169/10 (45.4)
153/10 (43.3)
IND-W won by 16 runs.
Player of the match: Renuka Singh
Phew! The curtains come down on this series in quite some fashion then. It's been a pleasure bringing the coverage of the same to you and we can't thank you enough for joining us for the same. There's going to be a lot of discourse on the end and of course, tributes pouring in for Jhulan Goswami so do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for our coverage of the same. For now though, this is the duo of Pradeep Somashekar and Sooryanarayanan Sesha heading off to catch our breath after all that drama! Take care and good night!
Quite a dramatic end to what has been a fascinating series. Harmanpreet Kaur didn't hold back alright - she backed her player and the rule with conviction. You have to feel for Charlie Dean who was in tears. She was so close to pulling off a Houdini act but alas, it was heartbreak in the end. Pretty sure this discourse will carry on for long. But for now, let's celebrate a great career. A pioneer in fast-bowling and someone who aged like fine wine. The Chakdaha Express has reached it's destination in international cricket and she leaves a long-standing legacy that will be difficult to match. Make no mistake about that. On behalf of the cricketing fraternity and every stakeholder in the sport, thank you Jhulan Goswami!
Harmanpreet Kaur (Indian Captain and Player of the Series): I think this wicket was not easy to bat on but our batters did a decent job because we were looking for 170 after losing 4 wickets. Deepti, Smriti and even Pooja did a decent job. We knew we had the pace and spin attack to take wickets. It was a collective team effort - everybody was in the game. We never thought we were out of the game at any point. (On the run out) I thought you will ask about the first nine wickets because they were also not easy to take. I don't think we have done something new. What I feel is that shows your awareness of what the batters are doing. I will back my player because I don't think she has done something which is not in the ICC rules. When we came here we wanted to do really well. We knew that whever we go we can win games. After the first game we showed our character. (On her form) I just wanted to be there for my team. I was just watching the ball and trying to connect and not trying too much. (On Goswami) When I debuted she was a leader. Before the game I just told her that whenever I was going through my best time many people supported me. But doing my rough times she was the only one always supporting me. I just wanted to thank her. She'll always be there for us. She's just a call away. We're really thankful that we got a chance to play with her. She is my go-to person. During my low time I would always discuss what to do and she was always guiding me.
Amy Jones (Captain, England): Not happy with the result, we bowled really well, we just needed bigger partnership in the middle, last dismissal divides opinion, not bad but depends how India feels, within the rules, disappointing end but a good summer, good series in the end. Lots to learn in this series for me, fifty over format is a good learning curve to captain, it's been great and the girls have been supportive. I think just the opportunity to play, average age of the group is pretty low, exciting summer with young talent, Capsey, Dean and Kemp, brilliant summer for all of them, exciting things ahead for us. Dean was brilliant, absorbed the pressure, she wasn't getting out any other way it looked like. (About Lisa Keightly leaving) She's been brilliant, and what she's brought to the team, all the best to her, will miss having her around.
Renuka Singh Thakur has been adjudged the Player of the Match! Here's what she has to say: I went back to my coach to talk, he always motivates and gives me confidence and gives me ideas. (About Goswami's retirement) I was excited playing along with Goswami, I was three years old when she debuted, it's exciting sharing dressing room and the fast bowlers are always inspired seeing her play. I want to go back and work on my basics, it's always playing at Lord's, will try to fulfil my five-for next time.
Here's a sight though - Jhulan Goswami is being carried on the shoulders of her teammates. A fitting tribute to one of the game's stalwarts. You can see how much she means to this team. And they're showering all their gratitude and love on her.
India beat England by 16 runs and sweep the series 3-0!

Deepti Sharma 68* (106) | Renuka Singh Thakur 4/29 (10)
Charlie Dean 47 (80) | Kate Cross 4/26 (10)

Oh. My. Word! Who wrote this script? What is it with games at Lord's and an unimaginable script unfolding in front of our eyes? I guess we'll never know. But goodness me, so much has happened, cricket-wise and emotionally with one of the great careers coming to an end, that this was the last kind of end that any of us could have fathomed!

Deepti Sharma was the protagonist of India's thrilling victory today. Had it not been for her stoic defiance with the bat, India wouldn't have got to a score of 169. But then, it was the Renuka Singh Thakur show - again! All the attention was on Jhulan Goswami and her final international appearance and she did strike with the wicket of Alice Capsey. But not before Renuka broke the game open with yet another brilliant spell of bowling. Yastika Bhatia's sharp glovework saw Emma Lamb on her way back after a brisk start and it took a corker of a delivery from Renuka to castle Tammy Beaumont.

And then, it was a procession. One after another, they came and went with the Domino Effect taking centerstage. England were capitulating in some manner and were slipping away at 65/7, with the target still over 100 runs away. Everything that India touched turned to gold, before Amy Jones and Charlie Dean combined forces to bail England out of trouble. A steady partnership came along and it took a screamer of a Harleen Deol catch to send the skipper on her way back.

Jhulan Goswami simply had to have a fairytale moment. Having sent down her 10000th delivery in the format, she castled Kate Cross to leave India on the verge of victory. She couldn't seal it but things started to slip away again with Dean and Freya Davies delaying the inevitable. Slowly but surely, the deficit reduced and when it came down to under 20 to win thanks to the odd boundary and a number of easy singles, the game was evenly poised again.

And then, it happened! Deepti Sharma dislodged the bails with Dean wandering out of her crease. And that subjective topic called 'spirit of cricket' was triggered again. And I'm pretty sure it's not the last of it we're going to hear either. To reiterate, it was within the rules but this is bound to divide opinion. A dramatic end but amidst it all, the end of a fine, fine career for Jhulan Goswami. Stick around for the presentation - loads to look forward to alright!
It's in the laws of the game. Make no mistake that it is in the laws of the game. Charlie Dean is heartbroken and in tears as she walks off - my word what a finish we've had to the game though. It's been an absolute roller-coaster of a ride and in the end, after a bit of a controversial finish, India prevail by 16 runs and take the series 3-0!
DEEPTI MANKADS DEAN! RUN-OUT! Umpire's are having a quick chat here, they take it upstairs to confirm. Dean was backing up too much, Deepti runs into bowl and spots Dean backing up and then stops to whip the bails off. It's in the laws of the game and England are bowled out, Dean ends in tears and India clean sweep England, 3-0!
Oh drama! Absolute drama!
43.3 Deepti Sharma to Freya Davies, good length that drifts into Davies on the middle and off, on the backfoot clipped it but there's more protection on the on-side in the inner right, another dot.
Deep square has been brought inside the ring now.
43.2 Deepti Sharma to Freya Davies, back of a length on the middle and off, Davies on the backfoot keeps it out.
A close-in mid-wicket in place.
43.1 Deepti Sharma to Charlie Dean, good length delivery on the stumps, Dean gets inside the line and works it into the on-side for an easy single.
The umpires are having a discussion while taking a look at the scoreboard. They might be having a look at which bowler has how many overs left to send down today.
Deepti Sharma [7.0-0-23-1] is back into the attack. She will bowl over the wicket.
18 needed off 42 deliveries! As Nasser Hussain mentions, India could go back to Pooja Vastrakar against Davies. England are doing it easy against spin so surely, that is where Harmanpreet Kaur must turn to? Not just yet...
152 /9 score
cricket bat icon Charlie Dean
46 (79)
cricket bat icon Freya Davies *
10 (27)
cricket ball icon Dayalan Hemalatha
0 /25
42.6 Dayalan Hemalatha to Freya Davies, loops a full delivery on the off-stump, Davies drives but finds short cover fielder.