191/5 (20)
132/10 (19.1)
IND won by 59 runs.
Player of the match: Avesh Khan
Right then. That's all we have from this game. India have sealed the series 3-1, so we'll have a dead rubber in store tomorrow. A short turnaround for both sides and the series sealed means that we might see a few changes in that match. It's been a fascinating atmosphere at Lauderhill. Let's hope we get more of that tomorrow as well, as we draw the curtains on this entertaining white-ball series. That's it from myself, Pratyush Rohra, and my partner-in-crime, Sooryanarayanan Sesha. Goodnight and take care!
Rohit Sharma (India Captain): (Most pleasing aspect) I think how we played this game because we knew it wasn't going to be easy. We got to a good score, batted really well (and put) a lot of thought behind the way we batted. There was something on offer for the seamers and with the pitch being slow, the bowlers could use it as well. I thought the boys did a great job. I thought the pitch was slow but no score is large. I thought we played good cricket to get the win today. We used the conditions really well, the batters were really smart in creating those partnerships. The bowlers kept the pressure on by picking up wickets. (On Avesh Khan) We do understand his talent. Anyone can have one or two bad games but we understand his quality. When we talk about certain things, we actually want to go out and do it as well, which is to give players enough time in the middle. He used his variations and height really well which was good to see. I would just like to thank all the people who came here to watch the game. I know it's very hot and it's not easy to sit and watch the game but thank you everyone. There's another day to go.
Avesh Khan is the Player of the Match. Here is what he has to say: I feel really good because I didn't do well in the last two matches. In this game, I focused on my strengths and stuck to the hard lengths. My coaches told me that we are backing me and told me to do my best. They told me you've given runs away in the two games, so it's time for you to bounce back. My focus is on the next game. The ball was stepping a bit, so I was just mixing it up and relying on the deck to give me success. (Crowd) It feels like we're playing in India. It feels like home and I'm really happy that the crowd came to see us. 
Nicholas Pooran (West Indies Captain): They got off to a flying start but I'm really happy with the way the guys came back to restrict them to 190. I thought that was par on that wicket but we didn't get a big partnership and paid the price for it. When you get off to a brilliant start you don't want to get run out. But we have to work on our communication. Last game and this game he's been impressive, taking his opportunity. His accuracy has been impressive and Akeal bowled well again. Congratulations to India they played really well. The results were in their favor, it's as simple as that. As a unit we want to win games and tomorrow's another opportunity come out here and understand the game and take the opportunity. It gives other guys an opportunity to come and play as well and help us find the right balance building towards that World Cup.
India won by 59 runs and seal the series 3-1. 

Rishabh Pant - 44 (31) | Arshdeep Singh - 3/12
Nicholas Pooran - 24 (8) | Alzarri Joseph - 2/29

Right then. It's a comprehensive victory for India in the States to seal the series against the West Indies. It was set up by the batters in the first innings and wrapped up in commanding fashion by the bowlers with Arshdeep adding the finishing touches.

After a flying start in the first over for the Windies, Avesh Khan pegged things back for the visitors by dismissing King and Thomas in his first two overs. Pooran came in threatening to take the game away, looking in ominous touch to smash 22 runs off Axar's first over before throwing his wicket away with a needless runout. Perhaps things could have been different if it wasn't for that.

With three wickets lost in the powerplay, the Men in Maroon found themselves behind the eight ball pretty early. Handy cameos from Pooran and Powell kept them in the game but losing timely wickets from there on never helped West Indies' cause. 

Hetmyer and Holder hung in there for a while to keep the hope lingering but they never really threatened to take the game away at any stage. Bishnoi proved his worth again with an economical spell and a couple of wickets, as did Arshdeep, to wrap up the remainder of the Windies batting unit.

Avesh Khan's redemption night will be another box ticked for the Indians, while Axar Patel's all-round value with bat and ball seems to be another positive for the Indians. Not too much to smile about for Pooran's side, who will only have pride to play for in the final T20I tomorrow. Another commanding victory for India. Stick around for what the captain's have to say!
19.1 Arshdeep Singh to Obed McCoy, KNOCKS HIM OVER! Arshdeep seals the series for India in style! How, you ask? You guessed it right - late inward tail on leg stump as he fires another inch-perfect yorker and McCoy swings for the beaches. The ball thuds very low into his pad before crashing into his furniture as the curtains come down on this contest. India win by 59 runs and take an unassailable 3-1 lead in the 5-match series!
Obed McCoy b Arshdeep Singh 2 (8b 0x4 0x6)
Final over of the game then.
132 /9 score
cricket bat icon Alzarri Joseph *
6 (10)
cricket bat icon Obed McCoy
2 (7)
cricket ball icon Deepak Hooda
0 /4
18.6 Deepak Hooda to Alzarri Joseph, turns back in off a back of a length radar outside off, Joseph hangs back and knocks it into the covers.
18.5 Deepak Hooda to Obed McCoy, FALLS SAFE! Tossed up around off, McCoy swings and miscues it off the leading edge before it drops right in between point and cover who converge. The batters cross over to delay the inevitable!
18.4 Deepak Hooda to Obed McCoy, dips in with the flight on leg stump from around the wicket, McCoy clears his front leg a week in advance and swings like a rusty gate. All in vain though as he wears it on his pads.
18.3 Deepak Hooda to Alzarri Joseph, back of a length delivery outside off, Joseph rocks back and cuts square of the wicket for a single into the deep.
18.2 Deepak Hooda to Obed McCoy, tossed up just outside off on a good length, McCoy clears his front leg and biffs it with a horizontal blade towards wide long off for one.
18.1 Deepak Hooda to Alzarri Joseph, spins back in off a good length outside off, Joseph hangs back and nudges it with a whip to deep mid-wicket for one.
Deepak Hooda, right-arm off break, comes into the attack
Another top over from Arshdeep Singh, who is doing his chances for a World Cup spot no harm at the moment. What a bowler he is!
128 /9 score
cricket bat icon Alzarri Joseph
4 (7)
cricket bat icon Obed McCoy *
0 (4)
cricket ball icon Arshdeep Singh
2 /12
17.6 Arshdeep Singh to Obed McCoy, gets away with a juicy full toss on leg stump as McCoy whips it off the splice before it drops beside on the off-side. The batters look to steal a quick run but it's not possible.
17.5 Arshdeep Singh to Obed McCoy, right into the block hole outside off this time, McCoy throws his arms at it looking to thrash it through the covers but cannot connect.