195/1 (20)
146/10 (17.5)
PS won by 49 runs.
Player of the match: Colin Munro
Perth Scorchers won by 49 runs

The Scorchers move up to second place on the table with that win. They've now got two wins from two games and they've looked pretty solid! The Strikers, despite having just 1 win from 3 games, go past the Hobard Hurricans into third place thanks to the Bash Boost Point they won earlier. Lot of things to ponder about though for the Strikers, especially when it comes to their fielding.

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Colin Munro (Player of the Match): We spoke about it after the last game and said that we need to up the ante a little bit in the field. With the crowd it was hard (last game) but we did really well today. I think we get an extra couple of players hopefully for the rest of the BBL - Inglis and Marsh coming back will be great for us. It's awesome coming back to the same team and the same dressing room. When you go to a new franchise across the globe you try a little too much to prove yourself. To come back here and not focus too much on the result feels really good. (On the uncertainty over games at Perth) We've just got to be adaptable and wherever we end up playing games we've just got to do it. The boys are a real tight unit and have played a lot of cricket together. To come in as an overseas player - me and Laurie - it has been great. It's a new tournament and a new team, we've just got to go out there and play some good cricket.
A clinical victory this for the Scorchers in what is technically a home game for them. They were always in control of this game and every time it looked like the Strikers had something going for them, the Scorchers ruthlessly pulled things back their way. 

The Strikers kept losing wickets at regular intervals and simply were not able to get the momentum to flow their way. Matt Short played an excellent knock and he was well supported by debutant Thomas Kelly towards the back end but apart from that, there wasn't much at all for the Strikers. 

It was an outstanding century from Colin Munro that set things up for the Scorchers as they managed to post a monumental 195/1 on the board. The Strikers, who dropped Munro twice, were made to pay as he struck his way to an unbeaten 114 from just 73 deliveries. 

The Scorchers were good with the ball and in the field as well as they took all the chances that came their way. There wasn't much more you could ask for if you are a Scorchers fan as they wrapped up this game quite comfortably. 
17.5 Jason Behrendorff to Daniel Worrall, OUT! THAT WILL BE ALL! The innings ends with a Domino Effect display after the game looked so closely poised at one stage. Slower back of a length delivery outside off, Worrall backs away and clogs it many a mile into the air but with no distance on it. He holes out to long on and the curtains come down on this contest at the Sydney Showground Stadium. Perth Scorchers beat Adelaide Strikers by 49 runs! 

Daniel Worrall 2 (3) c. Kurtis Patterson b. Jason Behrendorff
17.4 Jason Behrendorff to Fawad Ahmed, gets away with a full toss slanted into the stumps as Fawad stands his ground and punches forward to ease it down to long on for a single.
Fawad Ahmed, RHB, is the final batter for the Strikers
Just the formalities now as another wicket goes down! 
17.3 Jason Behrendorff to Peter Siddle, OUT! RIGHT ON THE MONEY! Inch-perfect yorker on the base of the off-stump, Siddle makes far too much room but cannot squeeze it out as he jams his bat down in vain. Behrendorff hits the bulls' eye and the Strikers are on the verge of getting bundled out again!

Peter Siddle 0 (3) b. Jason Behrendorff 
17.2 Jason Behrendorff to Peter Siddle, back of a length slower delivery angled into middle and leg, Siddle shuffles way across but fails to get bat on his lap over fine leg. He asks for a wide but the umpire doesn't deem it to be - rightly so as well!
Behrendorff has gone around the wicket to Siddle here
17.1 Jason Behrendorff to Daniel Worrall, low full toss from around the wicket as he goes wide of the crease, Worrall squeezes it out from the leg-stump line towards long on as he picks up a run.
Jason Behrendorff [2-0-20-1] back into the attack
Andrew Tye doesn't get the hat-trick in the end but he does get 3 in the over and it seems as though its all but over for the Strikers now! The Strikers are 8 down and there doesn't seem to be a way back from here! Adelaide Strikers need 52 runs in 18 remaining balls
144 /8 score
cricket bat icon Daniel Worrall
1 (1)
cricket bat icon Peter Siddle *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Andrew Tye
3 /21
16.6 Andrew Tye to Peter Siddle, full and slanting into the leg-stump, Siddle's feet go nowhere as he looks to flick it around the corner but fails to connect. Has to be a game-clinching over that from Tye - top-class stuff!
Peter Siddle, RHB, makes his way out to the middle
16.5 Andrew Tye to Rashid Khan, OUT! SOFT DISMISSAL! THREE IN FOUR FOR TYE! Very full and almost into the blockhole at the stumps as he takes pace off again, Rashid hangs back for a wristy whip aiming to clear mid-on. All he does is spoon a sitter into the hands of the fielder though who makes no mistake. That should be the game surely!

Rashid Khan 0 (1) c. Aaron Hardie b. Andrew Tye
16.4 Andrew Tye to Daniel Worrall, full in length outside off as he takes pace off, Worrall gets forward for a crisp drive aiming for the extra cover fence but mid-off sprints to his left and throws himself at the ball to stop it with a dive. Just a single!
Daniel Worrall, RHB, is the new man at the crease