139/8 (20)
143/4 (18.1)
AUS won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Glenn Maxwell
That is all we have from this game then. Do not go anywhere as we have more action for the day coming your way so do stay tuned. This has been Soorya and myself (Rishab) singing off for the moment. See ya!
Sri Lanka were in this contest until the first ten overs where they managed to keep things tight and picked up wickets as well. Australia's top order struggled to get going and they were under pressure alright. However, it was that partnership between Inglis and Maxwell that brought them out of trouble and put them in a comfortable position towards the end of the game.

Inglis kept scoring at a brisk rate that allowed Maxwell to settle in who later finished things off pretty easily for the hosts. It was the batting for Sri Lanka that let them down yet again in this match. They were easily 20 runs short. They did have their moments in the game but were unable to remain consistent and capitalize in the second half of the chase. Bowling has been their positive throughout this series but they will feel they could have done a lot better today as well. 

Another win for Australia as they have been unstoppable in this series then. They have consistently bowled well and the batting unit has stepped up complementing them nicely as well. It's all shaping up really nicely for the hosts ahead of that T20 World Cup at home later this year. 

Sri Lanka have a lot of thinking to do going into the final game of the series. They have played well in patches but that is not going to be enough to help you win games. Australia will eye a 5-0 clean sweep and the visitors will be desperate to avoid a 5-0 debacle. They would surely want to win the final game to end the series on a high to say the least.  
Glenn Maxwell, MOM: It was really nice. Inglis came out with great intent. I had to play a different role and we tried to keep rotating the strike. His range was good and he had great clarity and was clam out in the middle. He is getting better and better. I was a long way up the boundary and luckily enough it hit and it's nice to hit the stumps. 
Aaron Finch (Australia Captain): (On the experimentations) The bowlers got shuffled around a bit so it's just one of those things. We managed to win again and it's been nice. (On Ashton Agar) He's been bowling beautifully and the way he controls his length and his subtle variations of pace have been brilliant. He's been amazing for us. Just shuffling around a bit (on opening with Agar). We want to keep Stoinis and Wade at 6 and 7 - we saw what they did in that semifinal in the World Cup so we want to keep that together. Inglis has shots all around the ground and he's so difficult to bowl to. (On Maxwell) Not bad (laughs). He batted beautifully - because Inglis took his time he was able to work it around and he played really well.
Dasun Shanka (Sri Lanka Captain): Few positives but yet again, not enough runs on the board. Their spinners bowled really well. Kumara was with us in the World Cup campaign and he bowled really well today. The batters have all been good but we haven't been able to win. Hopefully we come out well in the next game and put up a win. (On the crowd support for Sri Lanka) It's always nice playing in Melbourne - the crowd is always into it. Unfortunately we could not give them a win but I must thank them for their support.
Maxwell finishes it in style and Australia march along to make this 4-0. Another good display of how to go about a run-chase from Australia here as there is more disappointment for Sri Lanka. They did not have enough runs on the board to play with once again against this strong Australian batting unit!
18.1 Chamika Karunaratne to Glenn Maxwell, FOUR! THAT WILL BE ALL! Dug short outside off, Maxwell stands tall and brings out a wristy pull to whip it over the vacant mid-wicket region. He sends it rolling to the fence and seals the contest for the hosts. Australia beat Sri Lanka by 6 wickets with 11 deliveries to spare and go 4-0 up in the series!
Chamika Karunaratne comes back into the attack
Vandersay has been under pressure throughout this game and he has struggled to find his rhythm. Another good over for Australia and they are now just a run away from making this 4-0. Brilliant cricket from them all through the series it has been! 
139 /4 score
cricket bat icon Glenn Maxwell *
44 (38)
cricket bat icon Marcus Stoinis
8 (4)
cricket ball icon Jeffrey Vandersay
0 /43
17.6 Jeffrey Vandersay to Glenn Maxwell, pulls his length back as he flights it into the stumps, Maxwell hangs back to knock it to long on for a solitary run. The scores are level now!
17.5 Jeffrey Vandersay to Glenn Maxwell, WELL STOPPED! Almost the winning hit this - full and flighted at the stumps and Maxwell hangs deep before clearing his front leg and whipping it powerfully past the bowler. Excellent diving stop to his left from long on as the batters run two.
Right then, Australia are just a hit away now!
17.4 Jeffrey Vandersay to Glenn Maxwell, FOUR! GETS ONE AWAY! Short and spinning away just outside off, Maxwell backs away and makes room to throw his arms at it and power it over extra cover. Wide long off has no chance as he cuts across to his left in vain.
17.3 Jeffrey Vandersay to Glenn Maxwell, flighted low full toss on off, Maxwell brings out a reverse-hit as he sits on his front knee and mistimes it over backward point. Two runs taken as it dribbles along the outfield.
17.2 Jeffrey Vandersay to Marcus Stoinis, spins away off a good length on middle and off, Stoinis hangs back and mows it back past the bowler's dive to his right for a single into the deep.
Interesting to see a slip in place here
17.1 Jeffrey Vandersay to Glenn Maxwell, full and tossed up at the stumps, Maxwell steps out and shovels it off his bottom hand past the bowler's reach. On the up and along the carpet to the left of long on as the batters run a single.
Sri Lanka did manage to get the wicket but Chameera has also given away too many runs off this over. Australia comfortably inching closer to yet another victory now. Expensive end to Chameera's spell and the hosts are in touching distance now. 12 more off 18 needed!
128 /4 score
cricket bat icon Glenn Maxwell *
34 (33)
cricket bat icon Marcus Stoinis
7 (3)
cricket ball icon Dushmantha Chameera
1 /33