110/10 (25.2)
114/0 (18.4)
IND won by 10 wickets
Player of the match: Jasprit Bumrah
Right then. India romp home in the first game to take a one-nil lead in this three-match ODI series. They'll be delighted with the kind of performance they've delivered today. England, on the other hand, have some introspection to do after a loss like that. How will Buttler and Co. reply when the two sides meet at Lord's in a couple of days' time? Well, we'll have to wait and find out. That's all we have for now though. This is Pratyush, signing off on behalf of Soorya and Shashwat. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda to catch all the live sporting action from around the globe. See you around! 
Jasprit Bumrah, unsurprisingly, is the Player of the Match for his stellar spell of 6/19. Here's what he has to say: When there's swing to offer and some seam movement, it's very exciting when you get that opportunity because in the white ball format you're generally defensive and have to assess what the wicket has to offer. (The plan for today?) Just going through the routine in the warmups - when you bowl with the new ball you try to search for swing. When there's no swing you pull your length back but we saw there was swing for a long time. When there's swing you don't have to try to much, you just have to put it in the right areas and let the ball take over. When it's flat that's when you have to be a lot more accurate. When it swings the ball does all the talking. (Conversation with Shami) As soon as he bowled his first over we had a conversation that he could go a touch fuller as well. We felt that he and I should both go fuller and we got our rewards. Very happy for him - he got a lot of wickets as well. When he beats the bat I tell him that there will be a day that he will run through the lineup. When the ball is moving, the slip cordon and the keeper are very alert. Very happy with their catching.
Rohit Sharma: Looking at the pitch and the overhead conditions, it was the right call to make (at the toss). We never really worry about the overhead conditions. We saw during the T20Is as well. When there's something on offer, we came out and did the job. Today was more suitable for the fast bowlers. When you play in conditions like that, you need to understand what kind of assistance bowlers are going to get and get your fields right in those situations. We know the quality of the bowlers and have to back them all the time. We have played a lot of cricket together (Dhawan and me). We understand each other well, except for the first ball. We played together after a while, so the calling was a bit rusty first up. We know what he brings for us. He's a very experienced player. The pull or hook is a high-risk shot, but I back myself to play that. As long as it keeps coming along nicely, I am happy!
Jos Buttler: A really tough day. We came third in a two-horse race there. We have to buck up and do well on Thursday. We thought it would swing a little bit and then ease out but India bowled really well in the powerplay. I'm not sure. That's something we need to work out. We've got some guys in the form of their lives getting nicked out. It's tough conditions if those guys are coming from Test cricket and getting out like that. He is a great bowler and tough to play against but that's what you want to do - challenge yourself against the best. It's never easy when you're striving for wickets. We asked our bowlers to take risks but it was a frustrating day.
Time for the presentations.

India won by 10 wickets

Rohit Sharma - 76* (58) | Jasprit Bumrah - 6/19
Jos Buttler - 30 (32) | David Willey - 21 (26)

Comprehensive, commanding, dominant. Call it what you want, as India wrap up a scintillating victory in this first of the three ODIs. It was a thumping performance from the visitors as they outplayed England in all three departments to take the one-nil lead in this series. After Jasprit Bumrah's sensational bowling performance helped the Indian side to bundle out England for a measly 110, the Indian openers made sure they go out there and finish things on their own.

It was a watchful start from Rohit and Dhawan as they got their eye in before taking the attack to England. The Indian captain played aggressor while Dhawan bided his time from the other end. With the overhead conditions not as threatening when India were batting, the England bowlers didn't have much joy against the two openers.

Rohit raced to his half-century with Dhawan playing the ideal second fiddle. The two will be pleased to wrap things up on their own to give India a romping win, even without Virat Kohli. In fact, the game didn't even last a total of 50 overs. That's just how dominant India were tonight against the world champions.

Both captains will have a bit to say after such performances. Stick around for the presentations.
18.4 Brydon Carse to Shikhar Dhawan, FOUR! THAT WILL BE THAT! Short, wide and punished! An apt summation of what has transpired today! Dhawan just hangs back in his crease and carves it past backward point for four! India take a 1-0 lead and England have plenty of introspection to indulge in! 
63% of Rohit Sharma's runs have come in that fine leg region. As we said, he's been putting away those short balls for fun!
18.3 Brydon Carse to Rohit Sharma, back of a length delivery on off stump. Rohit gets onto the back foot and tucks the ball off his hips towards deep square leg for a single
18.2 Brydon Carse to Rohit Sharma, SIX! SHOT! MY WORD! Half-tracker outside off stump. Rohit gets into position very early and clatters it way over deep square leg for a maximum!
18.1 Brydon Carse to Rohit Sharma, full delivery on middle and leg stump. Rohit comes forward and clips the ball neatly off his toes past mid wicket for a couple of runs
India need 10 runs to win.
101 /0 score
cricket bat icon Rohit Sharma *
67 (55)
cricket bat icon Shikhar Dhawan
27 (53)
cricket ball icon Moeen Ali
0 /9
17.6 Moeen Ali to Rohit Sharma, back of a length delivery on off stump. Rohit waits in his crease and helps the ball round the corner to pick up another single
The hundred partnership comes up between Rohit and Dhawan. This is their 18th century stand.
17.5 Moeen Ali to Shikhar Dhawan, back of a length delivery outside off stump. Dhawan goes back and glides the ball down to the sweeper at deep cover point for a single
17.4 Moeen Ali to Shikhar Dhawan, full delivery on middle and off stump. Dhawan comes down the track and flicks it over mid wicket for a couple of runs. Didn't quite time it well!
17.3 Moeen Ali to Shikhar Dhawan, fuller this time on off stump. Dhawan gets a massive stride forward before patting it back to the bowler