Abu Dhabi 72/6 (10 ov)
ECB Blues 73/2 (8 ov)
ECB Blues need 0 runs in 12 remaining ball
Player of the match: Waheed Ahmed
Two important points in the bag for ECB Blues then as they comfortably wrapped this game up with eight wickets and two overs to spare. Turning out to be a one-sided contest in the end and the Blues will be very happy to have gotten the momentum back towards the business end of the tournament now. A wonderful batting display as to how they went about this chase, despite starting slow, they were sensible enough, the openers, to hang around and keep the board ticking. They then got that one big over which got them going nicely and a thoroughly professional performance from them this. Ateeq Ur Rehman was the star of the chase, remaining unbeaten on 44 to see his side over the line. 

Some tidy bowling at the top from Abu Dhabi but it was never going to be enough as they needed wickets to have any chance of trying and winning this game. Fayyaz Ahmed being the pick of the bowlers for them, getting a wicket as well but the woes for Abu Dhabi continue as they failed to put up a show to try and salvage some pride for themselves. A disappointing campaign only getting worse and they have a lot of thinking to do come the next season, as they would want to turn things around. They still have one final encounter left though, and the aim will be to finish with a win. 

ECB remaining at the third spot in the table then, tied on 12 points with Sharjah, who are only above on a superior net run-rate. They go on to play table toppers Fujairah in their final league game, which will be a cracker of a contest in their quest to finish in the top two. Abu Dhabi are up against Sharjah and they will have to up their game if they want a consolation win in that game. Only time will tell what happens and for the moment, the Blues will enjoy this victory and breathe a sigh of relief after having lost two games on the trot before this one. Just the kind of win they needed to get back the confidence and set themselves for the rest of this tournament! 
A comfortable win in the end for the Blues, as most would have anticipated, with Ateeq remaining unbeaten on 44 to finish the game off. Some drama in that over as Waheed went for the finish, only to get himself out but all's well that ends well and the Blues are back to winning ways!
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 0 1b 1 W 1 Bowler: Abdul Malik Score: 73/2
7.6 Abdul Malik to Ateeq Ur Rehman, REHMAN HITS THE WINNING RUNS! Back of length delivery angling down the legside. Ateeq gets inside the line of the ball, makes himself compact and pulls the ball in front of the square to sweeper midwicket for a single to kill the chase and collect two important points!
Aryan Lakra, is the new man in.
7.5 Abdul Malik to Waheed Ahmed, CAUGHT! OUT! Back of length delivery bowled well outside off. Waheed tries to pull the ball from the offstump but gets a top edge as the ball flies straight down the throat of square leg where the fielder takes a good catch to send the opposition captain packing! What a time to get out with just one run needed.
7.4 Abdul Malik to Ateeq Ur Rehman, short of length delivery darted down the legside. Rehman rides the bounce and hooks the ball behind square to long leg for a single to tie the scores 
7.3 Abdul Malik to Waheed Ahmed, short of length delivery dug into the pitch that goes over the batsman's head. Ahmed fails to connect with this one as the keeper fumbles behind the sticks. Rehman instantly calls for the single and ultimately completes it in the end rather comfortably 
7.2 Abdul Malik to Waheed Ahmed, back of length delivery bowled wide outside off. Waheed has loose poke at it as the keeper appeals vociferously, only for the umpire to shrug it off. Was a bit of a noise there but no damage done!
7.1 Abdul Malik to Ateeq Ur Rehman, Fuller length ball angling down the legside. Rehman gets inside the line of the ball and flicks it away to deep square leg for a single
Abdul Malik into the attack now
Fayyaz Ahmed has bowled well tonight and deservingly gets a wicket for himself. Just a consolation wicket for Abu Dhabi though as it's come way too late for them. Tossing it up and asking the batsmen to go after him. Another tidy over from him. Will not affect the result of this game from here though! 
Over: 7 | Summary: W 0 1 1 2 1 Bowler: Fayyaz Ahmed Score: 69/1
6.6 Fayyaz Ahmed to Ateeq Ur Rehman, flighted ball on the wide off stump line. Rehman plunges forward and guides the ball to cover point and collects a quick single
6.5 Fayyaz Ahmed to Ateeq Ur Rehman, tossed up ball outside off. Rehman on the frontfoot carves the ball away to sweeper point region and collects a couple for his troubles 
6.4 Fayyaz Ahmed to Waheed Ahmed, short of length delivery going down the leg. Skipper Waheedclips the ball to deep  midwicket for a single
6.3 Fayyaz Ahmed to Ateeq Ur Rehman, full length ball bowled well outside off. Rehman sits on one knee and drags the ball to deep square leg for a single
6.2 Fayyaz Ahmed to Ateeq Ur Rehman, tossed up ball pitched outside off. Ateeq cuts it away but straight to cover point for no run 
Waheed Ahmed is the man in at 3!
6.1 Fayyaz Ahmed to Mohammad Boota, OUT! CAUGHT! flighted ball on middle andlegstump. Boota sat on one knee, tried to slog sweep the ball out of the park. However, he cannot get underneath, gets the top edge as the fielder at long on takes a difficult skier catch rather comfortably 
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