Kolkata Knight Riders 154/6 (20 ov)
Delhi Capitals 156/3 (16.3 ov)
Delhi Capitals won by 7 wickets
So that was that from match no. 25 as Delhi Capitals steamrolled the Kolkata Knight Riders caravan which had just got its campaign back on track after securing a victory in the last match. The men-in-blue have catapulted themselves to the second position on the points table and will be breathing easy after the heartbreak they suffered a few days earlier.

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Rishabh Pant (winning skipper): I think he is a talented player (Shaw). But when you turn talent into performance, you can do wonders. I was telling him to play normal game, not try anything expansive as we were trying to ramp up the run rate. In matches such as this which was over by the 10th-12th over mark, we thought of collecting extra run rate points. The only thing we talk about is enjoying our game. I think he is an all-rounder (Lalit Yadav), he hasn't got chances with the bat but he is a handy customer. We do not have to change anything but keep focusing on the process. Definitely enjoying the captaincy. Would enjoy more if results like this continue to come our way.

Prithvi Shaw ( Player of the match):
I wasn't thinking anything, to be honest. I was waiting for the loose balls. I knew where he was exactly going to bowl because we have played together a lot. Yes, I was prepared for the short ball. I thought one would come on the body but unfortunately he didn't bowl. On this pitch, the spinner's ball wasn't coming nicely. I was waiting for them to bowl outside off. When I am in there and think I am getting the touch, I don't really care for myself and want to score runs as quickly for the team and get over the line. We haven't talked this year but would love to talk because he's the one who likes to score off the first ball as well (on playing like Virender Sehwag and talking to him). My dad has supported me really well. After being dropped from the Australian tour, I thought what was I doing with myself. My father told me if talent is not giving the result, then work even hard to change the result. My dad just asked me to play my natural game. All these words set a target on me and I worked hard. In cricket the graphs are going to go up and down, a lot of failures are going to come my way.
Eoin Morgan (Losing skipper): Very Disappointed. Quite slow off the blocks with the bat, lost wickets in the middle but Andre Russell played a good hand to take us to 150. Then were slow off the blocks with the ball as well. Yeah absolutely (190 being the par total). Today, I thought both facets of the game were off. He (Cummins) has bowled earlier. Shivam Mavi bowled four in the trot in the earlier game. Didn't work out today. Will try to bring big players into the game straight away. You need to be honest and realistic, otherwise, you are doing a disservice to the players. Talent only gets you so far, talent needs to be turned into performance. It's about execution.

Shikhar Dhawan(Orange Cap Holder): Absolutely, Prithvi was playing amazing. We were getting so many runs, I did not think of taking risks. Yeah, absolutely, I would have (laughs on asked if younger Dhawan would have tried to match Shaw shot for shot). I just played my role. I made a conscious effort to bring my strike rate up. As an opener, you need to take it up. Today, Prithvi was playing on a different level so I didn't have to take risks. I enjoy taking smart risks, rather than sticking to the same process. It's amazing, I enjoy playing under Ricky's coaching. He keeps the team like a family, including the net bowlers. I appreciate that thing about him 
Delhi Capitals win by 7 wickets with 21 balls to spare

Rarely do we see a match where the chase is done and dusted in the first over but it happened and happened here in the Narendra Modi Stadium where Prithvi Shaw creamed his compatriot Shivam Mavi for a sextuple of boundaries, in a rather ruthless manner. The opening onslaught deflated KKR lineup as bowlers and the fielders started dropping the shoulders. The chirping from Dinesh Karthik was reduced to bare decibels as well. 

However, the biggest tactical mistake of the evening was made by skipper Eoin Morgan who waited for 5 long overs to bring his premier pacer Pat Cummins into the attack. The Australian only gave a single run in his first over and showed his skipper that he should have been given the new ball straightaway. In the end, Cummins was the only shining star for the KKR bowling lineup as he finished with 3 wickets.

However, the story of the evening was headlined by Prithvi Shaw who smashed his way through a trailblazing 41 ball 82 run inning which was laced with 11 immaculately tined boundaries and 3 gargantuan maximum's. At one time, it looked like Shaw might even reach his century! Shihar Dhawan had the best seat in the house as he quietly played around to stat pad with a 47-ball 46 run inning before departing, trying to work a rank fulltoss to the onside and eventually missing.

In the end, skipper Rishabh Pant stormed out and hit some lusty blows to reach near the victory shores before perishing, trying to go for the glory shot. Marcus Stoinis and Shimron Hetmyer walked out and put the finishing touches and catapulted DC to second in the points table. Some way to shrug off the disappointment of losing the previous game by one run!
16.3 Prasidh Krishna to Marcus Stoinis, FOUR! French cut, but that would do! Full ball on the leg-stump, he tries to go hard through the mid-wicket but gets an inside edge which goes past the leg-stump to the fineleg boundary. That completes a dominant victory for the Capitals!
16.2 Prasidh Krishna to Marcus Stoinis, slightly slower on a length wide of off-stump, he has a waft at that one but makes no connection
16.1 Prasidh Krishna to Marcus Stoinis, short of a length delivery outside the off-stump, opens up the shoulders and slaps it through the off-side. Easy couple in the end
Prasidh Krishna [3-0-30-0] to bowl out here

Pat Cummins stat-padding a bit in the over by accounting for the dismissal of Prithvi Shaw and Rishabh Pant. Both the batsmen were looking to go for the glory shot and perished in the process. However, that has only managed to delay the inevitable. 5 runs required off 24 deliveries. Should be the last over!
Over: 16 | Summary: 0 W 0 4 W 0 Bowler: Pat Cummins Score: 150/3
15.6 Pat Cummins to Shimron Hetmyer, full ball on middle and leg, turns it away straight to the fielder at mid-wicket
Attempting the glory shot, skipper Rishabh Pant perishes! DC still requiring 5 runs off 25 deliveries. Shimron Hetmyer, left-hand batsman is the new man in
15.5 Pat Cummins to Rishabh Pant, OUT! He tries to finish it off with a big one, but the length is a bit too short. Gets big on him but goes through with the heave. Miscues it to the fielder in the deep and Mavi completes the catch at long-on
15.4 Pat Cummins to Rishabh Pant, FOUR! Stormed through the covers. Half-volley outside the off-stump, he throws all his strength at that delivery and swats it through the covers
15.3 Pat Cummins to Rishabh Pant, length delivery outside off, extracts a bit of bounce off that area surprising Pant who is on the front foot. There is some noise as the ball passes the batsman and they are going for the REVIEW!

Flat line as it goes past the bat. The sound came as the ball rubbed the shoulder of the batsman. It stays not out.
Shaw will be dejected for not seeing his team over the line. Nevertheless, a brilliant, once-in-a-lifetime innings from the youngster. Take a bow! Marcus Stoinis, right hand batsman, walks out to replace him 
15.2 Pat Cummins to Prithvi Shaw, OUT! Poor shot from Shaw leads to a soft dismissal. Makes a lot of room, Cummins follows him with a sharp short of a length delivery. Shaw has an ugly waft at it and the ball goes straight up in the air off the leading edge. Nitish Rana comes around from point and completes the catch
15.1 Pat Cummins to Prithvi Shaw, short of a length delivery nipping back into the right-hander and cramping him up for room. Defends it on the on-side
Pat Cummins [3-0-20-1] is summoned to bowl his final over

It's clear, DC are playing for the run-rate and not for the century of Shaw. One expects this approach from a team coached by Ricky Ponting. Only 9 runs required off the final 5 overs. Will Shaw hit the winning runs or Pant? That is the only contest remaining in this match! 
Over: 15 | Summary: 0 1nb 1b 2 4 6 0 Bowler: Prasidh Krishna Score: 146/1
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