135/6 (20)
137/4 (19)
Mumbai Indians won by 6 wickets
Another low-scoring thriller on a doubleheader day as Mumbai Indians snatch crucial two points. They've edged ahead PBKS to see themselves at the fifth spot and keep their playoff hopes alive. This has been a stunning comeback from Hardik Pandya to see his team through and Punjab will be devastated with another close defeat. They've got it all to do now, while MI have just given themselves some breathing room. Could this be the start of their winning run towards the business of the tournament? We'll have to wait and see. That's all we have from this match as I, Pratyush Rohra along with my partner Pradeep Somashekar take your leave. See you tomorrow folks, take care!
Kieron Pollard | Player of the match: (300th wicket gesture) Very important. Bowling's a bit under-rated, eh! For me, it was just about doing what the team requires me to do. As an individual, I know what I can provide in all three departments. I just try to do my best whenever I get the opportunity. If needed, Rohit would have thrown the ball for me another over, but sometimes you just quit when you're ahead. Sometimes you have to just do what you have to do for the team and let the specialists do their job. You watch the trend of all the matches going and see who will bowl. (On his bowling) The landmark wicket was special. For me to get these wickets as a batter, I'll take it each and every time. When you're out of form, no matter how you play sometimes, the boundary looks like it's 150 metres. It's just a matter of practice for me. I admit that I don't have pace, I don't have spin, I don't have swing, I don't have swing, but I have a little bit of brain. It was important to get the two points. Took 19 overs to get to the target but the two points was more important. Maybe it can spark something in the dressing room.
Rohit Sharma | Mumbai Indians captain: We agree as a team that we haven't been playing to our full potential. In such a format when you're competing really hard, those things are bound to happen. You've got to stick together as a group because its a long tournament. We didn't have the run that we would have liked but we've been in this situation many times before, so we can take a lot of confidence from that. The guys that we have in our squad, they are ready to fight and not put their head down at any given moment. So, its important to stick to that and ensure that we don't lose our guard. The way he(Hardik) understood the situation was very crucial from the teams perspective and obviously for his confidence as well. He took his time and then he knew when to go after it. It's important for him to spend time in the middle after coming back from an injury. Dropping Kishan was a very tough call but we felt we needed a change somewhere, as a team. He looks very confident at the moment when you talk to him. I thought it was a tough call to make but we had to do something there. Tiwary has been good, scoring a 50 against CSK. We wanted someone who could nudge it around in the middle order and he's playing that role well. I'm not ruling out anyone though. We want Kishan to be back and we want him to play for MI. The ball was coming off when we started off and the grass is coming off the surface in the middle overs and we understand that, as we need to adjust to the conditions. There are a lot of change-ups from the opposition as well. He (Pollard) is one of our key players. A crucial part of MI for so many years. He will be happy with taking the 'Man of the Match' for his bowling performance.
KL Rahul | Punjab Kings captain: It was a great fight from the bowlers, but 135 was not enough on this pitch. We should have got about 170 on this deck. The boys showed a lot of fight with the ball, we have done that two games in a row. The next three games will be interesting for us and the table looks interesting. It is what it is, we haven't been able to handle the pressure. We'll learn more if we play more together as a team and be positive. We have three games, so we need to take one game at a time. We need to go out there and enjoy ourselves. All our games in the UAE have gone down to the wire, hopefully we can build on that.
You just cannot count Mumbai Indians out, especially when they've got their backs against the wall. Aided by some poor fielding towards the end, but they had this one in the bag since the start. Hardik Pandya and Kieron Pollard, doing what they've done for a number of years for MI now. They did make tough work of this run chase after an early stutter with Rohit and SKY not firing. While Pollard and Pandya will take the headlines, the importance of Tiwary's 45 cannot be understated. 

Ravi Bishnoi with his bewitching spin threatened to turn this game on its head and give PBKS something to defend, but as it has been so often for them, they've faltered in the crunch situations once again. Ellis and Shami got timely breakthroughs, but when there's Hardik and Pollard at the crease with an equation at 40 needed off the last 4, you know which way the result is going, more often than not.

A partnership of 45 in 23 balls saw MI through in this must-win encounter. The contrast of emotions in the two dugouts tells a story of their own. The low-scoring thrillers seem to be the theme for this second leg. Mumbai have leapfrogged Punjab in the points table as a result and have jumped into fifth place with 10 points. Only behind KKR on net run rate. We've witnessed another cracking game here. Stick around for the presentations. 
137 /4 score
cricket bat icon Hardik Pandya *
40 (30)
cricket bat icon Kieron Pollard
15 (7)
cricket ball icon Mohammed Shami
1 /42
TELL THE WORLD, HARDIK PANDYA IS BACK! Calm celebrations from the all-rounder this time out. Deepak Hooda, with a forgetful last couple of deliveries to lay the red carpet for Mumbai Indians and help them over the line. Mumbai Indians win by 6 wickets (with an over to spare).
18.6 Mohammed Shami to Hardik Pandya, SIX! IT'S ALL OVER! HOODA, UNBELIEVABLE, BACK TO BACK HORRENDOUS FIELDING EFFORT! Should've held on to it, coming straight to Hooda at long-on and times his jump but goes through the hands of it and Hardik Pandya finishes the game with a maximum in style and MI pick up much needed two points!
Costly misfield from Hooda. This one's Mumbai's to lose from here on.
18.5 Mohammed Shami to Hardik Pandya, FOUR! Sloppy from Hooda, should've stopped that one and that swings the game towards MI now! Short delivery on the middle and off as Hardik goes for the pull, just gets it over the man at mid-wicket, Hooda dives full length around cow corner and fails to keep that one in play, trickles over the ropes for a boundary!
18.4 Mohammed Shami to Hardik Pandya, superb stuff from Pooran, slides with a dive full length at long-off, he charges from the deep extra-cover and saves a certain boundary as Hardik slaps a short delivery powerfully to pick up couple more!
That's what he was looking for, and he's executed it this time! PBKS were taking a chance, bowling short and wide with the third man inside the circle. Hardik smartly maneuvering the field.
18.3 Mohammed Shami to Hardik Pandya, FOUR! Short angles it into Hardik on the middle and off as he hangs back and cuts it over the backward point region awkwardly, goes one bounce into the fence for a boundary.
Hardik lets out a loud cry of frustration after missing out on that one.
18.2 Mohammed Shami to Hardik Pandya, OH! Short delivery on the wide of off-stump and Hardik on the backfoot swings his arm and was able to find only fresh air in the end, through to the keeper.
18.1 Mohammed Shami to Kieron Pollard, length delivery on the outside off as Pollard on the backfoot absolutely hammers it down to long-on fielder for just a single.
The experience coming to the fore for Mumbai. We have seen PBKS not being able to hold their nerves in these crunch moments during the game, and somehow found a way to throw it away. This should be MI's game from here on.

16 needed off 12 now. Shami to continue.
120 /4 score
cricket bat icon Hardik Pandya
24 (25)
cricket bat icon Kieron Pollard *
14 (6)
cricket ball icon Arshdeep Singh
0 /29
17.6 Arshdeep Singh to Kieron Pollard, OH MY! Another tough chance goes begging, length delivery on the stumps as Pollard chips it straight back and Arshdeep from his follow through fails to grab it as the momentum was taking him the other way, Umpire ducks as well, two fielders get around s they pick up a single.
Slow, fast, super fast? Doesn't matter. If you bowl to Pollard in the slot, you are going to get the treatment. Arshdeep's finding that out the hard way...
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