MR-W won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Sophie Molineux
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Renegades have been clinica today and they have displayed excellency in their performance as has been the case with them in this tournament. Renegades, chasing 104, lost an early wicket but the 2nd wicket partnership between Jemimah Rodrigues and Carly Leeson ensured they do the job easily without any issues. Both the batters played to their potential and displayed authoritative performance in this match. Both them of must be disappointed that they couldn't finish the match for the team as Harmanpreet Kaur did the finishing job in this match with her 12 runs. Jemimah scored 45 while Carly Leeson made 41 for Renegades and dominated the bowling attack while they were in the middle.

Melbourne Stars didn't have answers to the Renegades batters performance. Though they got one early on in the innings they couldn't continue the same going ahead into the innings. Failing to pick the 2nd wicket, they never got the chance to come back into the game. Kim Garth provided the breakthrough late in the chase with 2 wickets to her name as others failed to make any impact on the game.

This win gives Renegades their 6th win in 7 games and further strengthens their hold on the top of the table. Stars are currently 5th on the table and the mid table fight is getting tougher as we near the business end of the tournament.
Sophie Molineux (Player of the match): Bowling was pretty good from the team. We had clear plans going into the game and glad we executed it and came off pretty well for us. Based on our previous game, we knew we had to get things right to make it count and we did it.
 Harmanpreet Kaur finishes it off for Renegades. This has been a clinical performance from them. Renegades win the match by 7 wickets and 35 balls to spare.
14.1 Rhys McKenna to Harmanpreet Kaur , FOUR TO WIN IT! Short of a full length delivery, angled into the leg stump. Kaur can dispatch these all day long, as it's in her strong area. She gets on down on her knee, and paddles this perfectly through square leg. There's a backward square leg, and deep mid wicket is too square to stop this. Kaur picks the gap perfectly, and finds the fence. Renegades continue their form, and stay 4 points clear on top! 
Rhys McKenna to bowl the next over.

Carly Leeson is dismissed and she will be hugely disappointed not to finish the innings for her team. 4 runs needed for Renegades as Jess Duffin comes to the crease.
100 /3 score
cricket bat icon Carly Leeson *
41 (33)
cricket bat icon Harmanpreet Kaur
8 (8)
cricket ball icon Kim Garth
2 /23
13.6 Kim Garth to Carly Leeson , OUT! LBW! Another wicket for Garth here! Won't change the result, but always good to pick up wickets. This one's slow, and full on the stumps. Leeson wanted to drill it out to the on side but the ball dips in late, and goes onto hit the pads. She's plumb in front of her stumps, as the umpire rightly declares so. 
13.5 Kim Garth to Carly Leeson , slower one, full on the pads. Leeson works it away towards short mid wicket and picks up nothing. 
13.4 Kim Garth to Carly Leeson , full length delivery again, just outside off stump. Leeson takes a step outside her crease, and launches this over mid off. Does not middle it, but gets enough to pick up a couple of runs. 
13.3 Kim Garth to Carly Leeson , slower one, full and straight on the stumps. Leeson was committed to a lofted shot, but only adjusts to time it late, and rightly so, as the ball falls short of the fielder at mid off. 
13.2 Kim Garth to Harmanpreet Kaur , full length delivery, straight on the stumps. Kaur uses her effectful sweep shot, to prod this down to deep square leg for a single. 
13.1 Kim Garth to Harmanpreet Kaur , full on the off stump, with some very late movement. Kaur came forward to block this, but gets a leading edge to the off side. No runs. 
Kim Garth to continue.

Now Renegades required just 7 runs to win as Leeson and Harmanpreet are will be looking to finish it off quickly.
97 /2 score
cricket bat icon Carly Leeson
39 (29)
cricket bat icon Harmanpreet Kaur *
7 (6)
cricket ball icon Tess Flintoff
1 /27
12.6 Tess Flintoff to Harmanpreet Kaur , full pitched delivery, on the fourth stump line. Kaur comes across her stumps, and pushes this, with soft hands, towards deep mid wicket for one more. 
12.5 Tess Flintoff to Carly Leeson , short of a full length delivery, into the stumps. Leeson paddles it away towards deep square leg for a single this time. 
12.4 Tess Flintoff to Carly Leeson , full length delivery, just outside off stump. Leeson drives it intently, but only towards short cove. No runs. 
12.3 Tess Flintoff to Carly Leeson , FOUR! Short ball this time, angled down the leg side. Leeson comes across the stumps, adjusts to the short one, and guides this one down to fine leg region. Enough pace on it to work with, and an easy boundary at the end.