137/6 (20)
124/10 (19.4)
PK-W won by 13 runs.
Player of the match: Nida Dar
So, Pakistan can put their legs up and celebrate this win tonight. As for India, they have a quick turnaround as they gear up to play Bangladesh tomorrow, in a repeat of the 2018 Asia Cup final. It's another double-header coming your way tomorrow, so do join us at Sportskeeda as we bring you all the live-action. For now, this is the duo of Pratyush and Soorya, taking your leave. See ya!
Right then. A memorable day for Pakistan cricket as they seal their third win against India in T20Is. It was a humdinger of a game, living up to the hype of an India vs Pakistan contest. Bismah Maroof's side came back strongly after their shock defeat to Thailand, handing India their first loss of the tournament. That, spices up the points table a bit too, with both sides tied at 6 points in the top two spots.
Nida Dar, unsurprisingly, is the Player of the Match for her stellar all-round show. Here's what she has to say: (What was going through her mind when she came out to bat?) It was a slow start but when I went there and spoke to Bismah, she said we need a good partnership. It was a good wicket but it was my role to play like that. It was like I had to hit the bowlers over the strong areas. I told Bismah to take the singles and I wanted to go for the hits. The last 3-4 overs didn't go that well for us. We still need to work on that and need to finish well towards the end.
Bismah Maroof (Pakistan captain): It was an important game for us. We sat down and spoke about our plans after the last game. Credit goes to everyone. Nida batted beautifully to set up a good total. (Discussion in the middle) We just wanted to get a partnership in at that stage. We were telling each other that we need to take calculated risks. Nida played a crucial innings for us and helped us put up a good total. We were looking to find the gaps. That is our strength and we did that well. (Learning from mistakes) We didn't assess the conditions well yesterday, but most importantly, we executed our plans really well.
Harmanpreet Kaur (India Captain): I think in the middle we were trying to give chances to other batters. Going forward you need to have batters who have a good amount of runs under their belt. But I think that cost us today. I think it was a chase-able target. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves. We were not able to take singles and rotate the strike. We played too many dot balls and that cost us. For me it's very important that whoever is new in the side should get a good number of games before the World Cup. (Giving chances to others the reason why she batted at 7?) Yes definitely. I just feel that when you're chasing you should be confident with whoever comes in. Any batter coming in should be able to score but unfortunately we weren't able to do it today. We never take any team lightly. We don't need to think too much, it's part of the game. Yesterday Thailand played really well and you need to respect them if they play good cricket. Today they (Pakistan) played good cricket. Of course we have areas to work upon.
Pakistan won by 13 runs!

Nida Dar - 56* (37) | Nashra Sandhu - 3/30
Richa Ghosh - 26 (13) | Deepti Sharma - 3/27

That's what happens in the games against your bitterest rivals, doesn't it? Current form goes out of the window and it comes down to a battle of nerves on the day. Fair to say, Pakistan held their nerves better than their rivals did to seal a memorable victory in a humdinger of a game. The pendulum swung one way and then the other throughout!

It was Nida Dar's sensational half-century that led Pakistan to a fighting total and the bowlers took over from there on. After losing to Thailand yesterday, the pressure would have been on them to produce the goods, and boy didn't they step up! It was the scratchy approach from the Indian top and middle order which led them to a position of trouble with no pair able to build a solid partnership.

Despite dropping a few catches early on, the Pakistan side kept chipping away with timely breakthroughs and kept things tight for most of the innings. The usual contributors in Mandhana and Rodrigues didn't step up to the plate, while Harmanpreet Kaur batted too low down the order for reasons that aren't known yet. Hopefully, we will get a clarification on that soon.

Anyway, that left India scrambling in the middle order with Ghosh missing out as well. Deepti did her best to keep the game alive, but it was Ghosh who single-handedly took the game to Pakistan with her blistering cameo to make a match out of nothing. 

In the end though, the Pakistan bowlers stood tall to the challenge. Nida Dar could simply do no wrong as she bagged a brace, as did Sadiq Iqbal.  Nashra Sandhu was the pick of the bowlers with her three wickets but a special mention should go to Aiman Anwer, who came into the side to replace Diana Baig, filling in the big shoes to do a job for her side.

This is only the third time Pakistan have defeated India in T20Is. Surely, that will put a smile on a few faces back home. Plenty to unravel for the captains. Stick around for the presentation.
19.4 Aiman Anwer to Rajeshwari Gayakwad, KNOCKS HER OVER! PAKISTAN SCRIPT A FAMOUS WIN! Dipping in very full and late on leg stump as it flummoxes Gayakwad who pushes at it from her crease. She is done in by the dip as it goes through the gate and knocks the leg pole and that sends Aiman and the rest of the Pakistanis into a road. What a comeback after the shock against Thailand yesterday. Pakistan win by 13 runs!
19.3 Aiman Anwer to Renuka Singh Thakur, backs away and drags this full toss at the stumps with a swipe to deep mid-wicket. Every delivery must travel now!
19.2 Aiman Anwer to Rajeshwari Gayakwad, full toss on off stump, Gayakwad comes forward and chips it over the reach of mid-off who turns around and sticks out a hand. Just a single though!
19.2 Aiman Anwer to Rajeshwari Gayakwad, NO BALL! Challenges the cut-strip as she takes pace off and this one takes its own sweet time to dip very full past the pitch. Free hit loading!
19.1 Aiman Anwer to Renuka Singh Thakur, PALMED OVER! Slower length delivery around off stump, Renuka backs away and slaps it back as the bowler tips it over the crossbar before the batters switch ends. Good effort though from Aiman!
Aiman Anwer [3.0-0-10-0] is back into the attack
Right. India need 18 runs off the final over. Fair to say, if Richa Ghosh was still in the middle, India would have fancied their chances. What a knock that was from the youngster. Pakistan would have had their heart in the mouths for the a while, but they're on the verge of a special victory now.
120 /9 score
cricket bat icon Richa Ghosh
26 (13)
cricket bat icon Rajeshwari Gayakwad *
0 (3)
cricket ball icon Sadia Iqbal
2 /24
18.6 Sadia Iqbal to Rajeshwari Gayakwad, shortens her length outside off stump, Gayakwad steers it late to short third but can't pocket a run. Final over coming up!
18.5 Sadia Iqbal to Rajeshwari Gayakwad, tossed up well outside off stump on a full length, Gayakwad plants her front foot across and guides it straight to cover, no run
18.4 Sadia Iqbal to Rajeshwari Gayakwad, CHAOS EVERYWHERE! Full outside off stump, Gayakwad opens the face and guides it behind point as she tees off before turning back. A sharper throw and it could have been curtains but it ends up errant and that forces Renuka to take off from her end. No run on offer in the end!
Rajeshwari Gayakwad, RHB, comes to the crease
18.3 Sadia Iqbal to Richa Ghosh, SKIED...AND TAKEN! THAT SHOULD BE THE GAME! In the arc on off stump and she mistimes her slog sweep without the best of timing. Skies it high before wide long on gobbles a sitter but what an exhibition of hitting that was from Richa Ghosh! Alas, it seems to be ending in vain for her and India!
Richa Ghosh c Aliya Riaz b Sadia Iqbal 26 (13b 1x4 3x6)