553/10 & 284/10 (84.4)
539/10 & 299/5 (50)
ENG won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Jonny Bairstow
Just a solitary win in 17 matches before this series, and two-in-two now to seal the series against the World Test Champions. This Stokes-McCullam era is something different, fearless and very special to watch. No one gave England a chance after New Zealand got all-out in the first session today, but Jonny Bairstow played a magical Test match innings and Ben Stokes gave him a steady hand at the other end to make things easy for the hosts.

Headingly in 2019 and now Trent Bridge in 2022, Stokes loves big occasions, took the centre stage again and hit the winning runs. New Zealand came up close but not close enough. We have one more Test match to go in this series next week and let's see what we have in store at Leeds. Now, it's time to wrap up and bring an end to our coverage. Until next time, this is Pragadeesh signing off on behalf of my fellow colleague Pratyush Rohra. Goodbye and Goodnight
Jonny Bairstow: I was so grateful and it was so fun out to be there. Today was our day and what a day it's been. I am not sure about picking the right ball. I didn't know that(on becoming the fastest centurion for England). The batter at the other end told me that don't even hit it on the ground. Just hit it over and I just did the same. You don't look at it as a record run chase, it's just an opportunity and we just approached this as an ODI match, the pitch was better. Jimmy, Broady and everyone bowled well, there were question marks that we didn't bat first. I think this knock ranks no.1 as there are a lot of chatter about England's Test cricket, it was harsh at times but it's part and parcel of the game. Most importantly, we've battled through a few things and if we can keep close as a group and move forward, Sky is the limit.

Jonny Bairstow is the Player of the match
Ben Stokes (England Captain): Credit to the team and the boys. Just a phenomenal performance. I think today was absolutely the perfect way to win rather than backway. Credit to Lees, the more he plays and more he will be comfortable at the top. We wanted to put some pressure on the New Zealand's seamers as they were a seamer down. Try to take this game a deep and once Jonny gets going he's tough to stop. We have to be proactive than reactive, we always try to put the pressure back at them. Very clear about what Pope has to do when I take over the captaincy, he is a fantastic player and some senior players around them, it's going to only help him progress. Having a full house here lifted and don't underestimate the power of the home crowd. We are going to come harder and I am looking forward to Leeds
Tom Latham (New Zealand captain): Heading here today with all three results possible was great. It was in the balance till tea but the way Jonny and stokes were able to play, full credit to them. It was a great surface to bat on, wickets hard to come by. When the pitch is flatter, you have to try to be funky sometimes. To be in with a chance at tea with a couple of wickets there and it could have been a different story. A bowler down doesn't help but they kept coming back, and when Jonny plays an innings like that it makes it harder. The emotions are raw and we are pretty gutted. We'll take a few days for it to sink in and have another chance at Headingley. Daryl Mitchell has played fantastically well. He takes his opportunity wherever he gets it and is a great fighter for us. We've got a bit of a gap to the next one, a lot of families here, so it'll allow us to spend some time with them. With the WTC points on the line, we'll look to take how many many over points we can get.
England (539 & 299-5) beat New Zealand (553 & 284) by 5 wickets
Jonny Bairstow 136(92)  | Daryll Mitchell 190(318)
Jimmy Anderson 3-62(27) | Trent Boult 3-94(16)

Don't bowl short deliveries to Jonny Bairstow ever. That's a message for the New Zealand seamers ahead of the final Test match at Leeds.

With 168 runs needed from 38 overs in the final session, Jonny Bairstow went into a rampage mode and took on the New Zealand seamers from the very first over. Henry bowled a few short deliveries and he was smashed at ease towards the shorter boundaries, while even Trent Boult was taken for cleaners at the other end. It was raining boundaries and sixes at the Trent Bridge and New Zealand seamers and Tom Latham had no clue on how to stop the onslaught.

On one side, the crowd got treated to Jonny Bairstow's carnage, but on the other, Ben Stokes entertained them by playing some delicate cricket shots on the off-side. Eventually, Jonny Bairstow brought up his century and he also became the second-fastest Englishman to score a century in 77 balls.

Trent Boult ended Bairstow's sumptuous knock but Stokes and Foakes there weren't any further slip-ups. With a huge six over long-on followed by a stylish cut towards extra cover, Stokes hit the winning runs, much to the delight of the rapturous Trent Bridge supporters
This is a statement win from England at Trent Bridge as Ben Stokes finishes it off in style with a flashy square cut. Hugs, Handshakes and standing ovation all around. As Nasser Hussain said on air, this could be one of England's greatest Test wins. 
299 /5 score
cricket bat icon Ben Stokes *
75 (70)
cricket bat icon Ben Foakes
12 (15)
cricket ball icon Trent Boult
3 /94
49.6 Trent Boult to Ben Stokes, CUT AWAY, CUT AWAY FOR FOUR! Oh, yes. You've heard that before! All smiles for England as they seal the series and it's the England captain who fittingly seals it for them. Short and a touch wide, enough for Stokes to hammer this through the covers and rise in unison with the crowd in the background. What a Test match we have witnessed! England win by 5 wickets and take an unassailable 2-0 lead in the series.  
England  just one hit away from sealing the series. 
49.5 Trent Boult to Ben Stokes, FOUR! Full and angling into the pads. Easy pickings for Stokes as he clips it through mid-wicket to pick up another boundary. England are just one hit away now.
49.4 Trent Boult to Ben Stokes, HOW HAS THAT MISSED? Full and around the off-stump, beats Stokes' wild heave and someone evades the off-stump as well. Boult is on his haunches. He can't believe it.
Looks like Jonny Bairstow enjoyed that shot more than anyone 
49.3 Trent Boult to Ben Stokes, SIX! PUMMELED ALL THE WAY! Full and in his slot, Stokes clears his front leg and clubs this mightily over long-on to send the ball sailing over the ropes
49.2 Trent Boult to Ben Stokes, on the good length at middle and off, Stokes backs away to tap it to backward point, no run
49.1 Trent Boult to Ben Stokes, back of a length fired down the leg side. Stokes misses out on his pull. Tidy take from Blundell as he shuffles across, no run
England need 14 more runs to win

Could that be a costly drop? Maybe not. It could've just made this contest interesting but with the well-set Ben Stokes still at the crease, the hosts are always the favourites to reign supreme.
285 /5 score
cricket bat icon Ben Stokes
61 (64)
cricket bat icon Ben Foakes *
12 (15)
cricket ball icon Matt Henry
1 /67
48.6 Matt Henry to Ben Foakes, good length delivery but this one's sliding down the leg side, Foakes moves inside the line and misses his glance
48.5 Matt Henry to Ben Foakes, on the good length around fourth stump, Foakes stabs it to cover, no run
48.4 Matt Henry to Ben Foakes, DROPPED! It would have been a stunner. That's what New Zealand need at this time. Back of a length on the off-stump line, Foakes chips it punch to Bracewell's right. He dives across to get a hand on it but it just wouldn't settle in between the palms as he bounces out