54th Match, Docklands Stadium, Melbourne, Melbourne
REN won by 6 wickets
That will be all from the BBL action for today. This is the duo of Divyansh and Mohul signing off. Goodbye.
Match Summary-

Melbourne Renegades win by 6 wickets.

Aaron Finch 63* (54) | Fawad Ahmed 3/17 (4.0)
Alex Carey 65 (47) | Peter Siddle 1/24 (3.2)

The Renegades have qualified and they are up on the 3rd position. The Strikers bow out of the tournament as they will remain at 6th no matter what happens tomorrow. 

Finch has got his team over the line with a brilliant half century. He and Critchley rescued them from a score of 16/3 in the 3rd over. They got a partnership of 69 runs. Critchley was hitting the ball well, but an unfortunate run out cost him his wicket.

Wells then joined his captain and made sure they chased it down easily. They kept the power surge right till the end and with 24 required off 3 overs they used the surge and Finch hit 2 fours and a six in that over. They got ahead of the chase and Wells finished it with 2 boundaries. 

Short, Agar and Siddle took a wicket in their first overs as we started out with a lot of chaos in the first 3 overs. After that the calm of Finch took the game away from the Strikers. 
18.3 Peter Siddle to Jonathan Wells, WIDE down the legside. Siddle fires it down the on side, and thats's that! The Renegades win by 6 wickets with 10 balls left!
Scores tied.
18.2 Peter Siddle to Jonathan Wells, FOUR MORE! Low fulltoss on middle and leg. Wells manages to tuck it away between midwicket and mid on for another boundary! Just one more run...
Just 5 more runs needed
18.1 Peter Siddle to Jonathan Wells, FOUR! THEY ARE ALMOST THERE! At a length on off and middle, Wells makes some room for himself and lofts it over mid on for a boundary! Just five runs needed now.
The Surge gets you boundaries. Finch used the field restrictions and got 2 in the over and then a huge six to end it. 15 from the over and they need just 9 runs from 12 balls now.
134 /4 score
cricket bat icon Aaron Finch *
63 (54)
cricket bat icon Jonathan Wells
12 (17)
cricket ball icon Wes Agar
1 /32
17.6 Wes Agar to Aaron Finch, SIX! THAT IS MASSIVE! Full and drifting down the legside. Finch manages to get underneath the ball and swings it away over deep midwicket for a huge hit! That went ten rows back at least!
17.5 Wes Agar to Aaron Finch, FOUR! BANG! At a length on off and middle. Finch makes some space for himself and lofts it over mid on for a boundary! The Renegades are inching closer to their target.
17.4 Wes Agar to Aaron Finch, full outside off. Finch punches it to cover.
A thick edge for that boundary and Finch has brought up his 26th BBL Half Century.
17.3 Wes Agar to Aaron Finch, FOUR! FIFTY FOR THE RENEGADES SKIPPER! At a length outside off, moves away. Finch swings away at it blindly and gets a top edge that sails over short third man for a boundary! This also brings up his half century!
17.2 Wes Agar to Jonathan Wells, short of a length on off. Wells pulls it away towards deep midwicket for a run.
17.1 Wes Agar to Jonathan Wells, at a length on off and middle. Wells pulls it to midwicket.
Wes Agar (3.0-0-17-1) is back into the attack.

de Grandhomme was going to bowl it, but after the power surge sign from the umpire, Agar was brought back.
The Power Surge is taken.
It was a brilliant over right until the last ball which Finch dispatched for a boundary. 24 required from 18 balls.