277/7 (50)
280/4 (49.3)
AUS-W won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Meg Lanning
So, India need to win their final two games to keep their World Cup hopes alive. They will be up against Bangladesh in the next match at Hamilton before taking on South Africa. Mithali Raj & co should look to put a collective performance in the next two games to stand a chance in the race for the top four.

Another Ind-Aus match living up to its hype. Hope you enjoyed the coverage, until next time, this is Pragadeesh, signing off on behalf of my colleague, Pradeep. See yaa
So it's 5 in 5 for the Aussies with another swashbuckling performance and they are through to the semi-finals now. They got off to a flying start, thanks to their openers Alyssa Healy and Rachel Haynes. Despite failing to live up to the expectation in the previous matches, Alyssa Healy went after the Indian pacers in the powerplay, while Haynes was happy to play second fiddle in the partnership. The Aussies were scoring more than 7 runs in every over, and the Indian bowlers ran out of ideas to break this partnership.

Healy continued to attack Gayakwad as well, playing beautiful sweeps and cuts in the middle period. The first breakthrough came in the 20th over as Sneh Rana got rid of Alyssa Healy. Soon after, Pooja Vastrakar dismissed Haynes instantly with a well-directed bouncer to hand India some momentum. But Meg Lanning and Ellyse Perry build another partnership and kept the run-rate under control by scoring boundaries at regular intervals.

After few failures in the previous matches, Lanning rose to the occasion, while Perry was so watchful and happy to rotate the strike. Vastrakar broke the 147-run partnership by dismissing Perry after the restart. The run-chase was always in Australia's control but things got little interesting in the end

Meghna Singh got Lanning out in the penultimate over, much to the delight of the rapturous Indian fans in the dugout.  But Mooney kept her cool and sealed the deal for the Aussies in the final over. 
Meg Lanning: Absolutely. The Indians have world-class players with real match winners. We've got a plan at the start and coming away with a win against a good team is always good. We want to keep getting better in every game. It's a difficult ground and we took a little bit of time to adjust early on. Mooney took the pressure off me in the end. Haynes and Healy got off to a good start and lay the foundation for us in the middle. It's important that different players step in at different times. Was nice to see Healy do well. You could tell from the first ball that she had a steely look on her face
Mithali Raj: I think when you lose, you always feel you are 10-15 runs short.. It could be one of the days where the bowling unit didn't do well. It has always had a lot to do with girls playing more in Australian leagues and get to play with the best plaers (On another close match against the Aussies). Well, the batting is something we wanted to improve on but the bowlers did take a hit. Yes, we got himself in the position and winning the next two games is the must. I thank the supporters for turning up today. She is a role model and inspiration for many girls back in the country (on Goswami)
Meg Lanning has been awarded the Player of the match for steering the team through to this amazing victory!

Meg Lanning
talking to Lisa Sthalekar: I think, personally it was nice to contribute, disappointed in the last couple of games, but really like I was training well yesterday, knew how I wanted to play today, executed it well. It was a belter of a wicket, it came on really nicely, there wasn't really any turn, any width given it was hard to defend so, that was all the strategy I had, play straight, if there was width, go hard at it. We are two different players (talking about her partnership with Perry), both play different areas in the field which I think really helps us, she's very calm, very controlled, it's nice to have some down at the other end who's comfortable and experienced. As soon as there was width, I had to trust my hands, going for the cut was something I backed myself which is the plan I had coming into this game.
Beth Mooney finishes things off in style and Australia remain unbeaten in this WWC. India did well to take this game to the last over, but the Aussies were right on top since the start of the innings. With that win, Australia now becomes the first team to qualify for semi-finals of this edition of World Cup!
49.3 Jhulan Goswami to Beth Mooney, FOUR! IT'S ALL OVER! Beth Mooney so calm and cool in this final over, two huge blows and Australia's winning streak continues in this tournament. Length delivery on the off-stump, Mooney down the track, smacked it straight down the ground and seals the deal for Australia. What a team this, India just couldn't pull it off in the end, that's what pressure does!
49.2 Jhulan Goswami to Beth Mooney, just when you needed your fielders to step up, there's another fumble, it's from Mandhana who comes in from deep covers and doesn't pick it up, they come back for a brace.
4 needed from 5 balls

Not a good delivery from the experienced Goswami
49.1 Jhulan Goswami to Beth Mooney, FOUR! That's a crucial blow for Australia, short on the off-stump, Mooney down the track, whacked it neatly over mid-wicket, runs away and picks out the ropes!
Seems it's Jhulan Goswami to bowl the final over.
8 runs needed from 6 balls
The Indian crowd is in full voice now. And it's getting rapturous at Eden Park. Who's going to bowl the final over?
270 /4 score
cricket bat icon Beth Mooney
20 (17)
cricket bat icon Tahlia McGrath *
0 (2)
cricket ball icon Meghna Singh
1 /68
48.6 Meghna Singh to Tahlia McGrath, DOT TO FINISH! Full delivery, bowls it wide of the off-stump, Meghna spots McGrath shuffling across, McGrath reaches for it and toe ends it to point.
48.5 Meghna Singh to Tahlia McGrath, OH! DOT BALL! There cheer from the crowd, back of a length on the off-stump, McGrath on the backfoot looks to punch but gets cramped, pushes it barely into the off-side.
Tahlia McGrath, RHB, walks in at No.6
GAME ON NOW!!! A Shake of the head from Meg Lanning as she heads back to the dugout.
48.4 Meghna Singh to Meg Lanning, OUT! SCREAMER AT POINT, VASTRAKAR DOES IT! Length delivery on the outside off, Lanning leans into the drive but can't keep it down, straight to point where Vastrakar dives forward, gets her hands underneath that one to pouch. India still in it!
48.3 Meghna Singh to Beth Mooney, length delivery on the off-stump, Mooney skips down the track, pushes it wide of short cover who gets a hand to it to her left, they pick up the sharp single anyways!