South Africa 203/5 (20 ov)
Pakistan 205/1 (18 ov)
Pakistan won by 9 wickets
Player of the match: Babar Azam
Right then! If you've missed that Babar Azam innings, you're probably aware of it by now. Words won't do justice to that performance, so grab your dinners and watch the highlights! A batting masterclass from the world number one, and he's staking his claim to it! Leading his side from the front as he continues to grow in stride, sparking a conversation about being one of the best and making a claim for the Fab 5, instead of the usual Fab 4.

He's taken the spotlight, but like a true skipper, he's acknowledged his side's performance in that game. Pakistan were down and out in the first 15 overs of that match, but their bowlers did a splendid job to restrict South Africa to 203. Self-admittedly, Klassen felt that the Proteas were at least 15-20 runs short. The question is, would that be enough too? Didn't seem like, the way Pakistan cruised through that run chase, with two overs to spare. A thumping from Babar and Rizwan, to bully the inexperienced SA bowling attack, and take an unassailable 2-1 lead in the series. 

South Africa are thin on resources but they need to lift their game as they head into the last game with the series on the line. Remember, it's a four match series. Pakistan are massive favourites and after a performance like that, they'll fancy their chances of a 3-1 one. The glorious game of uncertainties returns for the final match in a couple of days time. Until then, this is Pratyush Rohra, signing off on behalf of my co-commentator, Abhinav Singh. See ya!
Babar Azam, Man of the Match & Pakistan captain : Firstly, want to thank god almighty. I really felt good. I've been waiting for a knock like this. I focus on my strength and I  want to continue to build on that. I plan things according to the situation. When the rate is around 10, you need to a few more risks. Rizwan had kept a fast but he did extremely well with the bat and behind the stumps as well. A dream in one day cricket has come true, to become the world's number one batsmen in ODI cricket. I have made a lot of sacrifices for that and lot of effort to make a change. I have always wanted to keep learning and improving everyday. With the fast modern day cricket, you have to need to keep evolving as a player. Credit to Malan and Markram, they were brilliant for 10 overs, but I have to give credit to my bowlers as well. They pulled things back significantly in the last 5 overs. 
Heinrich Klassen, Proteas captain : Tough to explain what went wrong. I think we were 10-15 runs short and the wicket was quite good. We lost a bit of momentum towards the back end. Credit to Pakistan, their openers batted extremely well. The did a lot of good balls looks bad and I think the fielding was poor from our side. A lot to think about tonight, and we have to bounce back in a couple of days. Not at all any complacency with the runs on the board. We've played a lot of cricket there, especially in the domestic tournaments and I've seen a lot of wickets like this. 200 is not enough to defend on a ground like this and we had to be better in the field. A extra 10-15 runs saved in the field also help usually, but that didn't happen for us today. The boys were up for it, but there's a lot to think about tonight. 210-215 would have been a par score, not a winning score. One has bowl extremely well and be up for it in the field to win here while defending a total. The one thing we're guilty of in the last three games is that when one of our batsmen gets going and score more than fifty, they can't seem to turn that into a big score. Pakistan did that really well today, and that's where we can look to improve as well. 
As it might have been, all eyes were set on the IPL contest this evening, but a star in world cricket was shinning ever so brightly at SuperSport Park, in Centurion. Babar Azam notched up his first century on T20I's, in typical Babar Azam fashion. What a way to celebrate becoming the world's number one batsmen. South Africa must have felt they're 15-20 runs short on this wicket that was conducive to batting, but even they wouldn't have predicted this onslaught on them. 

A target of 204 is a mammoth one, regardless of other factors, but the Pakistan openers made it seem like a walk in the park. A record first wicket partnership of 197 runs, between Azam and Rizwan completed a comprehensive victory for their side. South Africa were thin on their resources and their bowling unit were left with no answers to that batting masterclass. 

End result, a rolls royce of a performance and the highest successful run chase for Pakistanin T20I's. This victory will be edged in the memories of all Pakistan fans, and in particular, Babar Azam's knock, which will put the entire world on notice. 
Handshakes all around and it's Babar who takes the applauds. Walked back to a standing ovation from his dressing room and is on his feet to applaud the winning runs by Rizwan, who deserves that spotlight. This series being played in great spirits too, as the Proteas congratulate Babar and Rizwan for the scintillating batting performance.
Don't think many people will disagree with that one there! One of the best T20 innings ever! Perhaps the best? Babar Azam was absolutely mesmerizing to watch today and led his side from the front. He'll take the headlines and rightly so, but Rizwan's contribution was exceptional as well! A dominant performance with the bat, Pakistan have absolutely thumped South Africa.

Pakistan win by 9 wickets.
Over: 18 | Summary: 1 1 1 W 4 4 Bowler: Lizaad Williams Score: 205/1
17.6 Lizaad Williams to Fakhar Zaman, FOUR! GEE! PAKISTAN HAVE ANNIHILATED SOUTH AFRICA! Half volley bowled wide outside off. Zaman who is camped deep in the crease throws his hands at this one away from the body. However, he connects sweetly as the ball is drilled powerfully down the ground to the long-off fence for a boundary! A dominant victory by Pakistan who go 2-1 up in the series!
17.5 Lizaad Williams to Fakhar Zaman, FOUR! RUNS KEEP FLOWING! Back of length delivery angling away from the new batsman. Zaman on the backfoot opens the face of the bat and guides the ball to fine third man fence for a boundary 
Fakhar Zaman, left-hand batsman, comes to the crease.
17.4 Lizaad Williams to Babar Azam, OUT! THE GREATEST T20 INNINGS COMES TO AN END! Back of length delivery dug into the pitch wide outside off. Azam jumping on his toes, looking to guide the ball over the keeper's head gets a thin top edge as Klaasen behind completes the regulation take! Take a bow Babar Azam for that gem of an innings! Picture it, frame it! Rewind it! Play it on loop! Such was the class and exuberance of that innings!
17.3 Lizaad Williams to Mohammad Rizwan, slow short of good length ball angling down the leg. Rizwan deep in the crease swivels around and half jabs the ball behind square to fine leg for a single to bring Azam on strike 
17.2 Lizaad Williams to Babar Azam, yorker length ball in the blockhole. Azam jams his bat and squirts the ball to the left of backward point for a single
17.1 Lizaad Williams to Mohammad Rizwan, back of length delivery bowled on the wide offstump line. Rizwan ducks under the line of the ball but upper cuts it to deep third man for a single
We said at the halfway mark, that the Proteas might feel they were 10-15 runs short of a solid target. But the way Babar and Rizwan are batting, they might have been 20-30 runs short. Pakistan are racing towards this target now, and are set to take up a 2-1 lead in the series. A worrying stat for SA, they have lost four times after setting a target of over 200. No other side has lost more than 2.

Pakistan need 10 runs in 18 balls.
Over: 17 | Summary: 1 4 4 2 1 1 Bowler: Sisanda Magala Score: 194/0
16.6 Sisanda Magala to Mohammad Rizwan, low fulltoss drifting down the leg. Rizwan coming inside the line of the ball flicks it off his hips to deep square leg fielder for a single. A barrage of fulltosses in that over!
16.5 Sisanda Magala to Babar Azam, low fulltoss on the middle and legstump line. Babar deep in the crease merely pushes at it down to long on for a single
16.4 Sisanda Magala to Babar Azam, fuller length ball shaping into the batsman, Azam on the backfoot quickly flicks it in front of his body to deep midwicket for a couple of runs 
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