2nd T20I, Sabina Park, Kingston, Jamaica
215/5 (20)
125/9 (20)
NZ won by 90 runs.
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West Indies have been disappointing in their home season so far. It has been a young team with a new captain, Nicholas Pooran. They have really been hit hard by the unavailiability of players or fitness concerns. The current squad hasn't really made any sort of impact in the last couple of series and begs the question of what's their right combination going into the T20 World Cup in Australia in September.

West Indies batters were comptely out performed today in all departments. They lost too many wickets upfront and that didn't really allow them to come back into the game. No one really got themselves stuck in the middle and make it count. New Zealand bowlers, spinners in particular, have been exceptional with their lines and lengths. They have caused the larger part of the damage with the ball and made life difficult for the West Indies batters. West Indies have now won the 3 match series with one match remaining to be played on Sunday It gives them the opportunity to experiment with their team combinations and chalk out plans for the upcoming T20 WC in Australia next month.
Nicholas Pooran (West Indies Captain): We weren't up today. They batted us out of the game. Losing early wickets didn't really help us. In the hindsight we can say that (about missing spinners) but we have just 2 spinners. We have to play with what we have. We were not able to execute our plans and it was disappointng. We need to stay in the game and stick to the plans. At the moment things haven't gone our way. We need to play more games and learn and get better. Coaches are backing as well. We have been playing regularly and we need to keep giving our best and better our performances.

Kane Williamson (New Zealand Captain): It was a clinical performance. They (West Indies) have the fire power and pretty happy with our performances in all facets of the game. Michael bracewell (about his inclusion) adds value to the side and also given the rotation of players made us play him today. T20 is fickle in its nature. We want to give clear roles to the players and play in a style that we like to. We are working through that bit and the games are coming too quickly to find the best suited side for these games.
Glenn Phillips (Man of the match): It's absolutely amazing to play for my country and this gives me a great feeling. I think credit to the WI bowlers up front as they bowled really well. Once the ball got old it was easier to play. We got out game plans right and our bowlers executed their plans. Playing in the Caribbean had a massive influence on me and I am always thankful for the opportunity
New Zealand win the game by 90 runs. New Zealand have been at their absolute best in this game in all the departments. All their bowlers displayed great amount of discipline and skills that proved too hot to handle by the West Indies players.
125 /9 score
cricket bat icon Hayden Walsh *
10 (8)
cricket bat icon Obed McCoy
23 (15)
cricket ball icon Tim Southee
1 /34
19.6 Tim Southee to Hayden Walsh, SIX! This one was bowled in the slot on middle stump, Walsh heaves and gets enough contact to clear deep mid-wicket. But that doesn't matter as New Zealand steamrolls West Indies by a huge margin and seal the series 2-0 with a game in hand
19.5 Tim Southee to Obed McCoy, slow back of a length delivery outside off, McCoy punched this one down to long-off and takes a single
19.4 Tim Southee to Hayden Walsh, short of a length delivery, Walsh helps the pull into the leg-side and gets a single
19.3 Tim Southee to Obed McCoy, slow back of a length delivery, McCoy miscues his shot and the ball goes miles up in the air. James Neesham runs sideways to grab it but he only managed to get a fingertip to that
19.2 Tim Southee to Obed McCoy, length delivery angling in, McCoy pulls this towards deep mid-wicket and there was an awkward bounce but Phillips did well to stretch to his right and saves two runs
Obed McCoy is have a ball out in the middle. He has hit Ish Sodhi for a couple boundaries in the last over and trying to tease the New Zealand bowlers by delaying the victory.
19.1 Tim Southee to Obed McCoy, short of a length delivery bowled slower, McCoy swings and misses
114 /9 score
cricket bat icon Hayden Walsh
3 (6)
cricket bat icon Obed McCoy *
19 (11)
cricket ball icon Ish Sodhi
1 /36
18.6 Ish Sodhi to Obed McCoy, short of a length delivery and it's been pulled down to deep mid-wicket for a single
18.5 Ish Sodhi to Obed McCoy, googly down leg, McCoy lines up for another slog sweep but the ball hits his pads and goes past the keeper and touches the ropes
18.5 Ish Sodhi to Obed McCoy, googly turning away too much but Conway does well to stretch to his left to grab the ball
18.4 Ish Sodhi to Obed McCoy, SIX! This one is short and it's been hammered flat over long-on for a maximum
18.3 Ish Sodhi to Obed McCoy, FOUR! Leg-cutter bowled fuller on middle stump, McCoy slog sweeps this to the left of long-on and the ball bounces just short of the ropes and goes over
18.2 Ish Sodhi to Obed McCoy, wrong'un angling across off, McCoy punches this one down to extra cover