178/6 (20)
151/8 (20)
SIX won by 27 runs.
Player of the match: Daniel Hughes
Thank you so much for joining us for yet another exciting contest, this is Soorya and myself (Pranav Danani) who will be taking your leave. Don't forget to catch the triple header for today's Big Bash League as we have back to back games lined up and covered on Sportskeeda. It is the Sydney Thunder vs Melbourne Renegades up next, followed by the Melbourne Stars vs Hobart Hurricanes coming up. Get your tri-color flags up, as we have the India Under-19 side take on Ireland later in the evening in the Under-19 World Cup and we have the big series in South Africa, as India take on the mighty South Africans as the ODI series begins today. All the action covered by our commentators on Sportskeeda itself. 
The Sixers marching onto the second spot as they will look to face the Scorchers in the play offs! A victory will get them to go straight to the finals on Saturday but for now they have surely demolished the Brisbane Heat with quite a margin! The Brisbane Heat from ball one were looking uncomfortable in this match up as Kerr started off with some wickets from Kerr and the Heat were under some pressure.

It was Max Bryant who was holding on to his end when the Brisbane Heat were 4-43 and it looked like the match could end in no time. But after the drinks break it was the batters who took the power surge and all thanks to to bad spell of Ben Dwarshuis, they managed to make 38 runs off the power surge! For a while it felt like the batters were close to getting the team an amazing start.

The skipper and Bryant were looking like they could turn things around but the GOAT, Nathan Lyon stepped in as he slowed things down for the Brisbane and it was not long after that until their dismissal which lead to much of the conclusion and it was the Sydney Sixers who were marching on towards the victory as they beat the Heat by quite a margin as they managed to take 3 wickets in the last 3 overs.

Sydney Sixers won by 27 runs
The only phase where Heat looked like chasing this target was around 10-15 where they smacked 68 runs, thanks to 38 runs off the 2 power surge overs. Before and after that phase, it was all gloom and doom for the Heat as they struggled for momentum and lost wickets at regular intervals, evetually falling 27 short of the target. Spinner Steve OKeefe was the pick of the bowlers and didn't concede a single boundary in his 4-over spell. "I thought 180 was a good score, but our bowlers did a good job with the ball in the back end. Nice and calm, stay in the present and we did that really well today. He (Henriques) is a great person and a great leader, looks after everyone and instills confidence. It's just another game of cricket and just stay really calm is the mantra," reckons Daniel Hughes, the Player of the Match.
151 /8 score
cricket bat icon James Bazley *
12 (8)
cricket bat icon Mitchell Swepson
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Hayden Kerr
3 /23
19.6 Hayden Kerr to James Bazley, another low full toss around off, Bazley walks across and whips it powerfully to wide long on to draw the curtains on the contest. Yet another professional display from the defending champions who have all but sealed a spot in the top two with this. Sydney Sixers beat Brisbane Heat by 27 runs!
He gets away with that one there does Swepson - not going to make a difference to the end result though!
19.5 Hayden Kerr to James Bazley, RUN OUT! NOWHERE IN THE FRAME AGAIN! Low full toss around off, Bazley hangs deep in his crease and powers it towards long on before tearing back for the second. The throw is at the bowler's end and Kerr dislodges the bails although he isn't sure if it was clean, which is why it has been referred upstairs.

He knocks it off his elbow before the ball comes into his palms in fact! And with the stumps remaining intact thereafter even as he knocks them with the ball in his palms, it won't count. NOT OUT IT IS!
19.4 Hayden Kerr to Mitchell Swepson, nailed into the blockhole on off, Swepson hangs deep and whips it out with a helicopter towards short extra cover. He's nowhere in the frame as the fielder fires an errant throw at the stumps - should have been gone for all money there!
Swepson, RHB, is the new batter in.
19.3 Hayden Kerr to Mark Steketee, OUT! GIVEN THIS TIME! Right on the money on the leg-stump as he sends down a toe-crusher, Steketee hangs deep and fails to dig it out and is pinned right on his toe. An even simpler one and this time, the umpire raises the finger.

Mark Steketee lbw b Kerr 0 (1b 0x4 0x6)
19.2 Hayden Kerr to James Bazley, APPEAL! Walks across his stumps as he premeditates the line, Kerr slants it into a length on middle and off as Bazley plays all around his pick up. The batters run a leg bye but tell you what - that was plumb!
19.1 Hayden Kerr to James Bazley, FOUR! INSIDE EDGE! Full and slanting across the batter wide of off, Bazley walks across and drags it off the inside edge with a swing across the line. The ball trickles very fine for a fortuitous boundary.
Mark Steketee, RHB, is the new batter in.

The last over for the Sixers to bowl before they can walk away with a win onto the play offs of the Big Bash League! 
142 /7 score
cricket bat icon James Bazley
5 (4)
cricket bat icon Michael Neser *
4 (5)
cricket ball icon Sean Abbott
1 /39
18.6 Sean Abbott to Michael Neser, OUT! NOT ENOUGH TIMING! In the slot on a length but he takes pace off, Neser clears his front leg and swings across the line but he doesn't get enough timing on this one as deep backward square leg runs in a couple of steps to pouch it without a fuss. A much-deserved wicket for Abbott for some impeccable death bowling!

Michael Neser c Dwarshuis b Abbott 4 (5b 0x4 0x6)
18.5 Sean Abbott to Michael Neser, good length delivery outside off, Neser gets forward and flat-bats it down the ground to long off to pick up a brace.
18.4 Sean Abbott to James Bazley, WELL STOPPED! Low full toss that is angled wide of off, Bazley sits on one knee and drags it off the inside edge past his stumps as it rolls fine before Kerr puts in a dive to parry it inside the field of play.
18.3 Sean Abbott to James Bazley, right on the money as he nails the yorker well outside off, Bazley sits low looking to heave it over the covers but he fails to connect.
18.3 Sean Abbott to Michael Neser, WIDE! OH DEAR! Slower short of a length delivery that follows Neser shuffling way across his stumps. He spears it too wide though as Neser can't connect with his reverse lap before his partner pulls him across to the other end.
18.2 Sean Abbott to James Bazley, full toss just outside off, Bazley clunks it on the up towards long off as he can only muster a single. This is getting out of the Heat's reach now!