gladiators - 109/7, by 8 wickets.

Eoin Morgan 42* (23) | Akeal Hosein - 2/9
Odean Smith 38 (19) | Joshua Little - 1/22

For the first time in this season of the T10 League, a team batting second has won! 

The intent from the New York Strikers was great, right from the start, as they were in no mood to hang around and leave it late. It did indeed go down to the last, ball, but things were very much in their control as the batters played their part really well and chased down a decent total.

Andre Fletcher got his team off to a flying start, but got out off the last ball of the first over. Paul Stirling continued the hitting after that. The issue was with Eoin Morgan's batting, but the slow start from the left-hander ended up in a fantastic make up with some sparkling shots on both sides of the wicket.

The bowling should have been better, as there were plenty of boundary balls bowled, with almost all of those, put away. Azam Khan could have been bowled off Andre Russell, but the bails did not fall off the grooves even after the ball hit the off-stump by its side. 

Finally, a composed partnership between Morgan and Khan finished the job in the last ball of the match. 

Now, both teams are level on points, but the Gladiators are still on top by virtue of their better net run rate. The Strikers are second currently. 
110 /2 score
cricket bat icon Eoin Morgan
42 (23)
cricket bat icon Azam Khan *
26 (20)
cricket ball icon Josh Little
1 /22
9.6 Josh Little to Azam Khan, Azam does it. The New York Strikers become the first team to successfully chase down a total this season. Full outside off, Azam gets across and flicks it through square leg
If this ends in a tie, there won't be a Super Over - FYI
Well well! Pressure more on the batter now! 
9.5 Josh Little to Azam Khan, DRAMA! Full and wide outside off, Azam drives and misses, just inside the line and Azam does not get a wide
9.4 Josh Little to Eoin Morgan, SCORES LEVEL! Slower on the stumps, worked to deep mid-wicket and they are happy with one
9.3 Josh Little to Eoin Morgan, full and angling in, heaved wide of deep mid-wicket and a leisurely couple. 2 off 3
9.2 Josh Little to Azam Khan, full outside off, dug out over the bowler for one. 4 off 4
9.1 Josh Little to Eoin Morgan, full and up there, hit to deep mid-wicket and just one. 5 off 5
Over the wicket.

Joshua Little [1.0-0-16-1] comes back into the attack.

Two boundaries and a six and some more runs means that this is match well in control of the Strikers now! Should not be a problem in handing the Gladiators their first defeat. 
104 /2 score
cricket bat icon Eoin Morgan
38 (20)
cricket bat icon Azam Khan *
24 (17)
cricket ball icon Odean Smith
1 /32
8.6 Odean Smith to Azam Khan, full and angled in on middle, heaved wide of deep square and they come back for a couple. 6 off 6
New York Strikers have gone past 100! 
8.5 Odean Smith to Azam Khan, FOUR! Length and short outside off, slashed away over point, nearly all the way, one bounce and over. 8 off 7 now
8.4 Odean Smith to Eoin Morgan, back of a length on the hips, swung away to deep backward square for one. 12 off 8