Mumbai Indians 131/6 (20 ov)
Punjab Kings 132/1 (17.4 ov)
Punjab Kings won by 9 wickets
Player of the match: Lokesh Rahul
Well, Mumbai Indians have been nowhere near the dominant side they have been over the years. Their batting has struggled massively, with their middle order failing to exert the firepower towards end of the innings. They're opting out of a fourth foreign player, but that might change soon. Hardik Pandya's inability to bowl has hampered the balance of their side slightly, while the openers are yet to fire on all cylinders. They'll be glad their Chepauk leg has come to an end. Off to Delhi, they go, where a different kind of challenge awaits.

As for the Punjab Kings, a win against the defending champions will do them a world of good. After three defeats on the trot, this pitch at Chepauk will taste much sweeter. The chopping and changing of the side seems to have finally struck a fair balance, but there might be still questions to answer in the middle order, which was not called upon today. The top order is steadfast, while the return of Ravi Bishnoi will be a huge boost, as they shift to Ahmedabad.

That's it for today! Do tune in tomorrow, as the action shifts back to Mumbai, where Rajasthan Royals take on the Kolkata Knight Riders. The contest shifts from the low-scoring minefield, to a batting paradise tomorrow. Until then, this is Pratyush Rohra, signing off on behalf of my co-commentator, Anurag Hedge. We hope you enjoyed this feed, as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the sporting action around the world, and make sure you stay safe in these unprecedented times. Goodnight and take care! 
KL Rahul. Winning captain & Player of the match : Fingers crossed, we don't want to get too ahead of ourselves. We're slowly coming together as a team. I said this at the first game as well. We're still a young team and every year we keep bringing in new guys. So it's important as a team, a leader, and the franchise staff that we remain patient. I think the results speak for themselves, the guys that are inexperienced are backed all the way through. Shahrukh and Hooda have taken their opportunity and are batting really well. Bishnoi came back today and the way he bowled was brilliant as well. Fingers crossed, we can keep winning and climb the table. We had heard that there was a lot of dew here. I felt like that could play a part. Main coach did have a long chat about batting second. I felt the wicket was sticky. The first few games, when the teams batted first, their bowlers were under pressure. We've played only one day game here, so we weren't sure how it would play out but from what we saw in other games, dew does play a part. It was sticky and damp so I thought it could flatten out over the course of the game and might get easier to bat on little better, but that didn't happen, but the fact that we had a target set was helpful. The drier ball played a part. It started to grip and when it turns it gets really hard to even rotate strike. It was good of Chris that he got through that period and he was always confident he could make it up. He knew the bowlers he wanted to target. That's what you get with Chris, not just destructive batting but also experience of playing T20 cricket. Bishnoi's performance was really pleasing. Unfortunately missed the first few games, he's been working really hard with Anil bhai on a few things he needed to correct and he's been brave, as well, which is what you want from your spinner. He came in and held his composure against a good batting attack. I'm happy of course. When I know what target I am chasing, it gets easier to pace the innings. Really happy with the way I finished the innings.
A thumping victory for Punjab Kings against the defending champions. A victory that will do them a world of good, after three defeats on the trot. The victory coming on a Chepauk minefield might be feeling all the more sweeter. Mayank Agarwal and KL Rahul got off to a splendid start, which set the tone for the chase. The former persished in the seventh over, as Gayle and KL continued on their merry way. MI had a glimmer of hope when Chahar and Jayant Yadav bowled tight spells in the middle overs, but that was just the calm before the storm. The two tip-toed their way through the middle overs, until the 17th over, as they battered Boult for 17 runs to finish the innings off with a flurry. The 79-run stand ensured there were no hiccups, as PBKS sealed the win with 14 balls to spare. Stay tuned, we have updates from the presentation, still to come!
Mayank Agarwal : It was nice in the end, to get the two points on the board. To end with some wickets in hand and the way we paced our innings was pleasing. The discussion in the middle was pretty simple. We looked to go straight, the wicket is slow so we don't want to play square. If there is pace on the ball and some pace on offer, you can play square of the wicket, otherwise it's really difficult. Because KL is behind the stumps, I've taken up the onus to keep backing the bowlers and reminding them of the plans and to keep good energy. It's important when there's no crowds, for someone in the field to keep the energy going.
Rohit Sharma : Not enough runs on the board, I feel it wasn't a bad wicket to bat on. They won the game with 9 wickets in hand. The application is missing in our batting. 150-160 is a winning total on this pitch, but we've failed to do that in the last two games. Their bowlers were exceptional in the powerplay. Myself and Ishan were trying to play our shots, so it was difficult. We've done well in the powerplays previously, but something's missing in our batting. We had to improve. It was a tactical change. We wanted someone to tackle the spinners in the middle overs and though SKY was the best man for the job. We backed our decisions as a group, but we've got to put more effort in the field. When the conditions are tough, we have to put our head down and try to play our game.
PBKS get the crucial two points to their name! There's an over Trent Boult would like to forget. Absolutely dreadful as he delivers it in the arc to the PBKS batters, who finished it off in a jiffy, after a cautious start. That will do their confidence a world of good. They also managed to break a bit of a trend, by getting a successful chase at Chepauk!
17.4 Trent Boult to KL Rahul, STEAKY! FOUR! GAME OVER! Oh what a way to end the game! Boult nailed the yorker but Rahul found a way to squeeze it fine towards third-man and it raced away to the fence! Punjab Kings win by 9 wickets! 
17.3 Trent Boult to KL Rahul, SHOT! SIX! Rahul gets in the act too! It was a full toss on middle stump and Rahul wasn't going to miss out! He timed it sweetly and it sailed over long-on for a maximum! 
17.2 Trent Boult to Chris Gayle, full on middle stump, Gayle looks to hit it down the ground but gets a thick inside edge towards backward square leg, just a single
17.1 Trent Boult to Chris Gayle, IN HIS ARC AND IT'S DISAPPEARED! Length ball on off stump and Gayle loves this one! It sits up nicely and Gayle smacked it over the square leg fence for a maximum! Did someone say tip-toeing over the line?
Trent Boult is back into the attack.
Pretty sure Gayle has been watching Shikhar Dhawan bat recently. Trying to shuffle across and access the area square of the wicket, to manipulate the field. PBKS are tip-toeing towards the finish line.

Punjab Kings need 17 runs in 18 balls. RRR: 5.66.
Over: 17 | Summary: 0 1 1 0 4 1 Bowler: Jasprit Bumrah Score: 115/1
16.6 Jasprit Bumrah to Chris Gayle, length ball on off stump, Gayle pushes it on the off side and gets a single
16.5 Jasprit Bumrah to Chris Gayle, FOUR! OH ANOTHER MISFIELD! Clever shot from Gayle though! It was a length ball on middle stump, Gayle walked across his stumps and whipped it away behind square where Rahul Chahar did all the hard work to get to it before letting it through for four! 
16.4 Jasprit Bumrah to Chris Gayle, OOH! PEACH! It was a length ball on off stump that spit up after hitting the surface! Gayle had clue about that and ended up taking it on the back arm
That's the slowest half-century for KL Rahul in Punjab Kings colours. The strike rate will be the least of his concerns, as long as he gets his side over the line.
16.3 Jasprit Bumrah to KL Rahul, IN THE AIR! LANDS SAFELY! It was a slower ball on middle stump and Rahul was looking to turn it away to fine-leg, but he got a top edge and it scooped up in the air, thankfully for him, it landed between square leg and fine-leg! Probably the streakiest way to bring up his fifty!
16.2 Jasprit Bumrah to Chris Gayle, full on off stump, Gayle drops it on the off side and Rahul calls him through for a tight single, Gayle makes, only just! 
16.1 Jasprit Bumrah to Chris Gayle, slower length ball outside off stump that nips away after hitting the surface, Gayle is beaten for pace 
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