31st Match, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne
176/4 (19.5)
SIX won by 6 wickets
That's all from us then! We hope you enjoyed our coverage of this BBL game. This is Soumarya Dutta, signing off on behalf of my partner Arya Sekhar Chakraborty. See you soon!
Sydney Sixers 176/4 in 19.5 overs
James Vince 91(59) | Nathan Coulter-Nile 1/20
Daniel Hughes 28(22) | Beau Webster 1/29

Right so, we've had an absolute thriller of a contest here and the Sydney Sixers have clinched it with 1 ball remaining! They've beaten the Stars for the ninth straight time now and this will go down as one of their more memorable victories. The chase was set up for the stars by the partnership between James Vince and Daniel Hughes! Vince was at his sublime best as he played an unbelievable innings under pressure. He anchored the chase and upped the ante at crucial stages. He remained unbeaten on 91 in the end. He got good support from skipper Moises Henriques and Jordan Silk both of whom played important cameos. There was some late drama in the end as Silk was dismissed with 2 balls to go but the wily old fox Daniel Christian saw the Sixers through with four of the penultimate ball of the match.

The Stars bowlers failed to hunt together in packs and get wickets at regular intervals and it never really helped their cause. Skipper Adam Zampa, Trent Boult and Luke Wood all proved to be costly for them. It was the veteran Nathan Coulter-Nile who kept them in the game with an outstanding spell of 1/20 but in the end it wasn't quiet enough as James Vince simply proved to be too good on the given day.

Overall, an emphatic win for the Sixers and they continue their upward march in the tournament. For the Stars, well their campaign is all but over now as their chances of making to the play-offs seem to be unrealistic with today's loss.

Sydney Sixers win by 6 wickets with 1 ball left!

19.5 Luke Wood to Dan Christian, FOUR! Christian seals it for the Sydney Sixers. Comes down the track and flicks this fuller-length delivery angling into his pads over the short square leg fielder and it races away to the fence. 
Daniel Christian, RHB, comes to the crease.
This is unbelievable drama! This game is not over yet by any stretch of imagination. The Stars are alive and breathing here and they're fighting till the very end.
19.4 Luke Wood to Jordan Silk, WICKET! that could be a run out here. Short of a length delivery a shade outside off, Silk makes some room and tries to go for the upper cut, but doesn't make any contact by the look of things. Did he nick it though? Vince comes through for a single and Silk had to respond. However, he could be short of the crease. The Melbourne Stars have gone for the review for caught behind and replays suggest that there was  clear spike when the ball passed the bat and Silk has to head back to the pavilion. It means the new man will now be on strike. Jordan Silk couldn't quite get his side over the finishing line. 

Jordan Silk c Joe Clarke b Luke Wood 15(10b, 1x4, 1x6)
19.3 Luke Wood to Jordan Silk, SIX! That should seal the deal for the Sydney Sixers. That was a slot delivery from Luke Wood around the off-stump channel, Silk holds his position and nails that up and over and it goes sailing well over the long-on fence. 
19.2 Luke Wood to James Vince, on a good-length around off, Vince again slogs this across the line, doesn't time it well and will only get a single down the deep midwicket area. 8 runs needed off 4 deliveries. 
19.1 Luke Wood to James Vince, on a fuller-length just around the off-stump channel. Vince swipes it across the line from the inside half of the bat and gets it away down towards the deep midwicket area, great throw from Tom Rogers but the keeper fails to take the bails off the first time which saves Vince. A couple of runs taken. 
Luke Wood [3.0-0-28-0] back into the attack.

This has been an absolute nail-biter of a contest and it's going right down to the wire! Just one over remaining now and the Sixers need 11 as the season is on the line for the Stars! 
163 /3 score
cricket bat icon James Vince *
89 (57)
cricket bat icon Jordan Silk
9 (8)
cricket ball icon Adam Zampa
0 /37
18.6 Adan Zampa to James Vince, jammed in at the toes of Vince and he will get a leg bye single. 
18.5 Adan Zampa to James Vince, Vince works away the quicker length delivery from Zampa on middle down towards the midwickey region and returns for a couple. 
18.4 Adan Zampa to James Vince, flatter and quicker a shade outside off, Vince rocks back and goes for the cut but is beaten. 
18.3 Adan Zampa to James Vince, flatter around off and middle. Vince makes some room and puts it in the gap down towards the deep extra cover region and scampers throigh for a couple. 
18.2 Adan Zampa to James Vince, FOUR! Vince comes dancing down the track and lifts this tossed-up delivery on middle back over the bowler's head for a boundary. Gets to the pitch of the ball and doesn't try to hit that too hard. 
18.1 Adam Zampa to James Vince, on a length around the off-stump channel, Vince makes some space and punches it away down towards the deep cover region and has enough time to return for a brace. 
Adam Zampa [3.0-0-26-0] back into the attack.

James Vince struck two massive sixes in that over and it has turned the game around on it's head here! The run rate is back under 12 now as 14 runs came of that over. The Sixers are surely ahead now with Vince at the crease.