459/10 (140.1)
476/4 & 252/0 (77)
Match Drawn
Player of the match: Imam ul Haq
Alright then! We hope you enjoyed the coverage of this Test Match throughout the entirety of five days which eventually ended in a draw. That will be it from me Anavit Naik alongside Pradeep Somashekar, as we look forward to bringing you many more live encounters from the world of cricket here at Sportskeeda! Stay tuned for more such action. Bye for now!
Time for the Presentation ceremony!

Player of the match is Imam-ul-Haq

"The most satisfying feeling to score a hundred in each innings and Australia have a good bowling attack. When you score against the top teams you go one step ahead in your career. Was trying to correct my basics and wait for the loose balls." He says that he has been working hard for the last couple of years and he feels good to score centuries in both innings, especially against Australia. Tells that he was trying to do the basics right and just followed the process.

Pat Cummins, Australia captain: "Just about everyone got into the series, especially the batters, and we had a good look at their line-up. Still feeling quite fresh. It's been a great week in Rawalpindi. Good to be back here after 24 years."

Babar Azam, Pakistan captain: credits the way Imam played in both the innings. Adds, there are quite a few positives and they would like to continue that in the next game. Tells, the bowlers did well and the batters were excellent. Adds, the main bowlers will be available for the next game and that is a good thing.
Abdullah Shafique: Thanks the god, it's a great event for me this particular game, this hundred meant a lot to me and I'll take this confidence. We batted well, put up a good opening partnership, unfortunately, I played a rash shot and just couldn't convert that good start into a hundred. Had a chat with Mohammad Yousuf, I rectified my problem after that. It was a good track to bat, there was something earlier on, after the wicket played good. This test has boosted the confidence and we will take this into the next game and bring out the result. 
First test, Match Drawn!

1st innings - Pakistan: 476-4d | Imam-ul-Haq 157(358) | Azhar Ali 185(361)
1st Innings - Australia: 459 all out | Usman Khawaja 97(159) | Marnus Labuschagne 90(158) | Nauman Ali 38.1-9-107-6

2nd innings - Pakistan: 252-0 | Abduallah Shafique 136(242) | Imam-ul-Haq 111(223)

Alright then! The result has been decided and it is a Draw! A sigh of relief for the visiting team as they finally have some breather. All in all it was a run-fest if this test match would have been defied by a word. From only a solitary Pakistan wicket falling on the first day to none of them on the last has summed up this Test Match dominated by the Pakistani batsmen. Imam-ul-Haq had a memorable test Match after he became the 10th Pakistani batsman to score twin hundreds in the same match. Azhar Ali was back among the runs and scored an impressive 185 as Pakistan declared their innings on 476-4. The visitors' pacers struggled to pick wickets but did not let the opposition run away with the game by letting them score at a good click.

Australia in reply piled up a mountain as well. Top 4 were among the runs as Khawaja and Labuschagne both fell in the 90s as Steve Smith guided along with other batsmen for his 78 with Cam Green scoring a handy 48. Australia folded up for 459 in their first innings. Nauman Ali picked up his third five-fer in Tests and his best figures in an innings picking up 6/107. Shaheen Afridi, Naseem Shah and Sajid Khan were among the wickets as well.

Pakistan managed to grab a slender lead of 17 runs and with not much time left in the game and much to the contrary belief, they did not force matters to achieve a winning result for either of the teams. Imam-ul-Haq and Abdullah Shafique came out in the second innings to make most of the gift that has been bestowed upon them by the curators. Notched up a century each as Abdullah Shafique brought up his first Test century after Tea and Imam joined in the party with yet another ton. The match was drawn though since adequate time was not left to force a result and its 0-0 going to Karachi for the second Test of the series!
252 /0 score
cricket bat icon Abdullah Shafique
136 (242)
cricket bat icon Imam ul Haq *
111 (223)
cricket ball icon Usman Khawaja
0 /3
76.6 Usman Khawaja to Imam-ul-Haq, tossed up a full delivery on the middle and off, Imam prods forward to defend. Aleem Dar asks the players and they are shaking hands, that's it. First test ends in a draw!
76.5 Usman Khawaja to Imam-ul-Haq, pitches it up full, pushes it through as Imam gets behind the line as he gets forward to defend.
76.4 Usman Khawaja to Adbullah Shafique, good length on the middle and leg, Shafique leans into it and clips it through square-leg for a single.
76.3 Usman Khawaja to Adbullah Shafique, loops a low full toss on the off-stump, Shafique strides forward to pat it back to the bowler.
76.2 Usman Khawaja to Imam-ul-Haq, length delivery on the middle and leg, Imam stays back and works it past the square-leg region for a single.
76.1 Usman Khawaja to Abdullah Shafique, half-tracker down the leg-side, around the wicket, Shafique down on one knee, swept it down to fine-leg for a single.
Usman Khawaja, right-arm off break comes into the attack
This might be the last over of the Test Match and we have the 9th bowler of the day being introduced. 
249 /0 score
cricket bat icon Abdullah Shafique
134 (239)
cricket bat icon Imam ul Haq *
110 (220)
cricket ball icon Travis Head
0 /35
75.6 Travis Head to Imam-ul-Haq, good length on the off-stump, Imam strides forward to keep it out on the off-side.
75.5 Travis Head to Imam-ul-Haq, tossed up this time, good length on the fourth stump line, Imam leans into it and keeps it out.
75.4 Travis Head to Imam-ul-Haq, makes him play this time, full delivery on the off-stump, Imam presses forward to defend.
75.3 Travis Head to Imam-ul-Haq, skids through the short delivery on the outside off, Imam has no interest in dealing with it.
75.2 Travis Head to Imam-ul-Haq, drifts a short delivery, turns away on the outside off, Imam on the backfoot allows it go past him to the keeper.
75.1 Travis Head to Abdullah Shafique, drops it short, turns into Shafique from outside off, goes on the backfoot and punches it down to long-on for a single.