140/8 (27)
144/1 (20)
NZ-W won by 9 wickets
Player of the match: Suzie Bates

Bangladesh Women, batting first - 140 runs for the loss of 8 wickets in their 27 overs (DLS method); Fargana Hoque Pinky 52 (63)
New Zealand Women, batting second - 144 runs for the loss of 1 wicket in 20 overs (DLS method); Suzie Bates 79* (68)

New Zealand Women beat Bangladesh Women by 9 wickets (DLS method).

Player of the Match: Suzie Bates 79* (68) (8x4)

It was a match that was not supposed to be, when the rain was pouring down in the morning right till the afternoon, with the ground staff having to work extremely hard to get the game started. Finally, their efforts did not go in vain as the match did get underway and was also complete. 

Both teams came into this match with initial losses in their campaign, and both teams needed a win to get their World Cup up and running. Eventually, in this 27-overs-a-side match, it was the hosts who came out on top, getting the job done with 7 overs to spare! 

Bangladesh put up a fighting total on the board, courtesy Fargana Hoque Pinky's maiden half-century, that made it challenging for the hosts to begin the 2nd innings with, as the pacers and the spinners kept the runs in check to make it as hard for the New Zealand openers to score as possible. The pressure applied did tell on Sophie Devine as she played back to a delivery that was rather full and skidded on, to clean her up, giving Bangladesh the much needed first wicket. 

After that, with Amelia Kerr coming out to bat, the New Zealand innings got fresh impetus with her busy nature at the crease as the runs started to come more fluently. Suzie Bates took her time to get going and after getting her eye in, she blossomed with the bat, scoring a magnificent half-century and putting on a century partnership with Kerr. In doing so, the became only the second woman batter in ODI World Cups to score 1000 runs.

Bangladesh were very spirited in the field. They gave a strong account of themselves in the tough conditions that were and did not look like a side not sure of how to go about their work. The captaincy from Nigar Sultana was impressive, and so was the bowling from all the bowlers that bowled, as they tried their best to make the match more and more interesting.

From the University Oval in Dunedin, that is all that we have for you today, but stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more action from the Women's World Cup as more matches are lined up, sure to keep you interested with their intensity! For now, this is the pair of Prakhar and Bidipto, saying good bye! 
New Zealand Women captain, Sophie Devine: We are extremely grateful to the ground staff and the Bangladesh cricket team for getting this game in. We tried our varieties with the ball and in the field and that kind of worked for us. The pitch was flat to be honest, and there were runs to be scored on this pitch. It was great to see Suzie score a fifty at home. We were never really off track, even though we came second the other day, and now look forward to take on India, against whom, we have recent form going for us.

Bangladesh Women captain, Nigar Sultana: Our openers batted really well today as Fargana got her first 50 today. We never played in these conditions before but as a team we did put up a fight, hopefully, we can take heart from this and get better in the tournament.  
Suzie Bates, Player of the Match: Really great for Bangladesh, the ground staff and the umpires to get the game underway. The wicket is true here. Nice to get an international game here. Nice to get past the milestone of 1000 WC runs for New Zealand. I did not realize when I reached the milestone. Nice to see people at the ground and nice to have family and friends here today. 
Suzie Bates has now scored 1000 runs in Women's ODI World Cups, the second batter in history for New Zealand to do so! This is some performance from the New Zealand veteran! And it does not get any better if those runs come in a winning cause! The 100-run partnership also comes up between Bates and Amelia Kerr! And the winning runs are also scored in the over, off the last ball, by Kerr, to finish the job and win by 9 wickets with 7 overs left! 
19.6 Nahida Akter to Amelia Kerr, FOUR! THE HOSTS AND UP AND RUNNING IN THE WORLD CUP! Back of the length ball wide of off stump. Kerr cuts the ball hard to send the ball racing through backward point for a boundary to notch a win for her side. 
19.5 Nahida Akter to Suzie Bates, EDGED DOWN TO THIRD-MAN! Short ball wide of off stump. Bates cuts and edges the ball down to third-man. The ball is running down to third-man. Jahanara Alam chases the ball and manages to just flick the ball in the nick of time. Scores are level. 
19.4 Nahida Akter to Amelia Kerr, fuller ball into the pads. Kerr sweeps the ball down to fine-leg. The ball rolls down the ground and stops just short of the boundary ropes. Kerr gets three. 
19.3 Nahida Akter to Suzie Bates, back of the length ball wide of off stump. Bates dabs the ball down to short third-man for a run. 
19.2 Nahida Akter to Suzie Bates, fuller ball into the pads. Bates looks to sweep but the ball raps on the pads. A stifled appeal for LBW from Akhter. 
19.1 Nahida Akter to Suzie Bates, FOUR RUNS AND 1000 WORLD CUP RUNS FOR SUZIE BATES! Good length ball wide of off stump. Bates makes room and thumps the ball through extra-cover for a boundary. The boundary takes Bates to 1000 runs in World Cup cricket. 
The body language now is not that upbeat for Bangladesh but on flip side, New Zealand look a lot more confident with the job that is remaining to be done. This partnership has done the trick for them. Both Amelia Kerr and Suzie Bates have been proactive in their batting, not letting the match go too deep in terms of the contest. They blunted the Bangladesh effort which was spirited, and have now put their team within striking distance of winning their 1st match of this competition. 
129 /1 score
cricket bat icon Suzie Bates
71 (64)
cricket bat icon Amelia Kerr *
40 (35)
cricket ball icon Salma Khatun
1 /34
18.6 Salma Khatun to Amelia Kerr, fullish ball on middle and leg stump. Kerr sweeps the ball down to fine-leg. The fielder in the deep throws herself and stops a certain boundary. Kerr gets a couple of runs. 
18.5 Salma Khatun to Suzie Bates, fuller ball on off stump. Bates removes her front leg out of the way and slogs the ball down to the fielder at long-on for a single. 
18.4 Salma Khatun to Suzie Bates, BACK-TO-BACK BOUNDARIES FOR BATES! Short ball wide of off stump. Bates just dabs the ball down to third-man and gets another boundary. 
18.3 Salma Khatun to Suzie Bates, FOUR! CHEEKY FROM BATES! Good length ball around off stump. Bates plays a well-timed reverse hit to guide the ball down to third-man for a boundary. 
18.2 Salma Khatun to Amelia Kerr, fuller ball into the pads. Kerr sweeps the ball down to fine-leg and is happy just with a single. 
18.1 Salma Khatun to Suzie Bates, short ball wide of off stump. Bates slogs the ball down to deep mid-wicket for a single. 
Salma Khatun [3.0-0-21-1] is back to bowl.

A miss-stumping from Bangladesh! That could have been a massive moment in the very first ball of the over! Bangladesh created the opportunity, Suzie Bates fell in the trap but the wicket-keeper could not finish the job! It was a good delivery from the left-arm spinner and it foxed Bates all ends up. New Zealand otherwise, have found the gaps now on a more regular basis.