League of Legends is looking to enhance champion durability with patch 12.10 to increase scope for skill expression

Durability changes with patch 12.10 will provide more options for squishy champions to showcase skills (Image via League of Legends)
Durability changes with patch 12.10 will provide more options for squishy champions to showcase skills (Image via League of Legends)
Rishov "Vergil" Mukherjee

In its current state, League of Legends is a game that has multiple options to deal heavy damage. There are items such as the Kraken Slayer, Lord Dominik's Regards, and Luden's Tempest that can melt down enemies instantly.

As a result, specific roles such as ADCs and other squishy champions suffer a lot as they get one-shotted without any chance to showcase their skills and outplay their opponents. Thus, to counter that, the developers will enhance the durability of the champions in patch 12.10.

Quick Gameplay Thoughts: A look into what you can expect with the Champion Durability Update in patch 12.10!➡️ Details here:

This change is meant to ensure that everyone has an equal chance to showcase their strengths and that no role or champion suffers by any means. It will ensure that players will have an opportunity to prove themselves through their skills.

Enhancing champion durability in League of Legends will push users toward thrilling 5v5 team fights

Before diving into the various intricacies of champion durability, it is essential to consider the changes the developers of League of Legends are bringing:

  • Increase Base Health
  • Increase Health per level
  • Increase Armor per level
  • Increase Magic resistance per level

Now, these changes will obviously go exceptionally well with the various defensive items in the game. But the question arises of why this change was needed in the game.

It is vital to understand that in the current state of League of Legends, squishy champions have no chance. A six-item Aphelios gets one-shot by a LeBlanc despite having lots of farm.

Yooo I've been hoping for this change for so incredibly long. The game might be fun to play again…

This is because ADCs and certain champions, in general, are way too weak. Even if they farm, they do not get the option to participate appropriately in team fights. Most fights around barons and dragons end in skirmishes that finish very quickly.

As a result, gamers good at farming or with excellent outplaying skills never get to express it as the game has handicapped them. These champion durability changes will ensure that fights do not end that fast.

It will ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to showcase their skills and that even squishy champions get a chance to outplay the tankier champions through individual brilliance. This, in turn, will ensure that 5v5 team fights are much more exciting, as they always should be.

THANK YOU RIOT BEEN SAYING THIS FOR YEARSHope this gets balanced properly so it doesn't return to "snoozefest" games, I think LoL is in a decent spot right now with just slightly too much damage all around.…

As such, there are certain things that players can expect when it comes to patch 12.10. Those areas have been mentioned below:

  • Champions will be dealing and taking lesser damage
  • Burst champions will have to commit a lot more and utilize their kits better to take down enemies
  • Players will have a lot of scope for outplays
  • Team fights will last for a longer duration.

However, this also means the developers must monitor these changes so that the game does not become too slow. Ultimately, viewers love watching faster games, and if every match drags out, then League of Legends by itself will become boring.

The developers do not want to create a situation where burst champions feel too bad to play. Therefore, close inspection of pro-play will be a key facet where champion durability plays the most vital role.

Obviously, Riot Games has also stated that if a champion is too far ahead, they will be one-shotting their enemies, which is quite fair in any given scenario.

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