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Falco 130/5 (10 ov)
Hawks CC 136/3 (9.3 ov)
Hawks CC won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Kamran Zia
A sensational day of Cricket here at ECS, that started off with a low score thriller to a high scoring last over nail biter. That's it from today, but do join us early tomorrow for another exciting day of Cricket in Barcelona. For now, I have been Ankit along with Bala, as we call it a night! 
The skipper Kamraan Zia, took the onus on himself to achieve the target set, and oh boy did he play a gem of an innings. He manages to score 63 runs at a strike rate of 240+, consisting of 3 boundaries and 7 maximums. Umar Latif, too came in at 5 and supported his captain with a cameo of his own hitting, scoring 37 off just 15 deliveries consisting of 4 maximums. These two together kept bombarding the oppositions bowlers with boundaries and sixes and before they could realize or alter their approach, the target was there in sight. Kamraan Zia was dropped mid innings and he made sure his second chance is not put down. He was guilty of scoring the winning runs with a maximum, to finish off this enthralling game in style. 
Having defended a high score earlier today and having scored another high score in the first innings, Falco came in with confidence and pride to defend this as well. They were aware the opposition is much better, the opposition can chase it and they had to be clever in defending this score. The second innings started on an expensive note for the fielding side, but soon they got rid of both the openers. But they were unaware of what was to follow. 
Falco won the toss, went into bat first with choice, put on an amazing display of shots, all around the park, with multiple sixes and fours. They started a bit slow in the first two overs, but from the third over, Adeel Sarwar, switched to sports mode and went berserk. He scored a massive 91 consisting of 7 fours and 9 huge sixes. Surely he would have thought the game is in the bag, with this performance and to be fair to him, a performance like that deserves to be on the winning side. He was the lone warrior to inflict the most damage scoring 70% of the teams runs, accompanied by a small cameo of 10s and 13s. But a raging Adeel Sarwar put on a brilliant display to put on a massive score of 130 at the end of the first innings. 
Take a bow Mr. Kamraan Zia, take a bow, tip your hat, take a victory lap, take a minute to admire your brillaint performance. What a sensational innings from the skipper leading his team to a massive massive victory. Hawks win this prime time thriller by 7 wickets. 
9.3 Awais Khan to Kamran Zia, SIX! Finishes it off in style! Length ball outside the off-stump, takes the front leg away and slogs it high and handsome over the mid-wicket boundary and into the dugout
9.2 Awais Khan to Kamran Zia, FOUR! Knee-high full toss outside the off-stump, heaves it away to the mid-wicket boundary, couple of bounces into the fence
9.2 Awais Khan to Kamran Zia, tries to full and wide but ends up bowling it outside the strip. And it's a NO BALL! Massive delivery coming up!
9.1 Awais Khan to Kamran Zia, right in the blockhole outside the off-stump, the batsman fails to get any bat on it
Another fantastic over for the batting side who are almost home. Just a big shot away from the win. They've done a sensational job throughout their innings, under pressure. Hold on folks, the chase is almost done. 
6 runs needed off 6 balls. 
10 runs needed off 7 balls. 
11 runs needed off 9 balls. 
12 runs needed off 10 balls. 
Errors in fielding at this stage in the game is absolutely unacceptable, and uncalled for. The batsman are already dominating and tormenting the bowlers, and a misfield amidst all this is absolutely horrific. Kamraan Zia the skipper brings up his half century with a gorgeous shot over mid wicket for a mximum. He's played his heart out today, and he deserves all the accolades today, playing a gem of an innings under pressure 18 runs needed off 12 balls. 
Kamraan Zia is not going home without a win here. Fabulous batting from him, cruising his team to the finish line, with a fascinating array of shots. He's waiting for the ball and going after it, not falling for the slower deliver to mistime it again. Oh this is a thriller of the top most quality, but Kamraan Zia is doing well, but his wicket could add a late twist in this game as well. 29 runs needed off 15 deliveries. 
A massive opportunity for a catch has been out down and it would have been Kamraan Zia walking back, but he's survived and he could be brutal in this chase more than he already has. The over started off well with 3 good deliveries, but the latter part of the over has proven to be expensive with a maximum and a boundary coming from it. 82/3 after 6 overs. 49 needed off 24 balls. An exciting contest that will go down to the wire. 
Kamraan Zia, the captain of Hawks is leading his team from front playing a very important innings, but he's far from done here. He loses his partner but he's got to keep going strong. The Hawks' approach has been top notch, scoring runs with consistency, keeping up with the run rate, but even one good over from Falco could be too much in this nail biter. The new batsman comes in and ruins an otherwise good over, goes for a maximum straightaway. 66/3 after 5 overs. 
Since Shehzad's wicket, the running between the wickets has certainly improved a lot, both the batsmen being alert on their toes, taking every chance they get. This has been a really really good start to the chase, and Hawks could very well chase this down as well. The stroke playing and shot selection has been of the top most quality. Four overs gone 52/2. 79 runs needed off 36 balls. 
A beauty of a catch to get rid of another batsman, a crucial one for Falco who are trying to contain the Hawks, but Hawks have done well to counter the bowlers, adding boundaries consistently to add as many runs as possible for chasing the big target of 130. Not a lot of balls are going as dots, with singles or extras coming in pretty easily. Three overs gone, 34/2.
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