127/8 (10)
128/5 (9.3)
NED-XI won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Sikander Zulfiqar
That'll be it from us in terms of coverage of this game. We will be back with more tonight, there are two more ECC matches to come, so keep an eye on our tabs to follow our coverage of the same. For now, this is Rajarshi, signing off on behalf of myself and my co-commentator Mohul! See you later!
Match summary:
Spain won the toss and opted to bat

Spain 127/8 (10 Overs)
Daniel Doyle-Calle 57(25) | Sebastiaan Braat 3/14 (2)

Netherlands XI 128/5 (9.3 Overs)
Sikander Zulfiqar 67*(23) | Hamza Saleem Dar 3/18 (2)

Netherlands XI win by 5 wickets with 3 balls to spare

If ever there was a heist! Who would have thought that we'll see the Dutch pull this off at the halfway mark of the second innings! The Spanish cricket team and its supporters were confident of a win at the innings break, Hamza Saleem Dar fuelled some more hope by taking out the entire Netherlands XI top-order, but the fact that the Netherlands XI have an envious, powerful batting line-up that bat all the down to number 11 was something that would always work in their favour!

The fightback started with Sebastiaan Braat going for the counter punch to revive the innings after the initial few blows. Once he departed and Sikander Zulfiqar joined one of his twin brothers, it was mere mayhem as we kept seeing the ball fly all over the place. Sikander Zulfiqar was the more lethal of the two Zulfiqar brothers, he brought up a half-century in next to no time, emphatically reduced the equation and took the game to the last over, and ended things comfortably with three balls remaining!
9.3 Lorne Burns to Sikander Zulfiqar, WINNING RUNS! Played through the third man region for a couple of runs here. So, that's that! Netherlands XI pluck this game out of nowhere and defeat the Spanish by five wickets. How well did the Zulfiqar brothers do for the Dutch?
9.2 Lorne Burns to Sikander Zulfiqar, SIX! Fullish on middle and leg, Sikander leans back and deposits this one over deep midwicket for a HUGE one! The Netherlands XI are getting very, very close now!
9.1 Lorne Burns to Sikander Zulfiqar, FOUR! This was tossed up on middle, Sikander gets a big inside edge on to the square leg region for a couple of runs. Replays show that the ball has touched the fence, in the end as the fielder tried his best to stop it.
Lorne Burns (1-0-18-1) is back into the attack
12 needed off the last over. The Netherlands XI are clearly the favourites here.
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Thomas Vine
8.6 Tom Vine to Sikandar Zulfiqar, full on middle and leg, Sikandar pats it down the ground for a run.
8.5 Tom Vine to Sikandar Zulfiqar, short on off and middle, Sikandar plays a jab on the onside. The keeper hits the stumps on the bowling end, and the batters can run on the rebound! Two taken!
8.4 Tom Vine to Sikandar Zulfiqar, FOUR! Short on middle, Sikandar pulls this one past the deep midwicket fielder for a BOUNDARY!
8.3 Tom Vine to Sikandar Zulfiqar, SIX AGAIN! Full and in the slot, Sikandar goes down in his knees and slogs this one out of the park over the deep midwicket for a MASSIVE one! Are we seeing something special here?
8.2 Tom Vine to Sikandar Zulfiqar, SIX! Full on off and middle, Sikandar swings at it and gets it past the fielder at deep midwicket for a SIX! The fielder tries his best to stop it but cannot, in the end!
8.1 Tom Vine to Saqib Zulfiqar, full on off, Saqib hits it down the ground for a single.
32 needed off the last two overs.
Thanks to the Zulfiqar brothers, the game's come back in the balance! 44 is what's needed in the last three overs with the Netherlands XI gathering some momentum!
It seems like the technical difficulties are back. We will get back as soon as we can. Stay tuned!
6.5 Atif Mohammad to Sikandar Zulfiqar, FOUR! Full and wide outside off, Sikandar slashes this ball hard and sees this go past the third man fence for a FOUR! A classy BOUNDARY!
6.4 Atif Mohammad to Sikandar Zulfiqar, slowish outside off, Sikandar goes for a MASSIVE HIT but misses!
6.3 Atif Mohammad to Sikandar Zulfiqar, SIX! Full and wide outside off, Sikandar leans back and lofts this ball over cover and sees it sail MILES back! Beautifully executed by Sikandar here! The fielder appears to have taken a blow.