147/4 (20)
149/2 (14)
NZ won by 8 wickets
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Scott Edwards (Captain, The Netherlands): We would have been more competitive if we were around the 160 mark. It was the par score I guess. The way we bowled and fielded may not make it look like the par score. Against a quality side like New Zealand, you can't afford to drop catches. It didn't help us in the end. He (Bas de Leede) has been sensational in the last year or so. Has been great for us. This is the sort of cricket you want to be playing as a preparation for the World Cup. The more we play, the better we will get.
Mitchell Santner (New Zealand captain): I am very pleased. We played better. It can be tricky at times with the wind blowing. It was fixed (me promoting myselft at No.3) to take care of the left arm finger spinners. It was a decent score but the pitch turned out to be better in the second innings. The intent we showed in second innings was outstanding. We lost wickets but didn't cave in. West Indies will be different guys stepping up at different times. 
New Zealand win the game by 8 wickets!

New Zealand were expected to make light work of their European counterparts in this tour and the same took its due course. The Netherlands started the second innings on a bright note, dismissing Martin Guptill and Finn Allen in successive overs. But a promoted Mitchell Santner up the order came out of syllabus and none of the seven Dutch bowlers had answers to pick his wicket. 

Playing boldly, the left hander struck nine boundaries and four sixes on his way to score 77 runs off 42 balls. Targeting mainly the cover boundaries, Santner also dispatched the ball past the midwicket boundaries to score a boundary off every over. Daryl Mitchell joined the party slightly late and hit the winning runs as the ball dipped into the river encapsulating the stadium twice in the last over of the game. 

Earlier in the game, Bas de Leede scored 53 runs off 48 balls to steady the Netherlands' ship but it was too slow of an innings. Onto the presentations...
149 /2 score
cricket bat icon Mitchell Santner
77 (42)
cricket bat icon Daryl Mitchell *
51 (27)
cricket ball icon Ryan Klein
0 /27
13.6 Ryan Klein to Daryl Mitchell, FOUR! That's the game! Mitchell gets to his FIFTY as well. Full delivery on middle and leg. Swings it across to deep mid-wicket. Bisects the two fielders in the deep
13.5 Ryan Klein to Daryl Mitchell, full and straight on middle and leg. Squeezes it out to mid-on. The lack of energy on that shot allows them to get back for the second
13.4 Ryan Klein to Daryl Mitchell, follows the batter this time. Yorker right at his toes. Gets an inside edge back onto his pad
13.3 Ryan Klein to Daryl Mitchell, SIX! Make that two in a row! The canal has one more to its collection. In the slot outside off. He goes straight back over the bowler's head
Down the ground and into the water! The game might be finished in this over itself. 
13.2 Ryan Klein to Daryl Mitchell, SIX! That's out of here. Right in the slot from Klein. It's bread and butter for Mitchell at that pace. He hits it right out of the screws, lands in the canal outside the ground
13.1 Ryan Klein to Daryl Mitchell, length ball angling in. Mitchell tries to go hard across the line but misses and gets hit on an uncomfortable area
Ryan Klein [1-0-9-0] returns to the attack. 
van Beek replies with some nice deliveries to finish the over but Santner has done the damage already. 
131 /2 score
cricket bat icon Mitchell Santner *
77 (42)
cricket bat icon Daryl Mitchell
33 (21)
cricket ball icon Logan van Beek
0 /37
12.6 Logan van Beek to Mitchell Santner, slower ball short of a length outside off. Tries to pull but the ball goes under his bat swing
12.5 Logan van Beek to Mitchell Santner, excellent short delivery! Santner is late on the pull and gets beaten
12.4 Logan van Beek to Mitchell Santner, misses the yorker marginally. Squirts it out through mid-wicket. Excellent running by the batters to get back for the second
12.3 Logan van Beek to Mitchell Santner, finds the blockhole this time! All he can do is to dig it out on the on-side
12.2 Logan van Beek to Mitchell Santner, SIX! That's some hit from the Kiwi skipper. Right in the slot, takes the front leg away and mows it over the long-off fence