161/4 (20)
KKR won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Pat Cummins
That is all we have from another brilliant game tonight. The action is only getting bigger and better as the 15th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) continues with newbies Lucknow Super Giants taking on Delhi Capitals at the DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai tomorrow. You certainly do not want to miss the action and we would love for you to join us back as we will bring you the coverage. We look forward to your company once again. Do stay tuned for all cricketing action going around elsewhere as well. This has been Shashwat and myself (Rishab) signing off for the night. Have a good night and do take good care of yourselves. See y'all folks!
Kolkata Knight Riders will certainly be amazed with how this game has ended and this win takes them to the top. The team is in fine form and they will only look to take this forward. They play the Delhi Capitals next on April 10th and will look to continue the dominant run. As for Mumbai Indians, they have lost three in a row now, yet to get their first points and they will be under pressure when they take on Royal Challengers Bangalore on Saturday (9th April). Another loss might just make it difficult for them to comeback with ten teams in the competition this time around. 
Pat Cummins (Man of the Match): I think I am surprised myself. I am batting my best and not thinking too much. I think he is a class bowler (Bumrah) and I was looking to knock it around and not overthink it. That has to be satisfying. First game out here and I am proud of it. We have kept the core of the squad and there is a good mix. So it is a great feeling. Really relaxed. Happy with how the bowling came out apart from a few balls, it happens in T20 cricket but I am happy overall. 
Pat Cummins is the Man of the Match for his breathtaking unbeaten 56 off just 15 deliveries!
Shreyas Iyer (Kolkata Knight Riders captain): It was extradentary. I couldn't believe it the way he was striking the ball. Outstanding performance from him. The timeout was coming and I told Venky to play the anchor role. They stuck to the plans and before we could execute it, Pat finished the game. When I went in to bat I told Venkatesh to stay out there. One in the top four has to take the responsibility and see to it that they finish the game with the power hitters. We still haven't played the best cricket yet. I think in the powerplay the ball  was holding and it had spongy bounce. I could feel the bounce and after that it became easier. 
Mumbai Indians 161/4 in 20 overs (Suryakumar Yadav 52 off 36, Pat Cummins 2/49 off 4 overs) lose to Kolkata Knight Riders 162/5 in 16 overs (Pat Cummins 56* off 15, Murugan Ashwin 2/25 off 4 overs) by 5 wickets.

What a game we have witnessed! It was pretty tight until the 14th over before Pat Cummins decided to go all guns blazing in that chase to completely pull it out of Mumbai's hands and finish it off in supreme style for his side. He got to the joint fastest fifty in the history of the IPL as well. It was a tricky chase for Kolkata but Cummins changed the complexion of the game in a matter of a few deliveries! 

Mumbai Indians started well with the ball where they picked up a couple of wickets in the powerplay. With Rahane and Shreyas going early, the pressure was on Kolkata while the conditions were pretty tricky to bat on. Sam Billings looked good for a while in the middle but he too was gone soon and Kolkata kept losing wickets. Russell was looking in the mood but failed to and Mumbai were in control of the game. 

However, Venkatesh Iyer, although not fluent enough, held one end up with an unbeaten 50. It was a crucial knock under pressure given the context of the game. When Pat Cummins came in, it did look like Kolkata could get over but the way they did was simply not anticipated by any of us. 

Cummins went for runs with the ball but he more than made it up with the bat. An unbeaten 56 off just 15 deliveries YES! You read that right, just 15 deliveries, smashing four fours and six sixes in what was probably a knock for the ages in world cricket. With the win, Kolkata also go to the top of the table and an emphatic win like this gives a boost to their net run-rate as well. 

As for Mumbai Indians, they are going to take some time to register what has just happened out there for them. They seemed to be in control picking wickets and keeping it tight. For the game to end that way, it is going to take time for them to put this behind. It is not their third consecutive defeat and they are still to get off the mark. 

It only puts a big dent to their confidence going forward and they really need to pick themselves up and get going before it is too late. Kolkata are having a brilliant run and this win will only boost their morale, beating a champion side in such thumping fashion eventually!
Venkatesh Iyer: For everyone other than Pat it looked tricky. We got to give it to him for finishing it on this wicket that is tricky to bat on. I think there will be days where you do not hit the ball well but it is important to hang in there. With some big hitters coming down it was important for me to play that anchor role. 
Rohit Sharma: It was a great effort from the batting unit. To get 160 was a great effort. We didn't bowl according to the plan. I thought we had the game in control till the 15th over but the way Cummins played was brilliant. Whenever you have runs on the board, I believe you have the upper hand. They were five wickets down and we thought we could have them. This will be hard to digest - the way it turned out to be in the last couple of overs. There is a lot of hard work that we have to put in. Don't want to be in this position too often [of losing the first few matches of an IPL season] (chuckles)
Pat Cummins is playing his first game this season and what a knock this has been. He has taken the pressure off, taken the bowling on and Kolkata are now cruising. What a turnaround in this contest. Sams has been taken to the cleaners here and this has only gotten worse for Mumbai. Cummins brings up one of the most entertaining and match-winning fifties in the IPL. He has come out and taken this game away single-handedly from MI. Well, he has finished it off in style with four more overs to go! What a terrific finish this is. This will take some time for Mumbai to register! Kolkata Knight Riders win by 5 wickets to spare!
162 /5 score
cricket bat icon Venkatesh Iyer
50 (41)
cricket bat icon Pat Cummins *
56 (15)
cricket ball icon Daniel Sams
1 /50
15.6 Daniel Sams to Pat Cummins, SIX! THAT WILL BE THAT! WHAT A WAY TO END THE GAME! IN the slot and that is onto the highway - like most of the balls Cummins has faced! He lays back and pummels it over the sightscreen for another maximum! Pace, bounce, pitch, doesn't really matter to Cummins! 
15.5 Daniel Sams to Pat Cummins, FOUR AGAIN! Slower delivery dug into the track outside off stump. Cummins waits in his crease and smashes it past deep mid wicket for four! Fastest fifty in the history of the IPL! 
This is going from bad to worse for Mumbai now!
15.5 Daniel Sams to Pat Cummins, OH! WHAT AN EFFORT! BUT IS THAT A NO BALL? YES, IT IS! Waist height full toss outside off stump. Cummins swings himself off his feet and skies it towards long off, where Surya shows great awareness to complete the catch! But it is a No Ball, so all that is moot, in terms of the wicket! Just the six runs saved! 
15.4 Daniel Sams to Pat Cummins, SIX MORE!! YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS UP! Dug into the track down the leg side. Cummins gets inside the line of the ball and launches it over short fine leg for a six!
Six more! Cummins is demolishing this attack and Mumbai are staring at three defeats in a row now!
15.3 Daniel Sams to Pat Cummins, SIX MORE! Another delivery into the hitting arc and Cummins is in no mood to spare MI! He gets into position and batters it over mid wicket for another maximum!
This is turning out to be an gem of an innings from Cummins. He has come in and turned this around. He does seem to be in a hurry and this going away from Mumbai now!
15.2 Daniel Sams to Pat Cummins, FOUR MORE! Full toss outside off stump. Cummins goes deep into his crease again and heaves it past deep mid wicket for another boundary!
15.1 Daniel Sams to Pat Cummins, SIX! CUMMINS IS TAKING IT AWAY FROM MI! Another slot ball outside off stump and Cummins climbs into it! He sits deep in his crease and pounds it over long on for a maximum!