167/4 (20)
170/6 (20)
SIX won by 4 wickets
Player of the match: Hayden Kerr
That is all we have from this game then. This is Bala and myself (Rishab) signing off. Do join us back for the big final on Friday and until then, catch up on all the cricketing action from the globe only here on Sportskeeda. Have a great evening folks!
Right then, as we did expect, this turned out to be a cracker of a contest alright. It went all the way down to the final delivery to decide who was going to meet the Perth Scorchers in the final. And it was a batting masterclass from Hayden Kerr, under immense pressure and huge responsibility, that has taken the Sydney Sixers into yet another BBL final. Unbeaten on 98, with not much support apart from that quick-fire innings from Sean Abbott, this young man has carried the team almost single-handedly. While Sydney lost a few quick wickets, it was important for Kerr to stay out there till the very end, which he did. Well, the dropped catch from Renshaw early on also means that he eventually dropped the game for his side. 

Nonetheless, the Strikers put up a great fight to make this contest what it was, first with the bat to post 167 after being in early trouble, and then, almost nearly, defending the target as well. Peter Siddle was brilliant with his reading of the game and rotation of his bowlers. Unfortunately for his side though, they fell short by the closest of margins in the end. 

So this sets it up for what promises to be another exciting clash on Friday, this time for the ultimate prize. Two of the most successful teams in the history of the competition, Sydney Sixers and Perth Scorchers will lock horns for the title. Keep this game in mind as a trailer for what is to come from that final. This has indeed been a thrilling tie and a magnificent game of cricket!
Hayden Kerr, Player of the Match: I was just really calm and taking it ball by ball. Try and not risk it and run hard. I am glad to get the job done tonight and take the side home. Later this afternoon I was told that I will be opening and I was nervous tonight. I think Silk is still struggling from the injury in the previous game. I'm just trying to recall the winning moment and we just got it done.
Hayden Kerr has played the innings of his life here! Unbeaten on 98 and the Sixers are through to the finals. One of the greatest T20 innings you'll ever see. What a game this has been. Right down the wire and entertainment all the way through. Right then, that means, it is going to be Perth Scorchers vs Sydney Sixers in the Final!
170 /6 score
cricket bat icon Hayden Kerr *
98 (58)
cricket bat icon Jordan Silk
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Harry Conway
2 /37
19.6 Harry Conway to Hayden Kerr, FOUR! Misfield in the deep and it goes to the boundary. Kerr plays out of his skins and take the Sixers through to the final! Full ball on the leg-stump. He flicks it to deep mid-wicket. They sprint across putting pressure on the fielder and causes the fumble. What a game of cricket! Hayden Kerr, take a bow!
Jordan Silk is going out and Jay Lenton comes in. What Drama! 2 needed off the final delivery
19.5 Harry Conway to Hayden Kerr, length ball on the off-stump. Kerr slaps it straight back past the bowler. It is hit gun barrel straight and that helps them to get back for the second
19.4 Harry Conway to Hayden Kerr, SIX! It's out of here! Hayden Kerr, you beauty! Slower ball, but it's right in the slot. Kerr clears the front leg and slogs it over mid-wicket. It hangs up in the air for a long time. The fielder at the fence jumps up trying to pluck it out of the air, but it is just out of his reach
19.3 Harry Conway to Jordan Silk, length ball outside off. Silk slogs but connects with the bottom part of the bat. He is not in a position to sprint back for the second
Jordan Silk, RHB, comes to the crease
19.2 Harry Conway to Hayden Kerr, OUT! Oh, no! Everything is happening out in the middle. Good length angling in. Whips it across the line to deep square leg. Dwarshius wants to come back for the second, but there is never a second there. Carey finds him well short of the ground
Ben Dwarshuis run out (Renshaw/Carey) 0 (0b, 0x4, 0x6)
Ben Dwarshuis, LHB, comes to the crease
What a start this is for the Strikers. Huge wicket! Dramaaa!!!
19.1 Harry Conway to Sean Abbott, OUT! Drama! Full ball outside off. Abbott tries to go over long-off. The connection is not perfect this time. Goes off the bottom part of the bat and holes out to Travis Head at the long-off boundary
Sean Abbott c Travis Head b Harry Conway 41 (20b, 2x4, 2x6)
Harry Conway with the final over!
Henry Thorton bowled pretty well but he's failed to finish the over as he would have liked to. What a knock this has been from Sean Abbott. He's been marvelous with the bat here and this game is really set well for the finish now. One bad ball could prove to be so costly. Fifty of the partnership up between these two as well. 12 off 6 needed then. Is it the Sixers? It is the Strikers? Massive last six deliveries folks!
156 /4 score
cricket bat icon Hayden Kerr
85 (54)
cricket bat icon Sean Abbott *
41 (19)
cricket ball icon Henry Thornton
2 /40
18.6 Henry Thornton to Sean Abbott, bang in the blockhole. He gets an inside edge onto his boot and takes a single
18.5 Henry Thornton to Sean Abbott, SIX! Oh my! What a crucial blow under the circumstances! Length ball angling into the pads. Abbott clears the front leg and helps the ball on its way. The timing is spot on and the ball flies off the middle over the square leg fence