204/5 (20)
207/3 (19.3)
QG won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Jason Roy
Alright then. Quetta Gladiators get a much-needed win under the belt as they move into fourth place, just two points behind the Lahore Qalandars. What a way to sign off from Karachi as the first leg of the tournament draws to a close. Jason Roy provided the fireworks as a parting gift to the crowd to lead the Gladiators to a win. The PSL heads into a two-day break now, as the caravan moves to Lahore for the remainder of the tournament. We'll be back on 10th February, as the only undefeated team in the tournament, the Multan Sultans take on the Peshawar Zalmi. 

It's been a pleasure bringing this game to you. That's all we have for now though! Do stick around to Sportskeeda to keep up with all the cricketing action from around the globe. This has been Pratyush Rohra, alongside my fellow co-commentator, Sooryanarayan Sesha. See ya!
Sarfaraz Ahmed (Quetta Gladiators captain): Can't praise Jason Roy enough. That's probably the best innings played in the PSL. It was an absolute joy to watch. We knew that we had given away a few extra runs. The plan was to go on the attack while also trying to keep some wickets in hand. Roy was destructive, while Vince supported him quite well. There will be some adjustments when we get to Lahore. Every side will need to assess the conditions once we get there. There's plenty of cricket left to play and we'll be looking to build on this momentum.
Shaheen Afridi (Lahore Qalandars captain): Huge credit to Quetta for the way they finished the game and to Jason Roy. They started to attack from ball one and that put us on the backfoot. In this tournament, there are a couple of games like this. We have full faith in our bowlers. Our fielding is something we will have to improve on. That's what we'll look to do in the coming games.
Surprise, surprise - Jason Roy is the Player of the Match:

(What has he been eating? Not a huge amount to be honest (laughs). Just a bit of spaghetti, that's about it. (Is this his best innings?) I think it really is - been a long time since my last T20 hundred. My first game this time to chase down a total is an incredible feeling. To put on a partnership with Vincy was even special. It's always the later end of the tournament that's more important. We need to take momentum and keep winning. That's what Sarfy and the coach told us - it was as simple as that.
An elated Sir Vivian Richards, Mentor of the Quetta Gladiators: (Did he enjoy it?) For sure! Why I think I enjoyed it is for the fact that the game we saw was highly competitive. This should be on the resume of the PSL. First you saw Fakhar Zaman bat like that for them and then Jason did so on our behalf. It was magnificent! I love to see an individual go out and express himself and Jason was brilliant. As a batter myself I liked to do that and I'm just excited. This (Qalandars bowling unit) is one of the best attacks you can find in the PSL - it's an international quality attack. To cross the line the way we did, it's a fantastic feeling. All that was said (during the mid-innings break) - nothing too top or hard. They got them and if they can, we also can.
Quetta Gladiators win by 7 wickets.

All smiles in the Quetta Gladiators dugout. Jason Roy gets a big hug from Sir Viv Richards, the great man himself. It was the kind of innings the West Indian would be proud of. It was Roy's 116 off 57 balls that led the way for the Quetta Gladiators. He was absolutely flawless tonight as he took one of the best bowling attacks in the PSL to the cleaners.

Chasing a total of over 200 is never easy but Roy got his side over there in a canter. He got good support from his countryman, James Vince, who missed out on his half-century. Shaheen and Rashid end up wicketless, while the economy rates for everyone else went for a toss with Roy smacking it around for fun.

Words won't do justice to that innings. In case you missed it, you should go and catch the highlights. It's a knock that perhaps raised Jason Roy's value by 1-2 Cr in the upcoming IPL Auction.

Back to the PSL, Roy couldn't quite lead his side over the line but Mohammad Nawaz's cameo ensured that his teammates' sizzling knock didn't go down in vain. Quetta have chased down the highest total of the PSL in this win as they pick up their second win. That is perhaps just the kind of tonic they need to kickstart their campaign.

As for Lahore, it's not quite the case of going back to the drawing board. They were simply outplayed by some brilliance tonight. It was an off day for their bowling attack, which will be eager to bounce back in the next contest.

Finally, a moment for us to catch our breath. That was some action-packed T20 cricket, wasn't it? Stick around for the presentations. 
Mohammad Nawaz shrugs off the nerves to give the Quetta Gladiators a much-needed victory tonight. What a game we've had tonight. It's a night that belongs to the one and only Jason Roy. His century led the Gladiators over the line. What a way to announce yourself in the tournament. Quetta Gladiators win by 7 wickets.
19.3 Zaman Khan to Mohammad Nawaz, SIX! SEALED EMPHATICALLY! That's a fitting end to a run-fest at the National Stadium! The yorker goes wrong in the channel outside off, too full and Nawaz sits on one knee to carve it handsomely over wide long off. A towering hit that soars comfortably over the fence to draw the curtains on this contest as well as the Karachi leg of the tournament. Quetta Gladiators win by 7 wickets with 3 deliveries to spare!
It's brilliant to see Zaman Khan being able to afford a smile in this pressure situation. Shaheen has a bit of a chat with his bowler again. Quetta still ahead of the eight-ball though.
19.2 Zaman Khan to James Vince, slower one angling away on a length as it lands wide of off, Vince reaches out and drags it past his stumps to short fine leg for a single. 4 off 4 now...
Excellent wide yorker from Zaman to start his over. 5 from 5 now.
19.1 Zaman Khan to James Vince, DOT BALL! Poor judgement in line from Vince - hangs back just outside leg before letting this full and wide one pass through to the keeper. It landed comfortably inside the tramline though and wasn't even close to it.
Zaman Khan [3.0-0-35-0] to bowl the final over. Can he pull off something special?
A dot ball to end an expensive over. The damage has been done though, you'd think. Quetta Gladiators are just one hit away from victory. 5 needed in the last over.  Surely, they won't make a meal of this?
200 /3 score
cricket bat icon James Vince
48 (36)
cricket bat icon Mohammad Nawaz *
19 (11)
cricket ball icon Haris Rauf
1 /48
18.6 Haris Rauf to Mohammad Nawaz, WELL BOWLED! Sharp bouncer with a scrambled seam on middle and off, Nawaz takes his eyes off the ball and sways his head away in the opposite direction as it sears over to the keeper. 5 needed off the last over!
200 comes up for the Quetta Gladiators! They're just 5 runs away now. Shaheen and Haris have a long chat.
18.5 Haris Rauf to Mohammad Nawaz, doesn't nail the whip on this juicy full toss on off as he walks across his stumps. Lands well safe in the outfield and rolls to Wiese at wide long on but he makes a meal of it, allowing an easy second.
18.4 Haris Rauf to James Vince, low full toss on the off-stump, Vince stands tall and pushes it down the ground to long on to hand the strike back to Nawaz!