192/4 (20)
155/9 (20)
GT won by 37 runs.
Player of the match: Hardik Pandya
Right then. The Titans juggernaut continues to roll on as they move to the top of the table with their fourth win of the tournament. Rajasthan Royals came up short tonight and that's cost them the top spot. However, there won't be any sort of panic stations for them. It has to be said, the better team on the day came out as deserving winners in this contest. That's all from this contest then. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda to catch all the post-match updates and reports. 

Tomorrow, it'll be the Sunrisers Hyderabad going toe-to-toe against the Kolkata Knight Riders. That one should be another cracking encounter at the Brabourne Stadium. See you tomorrow for that one then? Same place, same time. Until then, this is the duo of Pratyush and Bala, signing off. Buh-bye for now. Goodnight! 
Hardik Pandya is the player of the match. Here's what he has to say: It feels pretty special. There was a lot of hard work for me tonight. Always good to win. Just to be clear, it was just cramps. Nothing serious. Not used to batting so long. Batted for 15 and 17 overs. It gives me a lot of time to take calculated risks. In the last game it did not come off but today I made sure it did. Today I was ready to take on the bowlers. (On batting at no.4) Yes. It allows other players to play freely. I have been in this situation where I have taken the role of scoring 12-ball 30. I find it very difficult but now at four I have more time and look to take down certain bowlers and control the game. Captaincy is always fun because it allows me to take responsibility and be the flag-bearer. I'm very happy with the way the group is shaping up to be. They are carrying one another. That's the motto of the team as well. I wanted everyone to be happy for each other's success and play as a team. That's something that's working for us.
Sanju Samson: I would like to give credit to the batsmen. Hardik played really well. Miller finished off well. If we had wickets in hand, we could have chased it down. You could see that we were there for the first 100. We had potential down the order, but a lot of wickets fell. We did miss him (Trent Boult) a lot. It was a freaky niggle that happened last night. We missed his skills in the powerplay. Hopefully he will be back soon.  Each and every game is crucial. The quality of teams and players are too good. It's important to capitalize on momentum. If we start winning, it keeps going. Important to get back from such a game. A lot of thought process has gone into it right from the auction stage. I had batted no.3 for most of the last season. Decided to come down and bat at 4 and 5 to give a bit of flexibility. Ashwin and Padikkal are there to bat at that position. I am ready to bat anywhere that my team demands. 
Gujarat Titans (Hardik Pandya - 87* off 52; Yuzvendra Chahal - 1/32) beat the Rajasthan Royals (Jos Buttler - 54 off 24; Lockie Ferguson - 3/23) by 37 runs. 

Game, set and match for the Gujarat Titans. And it's the captain that led from the front in this contest. 87 runs with the bat, a wicket with the ball, a runout and a catch in the field. You simply couldn't keep him out of the action tonight. The Titans juggernaut rolls on as they move to the top of the table. 

Jos Buttler got off to a blistering start with a quickfire half-century to set the tone for the run chase but losing wickets in clusters didn't help their cause. The decision to bat Ashwin didn't three didn't pay off for them as the middle order failed miserably. Apart from Hetmyer's entertaining 29 that kept them alive in the contest, there wasn't much else for the batters in pink and blue.

Lockie Ferguson delivered the game-changing spell with two wickets in an over, including a peach of a yorker to Buttler. Yash Dayal held his nerve despite being on the receiving end of the Jos Buttler show, ending up with three wickets on debut, while Shami and Hardik shared a couple between them. A complete performance for the Titans but the injury to their captain will be a cause for concern in the games to come. We'll see what Hardik has to say about that at the presentations. Stick around! 
Rashid decides to review that, because why not? The players are already shaking hands. It doesn't really matter if this is out or not. Gujarat Titans secure their 4th victory, win a 37-run win tonight and move to the top of the table. 
155 /9 score
cricket bat icon Prasidh Krishna
4 (7)
cricket bat icon Kuldeep Sen *
0 (3)
cricket ball icon Yash Dayal
3 /40
19.6 Yash Dayal to Kuldeep Sen, muffled appeal from the bowler and the keeper. The umpire is unmoved though. Rashid Khan asks for the review off the final delivery. Short delivery from Dayal. Kuldeep sways away but hangs his bat out. The replays show that there is no bat involved. Dayal has to be content with the three-fer
19.5 Yash Dayal to Kuldeep Sen, slower ball full outside off. Another swipe across the line without any connection
19.4 Yash Dayal to Kuldeep Sen, length ball angling across. Kuldeep throws the kitchen sink at it but doesn't connect
Kuldeep Sen, RHB, comes to the crease
Three for Yash Dayal. Clever back of the hand slower one that was too good for Chahal. One final nail in the coffin remaining then. Dayal certainly will be dreaming about a four-for. 
19.3 Yash Dayal to Yuzvendra Chahal, OUT! Doesn't pick the change in pace. It's a back of the hand slower delivery from Dayal. Chahal is far too early into the shot and gets a leading edge to backward point where Shankar holds onto a simple catch.
Yuzvendra Chahal c Vijay Shankar b Yash Dayal 5 (8b 0x4 0x6)
19.2 Yash Dayal to Yuzvendra Chahal, pulls this one away! It goes in the air and clears the fielder at mid-wicket. Comes back for a comfortable second
19.1 Yash Dayal to Yuzvendra Chahal, short of a length angling across the batter. Swing and a miss from Chahal
Yash Dayal [3.0-0-38-2] is back into the attack
Krishna and Ferguson share some fun banter towards the end of that over. The result is inevitable now. A couple of big blows could certainly help Rajasthan's NRR here. Can Chahal and Krishna find the ropes? Also, a nice opportunity for Dayal to bag a three-fer on Debut.
153 /8 score
cricket bat icon Prasidh Krishna
4 (7)
cricket bat icon Yuzvendra Chahal *
3 (5)
cricket ball icon Lockie Ferguson
3 /23
18.6 Lockie Ferguson to Yuzvendra Chahal, low full toss outside off. Carves it away to sweeper cover
18.5 Lockie Ferguson to Prasidh Krishna, good length on the stumps. Presses it to covers and gets across for one
18.4 Lockie Ferguson to Prasidh Krishna, digs it in short! Prasidh sways away from the line of the ball