244/7 (50)
137/10 (43)
IND-W won by 107 runs.
Player of the match: Pooja Vastrakar

India Women, batting first - 244 runs for the loss of 7 wickets in their 50 overs; Pooja Vastrakar 67 (59)
Pakistan Women, batting second - 137 all out in 43 overs; Sidra Amin 30 (64)

India Women beat Pakistan Women by 107 runs.

Player of the Match: Pooja Vastrakar 67 (59) (8x4)

The momentum was with India heading into the 2nd innings, on the back of a superb partnership between Sneh Rana and Pooja Vastrakar and that momentum was magnificently carried forward by all the Indian bowlers, resulting in a thumping win, with 7 overs left! 

Jhulan Goswami and Meghna Singh were brilliant with the new ball, putting the Pakistani opening batters under immense pressure to score. The runs were hard to come by and pressure kept on building, as the fuller length balls from the opening bowlers moved both in the air and off the pitch and that movement continued till the end of the innings.

Once the spinners came into the attack, the wheels came off the Pakistani batting, as the wickets started to tumble against the turning ball. Rajeshwari Gayakwad, who was the pick of the bowlers with figures of 4 for 31 in her 10 overs, got a lot of purchase from the surface and was able to get a hold of the proceedings as the innings progressed. Sneh Rana, who was equally impressive with the bat, turned on another show with the ball, picking up 2 wickets to go with her 50 with the bat. Deepti Sharma was good with her control and was also in among the wickets.

Jhulan Goswami, with her 2 wickets, became the 2nd highest wicket-taker in ODI World Cups, scalping 38 so far and Meghna Singh completed the last rites by taking the last wicket to fall for Pakistan.

The batting from Pakistan, from start to finish, was below average. The singles and twos did not come, the fours and sixes were too far and too few in between and the application at the crease required a whole lot of improvement going forward. 

Richa Ghosh, in her World Cup debut for India, impressed behind the stumps with 5 dismissals, of which 4 were catches and 1 was a stumping. Her catch to dismiss The opposition captain was excellent, as she stayed low to grab hold of a ball coming quickly at her, off the bottom edge of a full blooded sweep shot.

Bismah Maroof's team will be disappointed to have lost in this fashion to their arch rivals, whereas Mithali Raj's will be relieved to have got this win from a pressure situation in the 1st innings.

It brings us to the end of the coverage for India's first match of the World Cup, which they won quite convincingly! From the beautiful Bay Oval in Mount Maunganui, this is the pair of Abhishek and Bidipto, saying good bye! But stay tuned to Sportskeeda for much more action from the Women's World Cup as we are only getting started in the tournament! 
India Women captain, Mithali Raj: I am relieved to have won the first game, but we have areas to improve on. When wickets are lost early, it does add to the pressure, but the partnership between Pooja and Sneh helped us a lot. It helps to have all-rounders like Deepti, Sneh and Pooja who can take the game by the scruff of the neck. I think Pooja will recover quickly.

Pakistan Women captain, Bismah Maroof: I think we bowled well in the middle. But towards the end, we were poor, Sneh and Pooja were brilliant with the bat though. Credit to them to finish the innings so well. I think the decision to bowl first was right, just that we have to improve more with the bat. We hope to turn things around going forward.

Pooja Vastrakar (Player of the Match): I am very pleased by my performace. I was told that this is a wicket built for me. I was just thinking to get India over the 200-run mark. I like batting in these pressure situations. Even in domestic conditions, I usually come out in these conditions. The batters that were coming told us that don't look for 240-250. Just think about 200 as the wicket was slow. The physio told me that I should be back for the next match. 
Meghna Singh finishes things off for India, as The Women In Blue win big, by a whopping margin of 107 runs with 7 overs to spare!  
137 /10 score
cricket bat icon Diana Baig *
24 (35)
cricket bat icon Anam Amin
5 (10)
cricket ball icon Meghna Singh
1 /21
42.6 Meghna Singh to Diana Baig, OUT! Pakistan's misery finally comes to an end! Good length and around the off stump, Diana attempts a slog sweep but gets the connection from the top half of her bat as Harmanpreet Kaur at long on takes a simple catch at the waist-high level.

Diana Baig c Harmanpreet Kaur b Meghna Singh 24 (35) (2x4)
42.5 Meghna Singh to Diana Baig, full and on the middle, Diana jams her bat at the offside. Finally some connection with her bat. 
42.4 Meghna Singh to Diana Baig, length and outside off, Diana tries to slog sweep it but gets no bat again. Four in a row. 
42.3 Meghna Singh to Diana Baig, back of a length, outside off, hits on the deck with extra bounce, Diana tries to get her bat to it on her toes but the lack of pace ensures she gets nothing. 
42.2 Meghna Singh to Diana Baig, length and outside off, Diana tries to swat it but the outswing ensures she gets no bat to it. 
42.1 Meghna Singh to Diana Baig, OHH! Length and around off, shaping away, Diana is completely beaten trying to time her cut. 
Meghna Singh [6.0-2-21-0] is back to bowl.

Diana Baig has kept everyone at the edge of their seats with her batting so far and as long as it lasts, it helps her team with the net run-rate situation. As for the Indians, it is all about bowling one good ball and getting things over and done with. They too would want to finish this match quickly to better their net run-rate. Jhulan Goswami finishes her quota of 10 overs with 2 wickets for only 26 runs! 
137 /9 score
cricket bat icon Diana Baig
24 (29)
cricket bat icon Anam Amin *
5 (10)
cricket ball icon Jhulan Goswami
2 /26
41.6 Jhulan Goswami to Anam Amin, full and around legs, Anam jams her bat to it. 
41.5 Jhulan Goswami to Diana Baig, full and on the middle, Diana flicks it to deep midwicket with the inside half of her bat for a single. 
41.4 Jhulan Goswami to Diana Baig, overpitched around off, Diana gets an inside edge that thumps her on the pads at the ricochet. 
41.3 Jhulan Goswami to Diana Baig, FOUR! NICE SHOT! Full and around off, Diana advances with her charge and bisects the mid off and mid on fielder for a boundary. 
41.2 Jhulan Goswami to Diana Baig, OHH! Back of a length and outside off, drifting away, Diana takes one step down and tries to whack it at the leg side again but makes no connection. 
41.1 Jhulan Goswami to Diana Baig, OHH! Full and outside off, Diana tries to swat it on the leg side with no feet movement, but the ball goes past her inside edge.