229/7 (50)
119/10 (40.3)
IND-W won by 110 runs.
Player of the match: Yastika Bhatia
Alright then. India have boosted their net-run rate with a massive win and are currently placed third in the table. A win against South Africa in their last league game would put them in the semi-finals without any fuss. They can still go through with the defeat as well, but that depends on the other results.

Anyway, we will come to know the scenarios better before their match against the Proteas in Christchurch, as it will be the last game of the league. 

Now it's time to end our coverage and hope you enjoyed it. Until next time, this is Pragadeesh, signing off on behalf of my co-commentator Soorya Sesha. See yaa
Mithali Raj (India Captain): I think it was a game for us to win so yes I'm happy. Sometimes it happens - over a long period of time it does happen. I think the last time I was inconsistent was in 2012. It does happen but we're looking forward to the next game. I think we had a very good opening partnership between Smriti and Shafali. I think it was a very good anchor role played by Yastika and the partnership between Pooja and Sneh Rana was very crucial. Having all-rounders give us a deep batting lineup and in a tournament like the World Cup it always helps to have batters contributing lower down the order. We've been working on this over the past few series and were looking to have all-rounders. We've always banked on our spinners and have had quality spinners in our side. Today's wicket definitely assisted the spinners a lot. I wouldn't say we are spin dominant - we have very good pacers as well in our side. (On the next game against South Africa) Looking forward to the game in Christchurch - we haven't played a game there and whatever we've been planning we would like to continue that. Clearly it's a very important game for India and we would like to do very well in that.
Nigar Sultana Joty (Bangladesh Captain): I think it is very difficult when the top-order doesn't contribute, including me, so we have to work on that. The bowlers did a wonderful job today, and they have been doing it in the last few matches as well. We did well to restrict them. Shamima wasn't playing in the XI so I had to keep. I think it made my job very much easier (in guiding the bowlers). We needed to control the situation and the game - somehow, we couldn't get a partnership in this game and in the last game as well. Salma Khatun and Ritu Moni played really well. There are a lot of positives from this game as well.
Yastika Bhatia (Player of the Match): I was very pleased - I would have liked to contribute some more runs to the team but nevertheless I'm very happy with the win. In domestic cricket I prepared for number 3. It was always in my mind that whichever position I get I have to contribute for the team. That's how I kept preparing during training and in the nets. Sometimes the wicket isn't that good and the situation is also not ideal so more of singles and strike rotation was in my mind. I have changed my meal around but during matches I eat everything because a lot of carbs are burnt. It's my first Player of the Match award in internationals so it means a lot.
India Women - 229-7 in 50 overs (Yastika Bhatia 50 off 80 balls, Ritu Moni 3/37) defeat Bangladesh Women - 119/10 in 40.3 overs (Salma Khatun 32 off 35 balls, Sneh Rana 4/30) by 110 runs.

A comprehensive victory for Mithali Raj & co as they were all over Bangladesh since the start of the chase. Mithali Raj operated Rajeshwari Gayakwad from one end, and the move worked wonders as she dismissed Sharmin Akhter in the sixth over. The spinners got more turn and bounce in this Hamilton surface and wickets continue to tumble in the middle. Indian spinners stamped their authority in the middle overs too.

Except for Salma Khatun, the rest of the batsmen had no clue against the spinners and eventually, the Indians bundled out Bangladesh for 119 runs to earn another outrageous win in this World Cup.

Sneh Rana was the pick of the bowlers as she picked up four wickets for 30 runs.
40.3 Jhulan Goswami to Ritu Moni, OUT! YORKED! GAME, SET AND MATCH TO INDIA! Goswami sends down a perfect yorker just outside the line of off as it tails back in and Ritu, making room to press forward, can only drag it back onto her stumps off the inside edge. That'll do quite nicely for the Indians as they wrap up a resounding victory to boost their semifinal chances. India beat Bangladesh by 110 runs!
Ritu Moni b Jhulan Goswami 16 (36b 1x4 0x6)
40.2 Jhulan Goswami to Jahanara Alam, back of a length delivery angling into the batter around off, Jahanara walks across and helps it with a tuck to backward square leg as she picks up a single.
40.1 Jhulan Goswami to Jahanara Alam, full in length with width on offer, keeps low though as Jahanara goes after it aiming for a drive with unmoved feet, only for the ball to sneak underneath her blade.
40.1 Jhulan Goswami to Jahanara Alam, WIDE! Good length delivery angling down leg past Jahanara's tuck around the corner. Stopped by the keeper to her left!
Jhulan Goswami (7-1-17-1) replaces Sneh Rana. A slip in place
113 needed from 60 balls
117 /9 score
cricket bat icon Ritu Moni *
16 (35)
cricket bat icon Jahanara Alam
10 (9)
cricket ball icon Poonam Yadav
1 /25
39.6 Poonam Yadav to Ritu Moni, pulls her length back short outside off, spins away without much bounce as Ritu rocks back and chops her slap in front of point.
39.5 Poonam Yadav to Ritu Moni, tossed up into a full length outside off, Ritu comes forward and opens the face to guide it square of the wicket in defense.
39.4 Poonam Yadav to Ritu Moni, full and flighted around off, Moni clears her front foot and drags it with a swing across the line to mid-wicket.
39.3 Poonam Yadav to Ritu Moni, OOH! Flighted into a good length outside off, Ritu looks to dab it late down to third man but chops it into the keeper's pad instead before it rolls to backward point.
39.2 Poonam Yadav to Jahanara Alam, on a good length outside off, Jahanara walks across but plays all around her sweep as she's beaten by the spin. Off the pad and square of the wicket as it dribbles for a leg bye.
39.1 Poonam Yadav to Ritu Moni, loopy full one outside off, spins away as Ritu pokes with an open face to run it to short third man for one.
Poonam Yadav (6-0-24-1) replaces Rajeshwari Gayakwad

Sneh Rana won't get a fifer but what a beautiful spell of bowling from the off-spinner.
115 /9 score
cricket bat icon Ritu Moni
15 (30)
cricket bat icon Jahanara Alam *
10 (8)
cricket ball icon Sneh Rana
4 /30