Match abandoned without a ball fielded
So that concludes our coverage of the day's action. It was largely to do with the weather and sadly, there wasn't a game on hand. You've been a very patient audience and we can't thank you enough for joining us today. The action rolls on though at the ICC Men's T20 World Cup as New Zealand and Sri Lanka go head-to-head at the Sydney Cricket Ground tomorrow. 1:30 PM IST is when the action begins and we'll be bringing you all the action from that contest right here on Sportskeeda. For the moment though, this is the duo of Shashwat Kumar and Sooryanarayanan Sesha signing off. See you around and have a great weekend - buh-bye for now!
Fans clearly weren't happy with another contest being washed out in Melbourne and took to Twitter to have their say on the same. Here's a read into some of the reactions!๐Ÿ‘‡
So this is how things stand now - England are placed second and Australia fourth, with Ireland sandwiched in between as net run-rate remains the factor of differentiation. With an extra game in hand, New Zealand at the top of Group 1 with 3 points themselves. Both England and Australia now move over to Brisbane where they'll hope that the weather doesn't play further spoilsport. Australia play Ireland on Monday while England take on New Zealand on Tuesday. Nothing short of a win will do for both these teams.
Jos Buttler (England Captain): It was due to be a massive occasion wasn't it? Full house here but just disappointing. Hopefully (100th cap in Brisbane). Obviously would have been a great game to do it but full focus on our next match now. We've been playing some good cricket for a little while leading into the tournament. Really disappointing the other night when we had a lot of things in our favor but didn't play to our best. But we have a lot of confidence and belief in the group. The guys have rested up well and were ready to play, whichever XI we were ready to play tonight. Few days now to clear everything out, a couple of training days in Brisbane and looking forward to the games.
Aaron Finch (Australia Captain): The outfield was as wet as I've ever seen in this stadium. The run-ups weren't an issue but just around the inner cirlce around the Members' side was very very wet. (What was the conversation with the umpires?) Telling us (about the situation). More about the player safety. We saw one of the Zimbabwean players unfortunately go down the other day. If you're trying to run out there it's an issue. Disappointing but the amount of rain that Melbourne and the eastern side has had is amazing. Wadey was going to play. Just one of those things. The last couple of years we've been very fortunate that we've looked after ourselves without a lot of Covid cases. He just had a mild headache today but was ready to go. (On the possibility of three teams finishing on 7 points) First and foremost you've got to try and win the games (left). You've earned the right to push the net run rate if you get into that position. You can never underestimate Ireland and Afghanistan who've got world-class players. We'll control what we can.
Let's hear from the two captains and what they have to say...
England vs Australia - Match abandoned due to rain.

The Australian players are posing for selfies with the fans and are treating them to autographs. The spectators have been a very patient lot today and it's nice to see that they have something to smile about before they leave the venue. The afternoon fixture between Afghanistan and Ireland didn't get going owing to rain and there remained a big cloud over this one. As expected, the start was delayed and despite the rain stopping, there was so much for the groundstaff to do to ensure that a game was on. Just far too many puddles on the field though and well before they were cleared up, the heavens opened up again. This means that England and Australia share a point apiece and neither team can afford a slip-up in whatever remains of their campaign.
8:49 pm local time (3:19 pm IST): Handshakes between the captains and the umpires and you know what that means. The match has officially been called off! It was what we worst feared but despite the glimmer of hope in between with the covers coming off and countless inspections later, the heavens decided to open up again. That was always going to make it difficult for a resumption with all the water on the ground and so here we are - both games today have been called off. A disappointment given how big both contests were and how the World Cup was hotting up.
8:40 pm local time (3:10 pm IST): Booooooo! It's raining again at the MCG! And I'm afraid this could prove to be the last straw today. Just when you thought that there was a glimmer of hope, the weather has played spoilsport again. Still keep those fingers crossed though folks! The covers are being put back into place though.
8:30 pm local time (3 pm IST): We have another inspection lined up in 20 minutes' time from now (8:50 pm local time). We are losing overs with every passing delay but let's keep hoping that we can see a contest unfold.
8:22 pm local time (2:52pm IST): The scheduled inspection should be happening right now, and we hope to bring you better news. Sit tight! 
From head-to-head stats and records against each other in recent times, both overall and in Australia, here's everything you need to know ahead of this marquee Australia-England clash!๐Ÿ‘‡
7:43 PM local time (2:13 PM IST): We have another inspection scheduled for 8:15 PM local time (2:45 PM IST). There remain a fair number of damp spots and the work continues to get it up and about for some sort of a contest. Stay tuned for further updates folks!
The inspection is on as we speak. Keep those fingers crossed!
Cameron Green is an enticing proposition that the Australians have within their ranks. Given how they've huffed and puffed so far and with Aaron Finch struggling for form, the grass does look Green-er on the other side, as Pratyush Rohra dissects in this write-up. Read away!๐Ÿ‘‡
Great news folks! The covers are coming off. Now that's a start alright! It will take some time to mop the water off the outfield but let's hope that the rain stays away now and we get a contest on the floors.