144/4 (20)
82/10 (13.5)
GT won by 62 runs.
Player of the match: Shubman Gill
Alright then. The Gujarat Titans officially become the first team to seal playoff qualification with that comprehensive win. It isn't the end of the road for the Lucknow Super Giants either. In fact, they might be pleased to get the odd bad performance out of the way as they still find themselves in the fight for a top-two finish. That of course, depends on the results of the next few games, starting tomorrow. If the Rajasthan Royals win their game tomorrow, they can leapfrog LSG and jump to second place. However, they'll be up against the Delhi Capitals, who need a win to keep their playoff hopes alive this season. It's another cracker on the cards at the Dr. DY Patil Stadium tomorrow. We hope you'll join us for that contest as well! For now, this is the Pratyush Rohra, signing off on behalf of my co-commentator, Shashwat Kumar. Ta-ta and goodnight! 
Shubman Gill is the Player of the Match.

It's quite pleasing when you finish matches for the team. I actually had a talk with Gary (Kirsten) before the start of the season, that I want to finish at least 3-4 matches for the team this season. I didn't expect the ball to seam as much in the start but it was nipping around in the first 3-4 overs. After that, I knew the spinners were going to come into the game and get a bit of turn. One thing was that they didn't ball up as much. Krunal could have bowled a little up and it would have caused some trouble but they were a bit short and was trying to be more conservative, which made it easier for us to maneuver it around. We kept on ticking those singles, which is very important on these wickets. It feels great. Coming into this season, not many people gave us a chance but here we are at the top of the table, so it feels pretty good. (On his back issues) Yeah, the ground was a bit soft and I had a couple of back issues but hopefully, I'll recover by the next match.
Hardik Pandya: To be honest, really really proud of the boys. When we started this journey, we knew we'd be a good side but getting qualification before the 14 games is a great feeling. In the last game, we thought the game was over before it was over. We were ahead of the game and didn't finish it off. That's a learning for us. So even today, when they were eight down, we knew we had to be ruthless. We can relax post game. Sai, as a left-arm spinner, I've rated him quite highly. With his height, he can always get something out of the pitch. Looking at the pitch, I thought we could get something out of the game. I thought we were in the game at 145. Their bowlers bowled a bit too short in the first innings, so we addressed that and bowled a bit fuller. If you lose a game likey we lost the last one, we have to believe that we lose as a team and win as a team. Even if we mess things up, we'll take the blame as a team. Same for the wins. There won't be any blame on this guy or that guy. It's a team effort. We have always managed to keep the players positive and keep the chats simple, take it one game at a time and see what happens.
KL Rahul: Of course, I mean we all knew it was a tricky wicket. We knew it would be a low-scoring game. We bowled really well to restrict them for under 150. We should have batted a lot better. Some poor shot selections, the run out didn't help. We hope we can learn from this. Sometimes, you need a little bit of a reminder to keep turning up every game and to keep doing our best. These low totals, you want to make use of the powerplay. For me and Quinton, it was getting off to a good start. Not losing too many wickets early would have been ideal. Obviously that did not come off. We knew their spinners were difficult to score off. But again, we need to find ways to score runs in tricky conditions. You are not going to sit back and over-analyse a game like this. What we want is energy and intensity on the field. That was quite good. In batting, you get one chance and you can make mistakes. You want to learn from it and not make similar mistakes when put into a similar position
Gujarat Titans won by 62 runs. 

Shubman Gill - 63* (49) | Rashid Khan - 4/24 | R Sai Kishore - 2/7.
Deepak Hooda - 27 (26) | Avesh Khan - 2/26.

Well, just like that, the Gujarat Titans have a Q against their name to become the first team to seal qualification. Not bad for a debut season, eh? And it all happened in next to no time, especially in this contest. After back-to-back losses, they've bounced back with a thumping victory. The fact that it's come after batting first, will be another box ticked for them as a side.

It was Shubman Gill's scratchy unbeaten 63 in the first innings that stands out in hindsight. He showed the importance of batting through the full quota of innings and getting runs on the board for his side. One of KL Rahul and QdK needed to do the same for LSG but all they got today was a capitulation. 

Lucknow lost three wickets in the powerplay as the Titans pegged them on the back foot and there was no recovery from that stage. What's more disappointing for them is that there were no signs of it either. In a sorry-looking scoreboard, Hooda's 27 wasn't enough to save LSG's blushes. 

Wickets came in packs as Yash Dayal and Sai Kishore bagged a couple each. It was a memorable debut for the TN bowler, recording figures of 2/7 in his two overs. Rashid Khan of course had his say in this contest with a bamboozling four-wicket haul, believe it or not, his first in the IPL!

There's little doubt that 82 is a bit of a shocker for LSG at this stage of the tournament. However, they won't be dwelling on this result and will look to move on from this as quickly as possible. As for the Titans, they can start looking forward to the playoffs as they still look to target a top-two finish.

Reactions from the captains coming up in a bit. Stick around for the presentations!
Avesh shakes his head, suggesting he's got nothing on that. Up we go to the third umps! Snicko has a spike. A genuine one, unlike last night's. That will be that! Rashid Khan wraps up the proceedings with a four-wicket haul! It's his 450th T20 wicket as well. After posting just 144/4, Gujarat Titans win by a mammoth 62 runs!
13.5 Rashid Khan to Avesh Khan, APPEAL! AND REVIEWED! AND THAT WILL BE THAT! Googly on a length on middle and leg stump. Avesh has an almighty swipe across the line and seems to connect with fresh air. Saha and Rashid, though, think there is bat involved and convince Hardik for the review! The ball is perilously close to the stumps too and there is a small feather off the inside edge! LSG's capitulation ends and GT are sent into frenzy! What a manic finish to this game!
Avesh Khan c Wriddhiman Saha b Rashid Khan 12 (4b 0x4 2x6)
13.4 Rashid Khan to Avesh Khan, OH MY! Tossed up on a length on off stump and this one is the leg-spinner. Avesh continues swinging like a rusty gate and is fortunate his off stump is not sent for a toss
Double bat? Yeah, seemed like it! Rashid can't believe that's gone all the way! 
13.3 Rashid Khan to Avesh Khan, TWO IN A ROW! OH MY GOODNESS! Back of a length delivery on middle and leg stump. Avesh picks the googly and dumps it over deep backward square leg for six!
13.2 Rashid Khan to Avesh Khan, SIX OFF THE HAT TRICK BALL! OH HELLO! Tossed up into the slot outside off stump. Avesh clears his front leg and clubs it over long on for a maximum!
Avesh Khan, RHB, comes to the crease
Yep, you're right, Shashwat. The procession continues and Deepak Hooda is the latest one to depart. And with that, any optimistic hopes of a close contest.
13.1 Rashid Khan to Deepak Hooda, OUT! THIS IS A PROCESSION! Full delivery on middle and off stump. Hooda has a slog across the line and guess what happens when you try that off Rashid? You get dismissed. A massive top edge ensues because of the extra bounce and Shami does the rest! GT just one wicket away from sealing a play-off spot and LSG one wicket away from ending their nightmare!
Deepak Hooda c Mohammed Shami b Rashid Khan 27 (26b 3x4 0x6)
Dushmantha Chameera, RHB, comes to the crease
70 /8 score
cricket bat icon Deepak Hooda
27 (25)
cricket bat icon Mohsin Khan *
1 (3)
cricket ball icon Ravisrinivasan Sai Kishore
2 /7

That's inexperience from Mohsin Khan. A penny for Deepak Hooda's thoughts? He's been the glue to this innings so far and has watched wickets tumble around him like a pack of cards. No support for him whatsoever as this game continues to slip from LSG's grasp. They need 75 off the next seven overs. Can Hooda be the man to lead them to an improbable victory? Tune into Disney+Hotstar to find out!
12.6 R Sai Kishore to Mohsin Khan, OUT! SAI KISHORE HAS ANOTHER! Given just a bit of air on a length outside off stump and that is enough for Mohsin's eyes to light up. He looks to hit it into next week but loses his shape entirely. The ball skews off the outside edge and loops up towards backward point, where Rashid performs his sweet little juggling act before holding onto the chance!
Mohsin Khan c Rashid Khan b R Sai Kishore 1 (3b 0x4 0x6)
12.5 R Sai Kishore to Deepak Hooda, back of a length delivery on middle and off stump. Hooda comes half forward and punches the ball towards deep cover point for one