189/7 (20)
LSG won by 6 runs.
Player of the match: Mohsin Khan
That's all we have for you as far as this game is concerned but it's a Sunday double-header so head over here to catch our coverage of the game between Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad in Pune that has commenced already. Thank you so much for tuning in to our coverage of this contest - on behalf of my good friend and co-commentator Pratyush Rohra, this is Raghav Tikmany signing off.
Player of the Match is Mohsin Khan for his returns of 4/16 in 4 overs.
Delhi Capitals - 189 for 7 (Rishabh Pant 44 runs off 30 balls. Mohsin Khan 4/16 in 4 overs) lose to Lucknow Super Giants - 195 for 3 (KL Rahul 77 runs off 51 balls. Shardul Thakur 3/40 in 4 overs) by 6 runs.

Well, well. What a cracking game of cricket it was to kick start our Super Sunday! Lucknow after winning the toss and opting to bat first did a fine job in getting themselves to a big total. However, they wouldn't be clear favourites to defend this since Delhi do have an explosive batting lineup.

The Super Giants were off to a dream start with Mohsin Khan and Dushmantha Chameera getting rid of the openers within the first three overs. However, Pant and Marsh pulled things back after going bonkers for the next few overs before Marsh fell to Gowtham. Delhi lost another couple of quick wickets before Powell joined his skipper in the middle but they could not build any big partnership.

Pant departed as he had no answer to Mohsin's yorker. It seemed all but over for the Capitals but Powell and Axar still had some hope. Mohsin coming back into the attack later dismissed Powell and Shardul to make sure that his side come out as victorious. Axar and Kuldeep's late ball-striking did instill a sense of fear among the fans but Stoinis held his nerve in the final over as Lucknow add another two points to their tally.
Lucknow Super Giants win by 6 runs!
189 /7 score
cricket bat icon Axar Patel *
42 (24)
cricket bat icon Kuldeep Yadav
16 (8)
cricket ball icon Marcus Stoinis
0 /14
19.6 Marcus Stoinis to Axar Patel, SIX! Counts for naught though. Low full toss outside the off-stump, this time Axar takes it on and smokes it over long-on to clear the ropes. Too little, too late though! Lucknow Super Giants clinch a thrilling contest by 6 runs.
The Lucknow fans have started celebrating in the stands, they know that they are just one legal delivery away from grabbing the victory!
19.5 Marcus Stoinis to Axar Patel, the bulky Australian holds his nerve. Nails the yorker outside the off-stump, Axar bunts it down to long-off. LSG are almost there.
Axar denies the single, he believes that he can take it to a super over, DC need two sixes now.
19.4 Marcus Stoinis to Axar Patel, keeps it full and wide outside the off-stump, it was there to be hit but Axar ends up dragging it to long-on. Denies the single.
19.3 Marcus Stoinis to Axar Patel, brilliant execution of the yorker again! Stoinis holds his nerve and finds the block hole, bunted back to the bowler. A crucial dot ball!
Right then. Axar is back on strike. 13 runs, 4 balls. It doesn't get better than this!
19.2 Marcus Stoinis to Kuldeep Yadav, nails the full and wide yorker on this occasion, Kuldeep shovels it out to sweeper cover and gets Axar on strike
19.2 Marcus Stoinis to Kuldeep Yadav, wide. Well, well, well. Looking for the full and wide yorker outside but its on the wrong side of the tramline. Risky delivery with third man inside the circle
Kuldeep just manages to clear the fence and now this is as nail bitting as it can get! 15 needed from 5...
19.1 Marcus Stoinis to Kuldeep Yadav, SIX! Kuldeep doing his best to keep this game alive! Back of a length slower one but it's sat up nicely for Kuldeep, who throws the kitchen sink at it and clears the square leg ropes. That's just changed the mood, a little bit.
Marcus Stoinis, right-arm medium, comes into the attack
Brilliant shot from Axar to bring an end to the over! 21 runs are needed off the final over, is there life in the contest? Well, if you are a Lucknow fan then the good news is that Kuldeep is on strike! Here is Stoinis to bowl the final over.
175 /7 score
cricket bat icon Axar Patel *
36 (20)
cricket bat icon Kuldeep Yadav
9 (6)
cricket ball icon Dushmantha Chameera
1 /44
18.6 Dushmantha Chameera to Axar Patel, SIX! Freebie. Full and angled in the pads. Easy pickings for Axar as he flicks it nonchalantly to clear the fine leg ropes.