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Goa 154/7 (20 ov)
Rajasthan 117/10 (19.3 ov)
Goa won by 37 runs.
That has been myself (Rishab) and Pratyush bringing you this encounter of the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2021. Stay tuned for more coverage of matches from the league and all around as we take your leave! 
What an exceptional performance this has been from Goa! The way they came out and defended this total against a strong Rajasthan unit was absolutely commendable. Skittling them out for a paltry 117 after putting up 154 on the board! Vijesh being the pick of the bowlers ending up with three wickets and was well supported by Mallik and Lakshay who picked up a couple apiece as well. Felix and Darshan getting a wicket each as well and all the bowlers were amongst the wickets, just showing how dominant Goa were and they put up a complete team effort to produce and outstanding show with the ball!

Rajasthan looked to have started well but they lost a wicket in the very first over. They were still going fine and looking to score at a quick rate, which eventually made them dig their own grave. They kept loosing wickets at regular intervals and it just started to fall apart for them, in such a manner that were left in no possible whatsoever to even stage a comeback of any sort. Ankit Lamba and Ashok Menaria were the only two batsmen who got starts but none of them could go on to play that long innings. 

Given what they were chasing, all the needed was a few decent partnerships, which they failed miserably in getting and the application by the batsmen could and should have been a lot better. Not to take any credit away from Goa, they bowled according to plans and constantly kept the pressure on the batsmen. Their catching was good as well and they came together nicely in the field to get an important victory under their belt.

Rajasthan had the opportunity to top the table today had they won this contest and they will be disappointed with this performance. They bowled quite well to restrict Goa but their batsmen faltered big time and let the team down. Goa getting their second win and moving up to the fourth place. Their qualification will still depend on a lot of factors and scenarios, whether they go ahead or not remains to be seen, but for the moment, they will surely cherish this win over one of the top sides of the competition! 
And Goa will bowl Rajasthan out! A brilliant catch and this is a big win for them! None would have expected this game to pan out the way it did and Rajasthan have been bundled out for a paltry 117! A win by 37 runs. They will remember this win for a long time to come and it's simply been a terrific performance with the ball, picking wickets all the way through and never let the opposition comeback in the game. Turning out to be one-sided and way too much for Rajasthan in the end!
19.3 Vijesh Prabhudessai to Aniket Choudhary, OUT! CAUGHT! Full toss for the batsman who goes after it but gets no timing, it's an excellent diving forward catch by the fielder at long on. That's curtains for Rajasthan.

Goa win the match by 37 runs.
19.2 Vijesh Prabhudessai to Khaleel Ahmed, short of a length into the batsmn, punched of the backfoot towards long on for a run
19.1 Vijesh Prabhudessai to Aniket Choudhary, full toss on middle stump, played towards long off for a single
Banging it in short and absolutely nothing once again that the batsman can do there. Aniket and Khaleel will survive the over though, taking this to the final over. Although, the result is quite clear and the asking question is, can Goa bowl Rajasthan out? Just a wicket away from doing that. 40 needed off the final over! 
18.6 Lakshay Garg to Khaleel Ahmed, full delivery in the blockhole! Khaleel does well to get his bat down in time!
18.5 Lakshay Garg to Aniket Choudhary, full delivery on middle, Aniket clears his front foot again and plays it towards mid wicket for a single
18.4 Lakshay Garg to Khaleel Ahmed, bangs it in short again, hits Khaleel on the shoulder and they steal a single
18.3 Lakshay Garg to Khaleel Ahmed, BEAMER! Banged in short into the batsman who does well to duck out of the way
18.2 Lakshay Garg to Aniket Choudhary, full delivery on middle stump, Aniket clears his front foot and taps it away towards mid wicket for a single
18.1 Lakshay Garg to Khaleel Ahmed, a bit short into the batsman, who manages to tuck it away towards square for a single. Given as a leg bye.
Excellent bowling in the blockhole again! On target and nothing much a batsman can do there, let alone a tailender! He's hit the deck consistently and this is some exceptional bowling. Terrific stuff. Trying to bowl much fuller and absolutely nothing given away apart from those few extras, which shouldn't worry them now. Goa inching closer to victory! Rajasthan have simply fallen apart. Just a formality now! 44 off 12 needed. 
17.6 Vijesh Prabhudessai to Khaleel Ahmed, full delivery into the pads, flicked away behind square for a single
17.5 Vijesh Prabhudessai to Khaleel Ahmed, BEATEN! Good length outside off stump, Ahmed hangs his bat out but is lucky not to get an edge.
17.4 Vijesh Prabhudessai to Khaleel Ahmed, BEATEN! Full delivery angling into Khaleel who is beaten all ends up!
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