186/7 (20)
180/10 (20)
IND won by 6 runs.
So that's a wrap of our coverage of this T20 World Cup warmup encounter but there's loads of cricketing action coming your way from down under. Pakistan and England will lock horns in their warmup clash at this very venue in just a few moments from now and you can catch our coverage of the same here on Sportskeeda. Ireland and Zimbabwe will make their bow in Group B of the main event but before that, you might want to catch the final moments of the West Indies-Scotland clash over here, with another upset very much on the cards there. And for more coverage and build-up to the T20 World Cup, do stick around and follow our coverage on this very platform. For the moment, thanking you for joining us today and signing off for the moment is the duo of Shashwat Kumar and Sooryanarayanan Sesha. See you around soon - buh-bye for now!
Takeaways aplenty for both teams and captains as the clock continues to tick ahead of the World Cup. Mind you, not everything's all hunky dory for either side but this game will give them a better idea over where they stand and what are the areas they need to keep a close eye out for. Australia are done with their warmups and will play New Zealand straight up at the SCG on Saturday in their Super 12 opener. India meanwhile, will return to The Gabba to take on the Kiwis in their final warmup encounter on Wednesday.
Rohit Sharma (India Captain): I thought we batted well. Just towards the end we could have added 10-15 runs more but it is something that we've been talking of that we wanted the set batter to carry on and stay until the end, which Surya did to a decent extent. You've got to be smart when you plan your batting on grounds like these. Hitting boundaries and sixes sounds nice but you've got to push the ball in the gaps and run real hard and still get 8-9 runs an over. It is something we've been talking of. When we played a couple of practice games in Perth as well we practiced for one part of the ground being particularly small. We want to show more consistency in terms of how we pitch the ball. When we play back home and play in Australia, you've got to change your tactics on the lengths. Overall I thought it was a good game for us. It was a good pitch and they had a decent partnership in the middle which put pressure on us. But I thought in the last four overs we bowled really well. (On Shami) It was always the plan from the beginning that he comes and bowls at the death. We know how lethal he can be with the new ball but we wanted to give him the challenge of bowling at the death. And we saw what he did (grins).
Aaron Finch (Australia Captain): We learned that you've got to be very clinical towards the back end of the innings, something we haven't capitalized on in the last three or four times we've chased totals. We did well to pull things back with the ball after they started off well in the Powerplay. Feeling good getting into some form ahead of the WC. (On Kane Richardson) Every opportunity he gets for Australia he nails it. We've got to have that depth in our squad especially with our fast bowlers. (Thoughts on the first game against New Zealand) It'll be a great game. It's always been a greatly fought battle with New Zealand. You want to start off well.
Match summary: India beat Australia by 6 runs.

KL Rahul 57 (33) | Mohammad Shami 3/4 (1)
Aaron Finch 79 (56) | Kane Richardson 4/30 (4)

Goodness me, who'd have seen that coming towards the end! Australia needed 16 to win off the last two overs but found a way to botch it up. Take nothing away from an absolute masterclass in the slog overs from the Indian seamers, who were impeccable with their plans and execution.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar found some swing upfront but Mitchell Marsh, opening the batting in David Warner's absence, took to his new batting spot like a duck to water and made the Powerplay count. India tried as many as five bowlers in the first six overs and Aaron Finch, despite a slow start, tore into Ravichandran Ashwin to set the game up for the hosts.

Marsh perished to Bhuvneshwar and Steve Smith was tied down again in the middle-overs. Harshal Patel and Hardik Pandya looked out of rhythm initially until the latter did well to hit his hard lengths and attack the stumps. Smith failed to get a move on though with Ashwin returning to churn in a defensive bowling masterclass.

Finch was chugging along smoothly and with Glenn Maxwell also not wasting time in picking out the boundary ropes. Yuzvendra Chahal continued to flight the ball and even as he shelled a return chance, he couldn't control his pace on a true surface and tie down the batters. The game was getting out of India's reach but they were keen to give their bowlers a go in the death overs.

And they stood upto the task. Bhuvneshwar Kumar was outstanding while Arshdeep Singh hit his yorkers without much luck. With 16 needed off the last two overs, Harshal generated the dip on his off-cutter that went amiss for a while now with Virat Kohli doing his bit on the field with a direct hit. He would go on to outdo that with a spectacular one-handed specky near the ropes in the final over sent down by Shami, who was happy to nail the yorker at the stumps at will to send the bails flying all around.

It was quite a turnaround by the Men in Blue and given their death bowling woes in recent times, this was as big a shot in the arm as they could have asked for. Australia, on the other hand, have managed to implode in another run chase and that is a cause for concern heading into the Super 12.
You are kidding me! Four wickets off the last four deliveries and Shami has come off the bench to vault India to victory at The Gabba! Simply unbelievable in the last couple of overs and out of nowhere, India win this warmup encounter by 6 runs.
180 /10 score
cricket bat icon Josh Inglis
1 (3)
cricket bat icon Kane Richardson *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Mohammed Shami
3 /4
19.6 Mohammad Shami to Kane Richardson, OUT! POLES FLYING EVERYWHERE! Another sizzling yorker on off stump that Richardson has zero clue about. He swings because, well, he has no other choice, only to see the ball whistle past his bat and flatten off stump! Oh my word, this is some statement from Shami!
Kane Richardson b Mohammad Shami 0 (1b 0x4 0x6)
Kane Richardson, RHB, is the last man out in the middle.
How about coming off the bench and marking your entry in style eh? Sensational from Mohammad Shami and he's putting on a show and then some here. 6 to tie the game - Super Over, anyone?
19.5 Mohammad Shami to Josh Inglis, OUT! THE BAILS ARE FLYING! Searing yorker on off stump that might have tailed into the batter at the very last moment. Inglis walks across and tries to access the off side but is awfully late on the stroke. The ball breezes past the bat before smashing into the base of off stump! What an over this has been from Shami!
Josh Inglis b Mohammad Shami 1 (3b 0x4 0x6)
Mitchell Starc, LHB, comes to the crease
They're coming apart at the death now are the Australians.
19.4 Mohammad Shami to Ashton Agar, OUT! AGAR IS RUN OUT! Banged into the track outside off stump and this one hurries through. Agar has a swipe and misses. Inglis calls him through for the single and there is no chance at all that Agar will be able to make his ground at the other end. Shami collects Karthik's throw and hits the stumps at the bowler's end. Australia have made a meal of this run-chase!
Ashton Agar run out (Dinesh Karthik/Mohammad Shami) 0 (1b 0x4 0x6)
Ashton Agar, LHB, comes to the crease
Oh my word you're kidding me! A one-handed specky if there ever was one and then to hold his balance and not trudge over the ropes. He has outdone himself here has Virat Kohli and even the Aussies acknowledge it in the dugout with a gobsmacked grin.
19.3 Mohammad Shami to Pat Cummins, OUT! WHAT A CATCH! In the slot on middle and leg stump, and Cummins gives it everything he has. He gets decent enough contact too and for a significant chunk of the ball's journey, it seems that it will clear the fence. Well, until Kohli throws out a right paw nonchalantly and pulls of an absolute stunner! Simply brilliant!
Pat Cummins c Virat Kohli b Mohammad Shami 7 (6b 0x4 0x6)
7 to win off 4...
19.2 Mohammad Shami to Pat Cummins, excellent yorker on off stump. Cummins has another swing at it and squeezes it towards long on. Comes back for another brace though
19.1 Mohammad Shami to Pat Cummins, low full toss on middle and leg stump. Cummins clears his front leg and heaves it towards deep mid wicket for a couple of runs