314/10 (49.4)
299/4 (47.3)
HIM won by 11 runs (VJD Method)
Player of the match: Shubham Arora
So, so, so! We are at the end of another scintillating tournament and Himachal Pradesh have emerged victorious after being put through weeks of challenging tests. It was an absolute delight bringing the action to you and until next time, along with my good friend Pradeep Somashekhar, this is me Anavit Naik taking your leave. Take care!
Rishi Dhawan collects the trophy with a wide beautiful smile and his teammates cannot wait to pounce on him to get an hold of the trophy and can't stop yelling and screaming in delight. And why not! It's a historical day in the annals of Himachal Pradesh cricket. A day that they will remember for years to come. The party is bound to continue for a few more days you'd think. A fine campaign that was capped by a brilliant win today in the finale. Tamil Nadu will be disappointed but they can be proud of the benchmark they have set in white-ball cricket, particularly in the batting department. One of the finest chases in the List-A history and the flawlessness with which they hunted down the target was exceptional. 
The fantasy story is complete. Can you imagine preparing for your maiden trophy conquest and it comes in the most bizarre way imaginable. But nothing beats this kind-of-a-game. Chasing a massive score against arguably the best white-ball team in the country, Himachal Pradesh have snatched glory in the best way possible. Take a bow, Shubham Arora! He came out all guns blazing from the get-go, and that onslaught really stunned Tamil Nadu who were unusually erratic with the ball and shambolic in the field. Arora ensured that he consolidated on his rapid start and his partnership with Kumar set the game up beautifully for HP. There were some half-chances, especially a big run out opportunity that Shankar missed. But you have to say that the batting side deserved every bit of it. Their fearless approach on such a big day got them that rub of the green that they needed.

Tamil Nadu when batted first were in a spot of bother when they were reduced to 40-4 in the 15th over and to then get together and stitch a 202 run partnership in a 50-over game is seriously commendable. Dinesh Karthik got to his yet another under pressure List-A century with Baba Indrajith providing a critical assistance from one end. His innings consisted of 8 boundaries and a six but it was the final flourish by Shahrukh Khan that demoralized Himachal Pradesh in the innings break. It takes immense courage to recover from 40-4 and score 314 and if you are at the receiving end then nothing can be more hurtful than that.

Himachal Pradesh openers came out with positive intent and took the attack to the opposition. Prashant Chopra who was on back of his 5th fifty in the previous five innings was riding high on confidence. Shubham Arora was the star of the match as his shuffling across the crease and proactiveness in the crease enabled him to score a trophy winning century.

Tamil Nadu bowlers were mediocre especially in the last 30 overs where they did not create enough chances and even if they did, the buttery fingers of fielders let them down. 
Time for the presentation!

Winning captain, Rishi Dhawan (Himachal Pradesh):
Indeed it's a great day for Himachal Pradesh, we've been waiting for this day for a long time and I'm happy. We played on this deck a couple of days ago and we knew about how the surface behaves and what sort of a track it is. The outfield is good and bat as far as possible, get the boundaries in and get the singles away. I just told Shubham that, you don't worry about the pressure, I'll handle it, you just knock around and get me on the strike and I'll play the risky shots. It's a great feeling, there is a lot of effort from the staff members, there has been a lot of change in the facilities provided to us and you are seeing the results here.

Shubham Arora has been awarded the Player of the Finals for his blistering century!

Shubham Arora:
It was a great game, thanks to all support staffs, I backed myself, not only this time but throughout the tournament. The idea was to cash in the powerplay and play my natural game, I got set later on and then seeing the ball well to score runs. Once I finished my half-century, the job was only half-done and I wanted to bat through and see my team home.

Vijay Shankar (Captain, Tamil Nadu):
It was a fantastic finals, we did bat well and it was pretty challenging in the first hour and a half. DK and Indrajith played really well to finish it up with a score over 300. We did bowl in patches and it's about picking wickets, we missed a trick, couple of chances going down and definitely we should give credit, not just the finals but throughout the tournament and even in the SMAT as well. Himachal Pradesh, the deserving winners of this game, I congratulate them. On a few occasions, we came out well on crucial situation and even in this game, M Ashwin brought us back but Himachal Pradesh were just too good today. Word about DK, he pulls this off every time isn't it, this is his 4th or 5th time in the finals scoring a hundred and we need youngsters to pull up their socks in future and steer the team home.
What an anticlimax to an otherwise thriller of an encounter between two fascinating teams
Alright, the Umpires now call the players to storm in to celebrate as Himachal Pradesh are the Champions of Vijay Hazare Trophy, 2021!!!
There has been some halt in the game due to the suspension of play due to bad light
HOLD-ON, the Umpires regroup and they decide the time is bad and the players shake hands but, but, the Himachal Pradesh players storm into the ground but was stopped later by the Umpire to stay back! 
47.3 Washington Sundar to Shubham Arora, keeps it short on the middle and leg as Arora gets inside the line and turns it past the square-leg region for a single.
47.2 Washington Sundar to Shubham Arora, short delivery but follows the batter as Arora was backing away and gets cramped up for room and it hits the inside part and goes to the cover fielder.
47.1 Washington Sundar to Rishi Dhawan, short and darts it on the off-stump as Dhawan on the backfoot opens the blade and dabs it straight to short third-man and he darts the throw and Arora might be in trouble there as Umpire goes upstairs and Arora gets the bat to slide in time!
This has come down to the wire!
297 /4 score
cricket bat icon Shubham Arora
135 (129)
cricket bat icon Rishi Dhawan *
41 (22)
cricket ball icon Murugan Ashwin
1 /57
46.6 Murugan Ashwin to Rishi Dhawan, drops it short on the off-stump as Dhawan on the backfoot drags it to deep mid-wicket for another single.
46.5 Murugan Ashwin to Rishi Dhawan, length delivery on the outside off, Dhawan looks to hoick but he miscues it over extra-cover and falls in no man's land again and they come back for a brace.
46.4 Murugan Ashwin to Shubham Arora, DROPPED! Would you believe it? Jagadeesan fluffs a sitter! Length delivery on the outside off, Arora looking to slog sweep but gets a top edge and the fielder at extra-cover positions and then spills it as they pick up a single.!
46.3 Murugan Ashwin to Rishi Dhawan, OH! Quicker one, length on the off-stump as Dhawan presses forward and mistimes the shot to deep mid-wicket for a single.
46.2 Murugan Ashwin to Shubham Arora, drops it short and gets the googly to turn away on the wide of off-stump, Arora reaches for it and slices it past the covers to pick up another single.
46.1 Murugan Ashwin to Rishi Dhawan, length delivery on the outside off, Dhawan leans into it and whacks it down to long-on for just a single.